Ford Fiesta Transmission Problems Continue

May 07, 2015
By: Robert Silverman

Calls continue to ring through to the 1-800-LEMON-LAW hotline regarding Ford Fiesta transmission problems. Similar to the issue with the Ford Focus, the Fiesta contains an ecoboost transmission which is designed to improve fuel economy. Sadly, the downside to these transmissions is jumping, lunging, and lurching.

Being that this is essentially a manual transmission with computer modifications, Ford has come up with several software upgrades and other solutions. But unfortunately this has not prevented Ford drivers from returning to the dealer time and time again for repairs. Ford has also extended warranties for many Fiesta drivers.

One of our Ford Fiesta clients was featured with 1-800-LEMON-LAW Founding Partner Bob Silverman in a recent Morning Call Watchdog column about the Ford Fiesta transmission problems. As you will read, this problem is a rampant one and even if the dealer says the vehicle is “operating to normal specifications,” that does not mean it is operating correctly.

If your Ford Fiesta transmission problems are causing you to return to a Ford-authorized dealer numerous times for unsuccessful repairs, it’s time to look into your rights under State Lemon Laws and Federal Warranty Statutes. Click here to find a firm in your state who may be able to help.

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11 Responses to “Ford Fiesta Transmission Problems Continue”

  1. #1 Fran bartko says:

    I have had an on going problem with my Ford Fiesta from the very beginning and they told me it was normal at first

    • #2 LemonLaw says:

      @Fran: What state are you from? Visit to find a lemon law lawyer in your state.

      • #3 L. Lewis says:

        I have had my Fiesta repaired going on 4 times, the first problem started just after 5000 miles I have had the car for 2 years now with 22,707 miles going in for the 4th time for the same problem. I contacted Ford customer service and a Lemon Law attorney but I am not sure what to expect…we shall see I do not want this Fiesta the transmission is horrible

        • #4 Lori Colteryahn says:

          we purchased our Ford Fiesta 2014 on 1/2015 and now 6 months later….it needed a new clutch and transmission module, I don’t like that the lemon law has to have 3 or 4 repairs on the same thing to do something!! and if they can help…..:(

          • #5 LemonLaw says:

            @L: I am hoping you opened a claim with the lemon law firm and submitted your documents so they can begin.

            • #6 LemonLaw says:

              @Lori: We also look at days out of service as well. How many days has it been and are they recorded properly on the invoices?

              • #7 Susan says:

                Anyone know if Canada has a similar/equivalent lemon law by which one can pursue retribution from Ford for selling us these lemons/Fiestas?

                • #8 Tim Mason says:

                  I bought my New 2016 Ford Fiesta in Tennessee. At 10,800 miles the TCM (transmission control module went out). At 16,002 miles the TCM went out again. I drove it approx. 18 miles and it went out again (16,2020 miles). I purchased the extended warranty at the time of purchase as well so I am covered up to 60K miles. My car has never been wrecked and I have kept the seats covered so the car still looks and smells new.
                  It is at the dealer awaiting its third TCM transplant. Clean retail value is $11,945 as noted from my bank.

                  • State: Georgia
                • #9 Lori colteryahn says:

                  The Ford fiesta , 2012 , had three complaints on transmission, til Ford would install the new module for it, it coulda left me stranded or killed me and my son primary on the car he’s driving it and I hardly get to see him or call each other, I pray his pedals and breaks are okay on it, I pray for him to be safe , that it doesn’t catch on fire, if I had my way, I’d turn in the car and never buy a Ford again, they did nothing to help us or the lemon law, never heard from anyone infact Ford refuses to help and avoids me and hangs up on me , I think they have caller ID , or pretend they are so busy , or pretend they have a day off. Ford sucks !!!!

                  • State: Florida
                • #10 Ludmia says:

                  we bought a new 2014 Fiesta. The transmission and TCM were having problems since we bought the car. Went to Ford to do a recall at least 3 x and my transmission went out. My car doesn’t work and they don’t wanna pay for
                  the repairs. How do I sue the FORD?

                  • State: Florida
                • #11 ramon medina says:

                  I’ve tried to star it on, but did not do anything. The engine was dead.

                  • State: California

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