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Is your Lincoln a lemon? Get FREE legal help!

If you've had ongoing problems with your Lincoln, you may be entitled to legal remedy under State Lemon Law or Federal Breach of Warranty Law.

It won't cost you anything to file your Lemon Law claim against Lincoln. Kimmel & Silverman has been providing 100% COST-FREE Lemon Law help for Lincoln owners for many years.

Commonly Reported Lincoln Problems:

  • "Service Advance Trac," "Check Engine," and/or "Collision Warning" lights come on (Lincoln MKC, Lincoln MKZ, Lincoln MKS).
  • Sirius Radio drops out, doesn't work consistently (Lincoln MKC).
  • Power windows don't work properly (Lincoln MKZ).
  • Steering is noisy or pulls to the left or right side (Lincoln MKZ).
  • Issues with air conditioning, defroster, or heating system (Lincoln MKZ, Lincoln MKS).
  • Loss of power, vehicle stalls or cuts out while driving (Lincoln MKZ).
  • Transmission problems, including slipping and stalling (Lincoln MKZ, Lincoln MKX)
  • Drivetrain problems (Lincoln MKT).
  • Vehicle overheating (Lincoln MKS).
  • Fuel gauge is inaccurate or does not function (Lincoln MKX).
  • Fuel system problems (Lincoln MKC, Lincoln MKZ, Lincoln MKS, Lincoln MKX, Lincoln MKT, Lincoln Navigator).
  • Remote key does not function properly, power locks malfunctioning, car doesn't start (Lincoln MKX).
  • Stalling, shutting down, or losing power while driving (Lincoln MKX, Lincoln MKZ, Lincoln LS)
  • Drivetrain problems (Lincoln MKS)

How to File Your Lincoln Lemon Law Claim

If you've tried to fix the same problem more than three times, or over an extended period of time, and you're under Lincoln's original warranty, you may be entitled to significant compensation through your state's Lemon Law or Federal Warranty Law.

Kimmel & Silverman is proud to represent Lincoln owners throughout the country. Give us a call at 1-800-LEMON-LAW(1-800-536-6652 ), or fill out our Get Rid of Your Lemon form for your FREE case review.

Possible outcomes could include a brand-new vehicle, a full refund, or you may be able to keep your current car and receive monetary compensation.

Legal help for your Lincoln Lemon Law claim is completely FREE under the Lemon Law.

Get rid of your lemon! Call 1-800-LEMON-LAW(1-800-536-6652 ) for your FREE Lemon Law case review.