Transmission Problems Among Top Car Complaints In 2016

April 22, 2016
By: Robert Silverman

Transmission problems put Chrysler, Acura, Jeep, and Volkswagen at the top spots in the 2016 Car Complaint Index.

Transmission problems continue to drive consumers crazy, and many drivers are taking their transmission complaints to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), leading some very well-known cars to take top spots in the 2016 Car Complaint Index.

Compiled by consumer Advocate Jack Gillis for the 2016 Car Book, the Car Complaint Index takes a look at which cars receive the most complaints per sales.

Taking the top spot this year is the Chrysler 200, which is soon to cease production due in-part to its transmission problems. Chrysler 200 consumers also complained of recalls being delayed due to parts being on back order.

Taking the second spot on the list is the Acura TLX, with many drivers complaining of harsh shifting and hesitating.

Third is a Lemon Law Blog favorite, the Jeep Cherokee. Consumers have complained of the Cherokee’s problematic, nine-speed transmission causing surging, lurching, and difficulty shifting.

Fourth is the Subaru Outback, known for oil-consumption issues, as well as windshield cracks that can start small, but end up ruining the windshield.

At number five, the Volkswagen Golf – another car that is facing numerous complaints for its transmission, as well as for sunroof shattering.

Among the other cars on the list known for their troubling transmissions are the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Renegade, Ford Focus, Ford Fiesta, and Nissan Pathfinder.

Of course, if you are experiencing transmission problems with any of these vehicles, it is imperative that you get to an authorized manufacturer’s dealer as soon as possible to have the matter addressed. And in those situations where the transmission continues to be a problem, even after numerous repairs, you should look into a Lemon Law firm in your state to discuss your State and Federal rights.

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