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Client Testimonials

Lemon Law Cases - What Our Clients Have to Say

Kimmel & Silverman has succeeded in helping more than 100,000 distressed drivers - more than any other Lemon Law firm in the Northeast.

We are especially proud to share the following comments from our clients regarding their Lemon Law cases:

  • Mr. Silverman: We just wanted to thank you and your staff for the excellent work on our recent case involving our Jeep and FCA. We found everyone at your firm to be very professional, knowledgeable, polite, and helpful during the entire lemon law process. Thanks to Kimmel & Silverman, the "little guy" won!
    Helen & Jim P. Bloomsburg, PA
  • My boyfriend and I bought a car which started having a long series of expensive problems about 15 seconds after purchase. I am a skeptical person by nature, so when I found this office online I was sure there had to be a catch or a reason why they couldn't help us. But the Lemon Law staff proved me 100% wrong. I got a phone call the same day I sent in my email query. I received instructions on how to file a claim with their office by FedEx within 48 hours. I got a call from their office 2 weeks after that with an amazing settlement offer. And we got our check exactly 4 weeks after accepting the offer. (Many thanks to Jason, Jacqueline, Patricia, and David!) There was no court appearance and they did not charge us a dime. If you are having issues with a car you bought, do yourself a favor and call these folks. They are true to their word and they will help you!
    Suzanne D, NJ
  • My Mini was returned this morning and I received my settlement check without incident. I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to you and everyone who worked tirelessly on my behalf. I could not be more satisfied with my settlement and know it wouldn't have happened had I not contacted 1-800-Lemon-Law. I hope to never need the services of Kimmel and Silverman in the future but if I do I know I'm in good hands.
    Warmest Regards,
    Ryan S.
  • Chris, you did a great job getting me fair compensation and I appreciate everything you did for me and will make sure I will relay that information to your making department . Again ,thanks for helping the little guy go up against the big guys. Great job"
    Emil D.
  • "Hi Jacqueline, I want to thank you for getting me out of that piece of junk Chevy. I would recommend your firm to anyone with similar issues. Again, thank you very much! Extremely appreciative!"
    - William C.
  • "I began a Lemon Law claim using the BBB Auto Line as recommended by the vehicle's manufacturer. After receiving the arbitrator's finding in favor of a buyback by the manufacturer, I learned that I must sign off on any right to sue the manufacturer prior to receipt of the actual dollar amount of the buyback. Because of the lack of transparency in this process, I chose to contact Kimmel and Silverman to represent me. Mr. Rapkin professionally handled the Lemon Law case to its successful conclusion. The dollar amount met my state's guidelines and was made known to me prior to signing off on the buyback paperwork. He was attentive to my questions and informed me of what could be anticipated throughout the process. I highly recommend his services."
    - A very satisfied client
  • "Just a quick note to let you know we received the check last week and are very grateful for your help in this matter. I took a little trip to Rochester, NY on the 11th of October to visit some long time friends (grade school friends) and had a wonderful drive up and home again and got to see the most beautiful Fall Foliages along the way. I actually did all the driving (6.5 hours) with no problems with my back. I love my new STS as much as I did my 2009 STS. Both were and are a pleasure to own and drive. The C. Harper Dealer gave us a full credit return on my old STS toward the new one. This money helped make the difference in getting the new one so if you speak to GM again, please give them my thanks and convey my pleasure and joy with this vehicle. Thank you again and here's hoping you have a Blessed and Prosperous New Year."
    - Sincerely, Roberta
  • "To the firm of Kimmel and Silverman:

    "The first call I made was handled professionally. The facts were given and the case was explained clearly. All correspondence went accordingly and timelines were given. The case was settled and I couldn't have been more satisfied. I will recommend your firm without reservation."
    - Sincerely, Mr. Robert C.

  • "I would like to thank Kimmel & Silverman and Jacqueline C. Herritt for taking this case and to agree upon a settlement with Ford Motor Company. It was a pleasure to have Jacqueline Herritt in my corner against Ford Motor Company. My problem with the lift gate was not the only one I know about made by Ford. I hope Ford Motor Company realizes the problem and corrects the problem before someone is injured.

    "I appreciate the fact that you're concerned about the consumer being protected when buying a vehicle that is suppose to be in the proper working order. Once again I want to thank you for hearing my complaint and bringing it to a fair conclusion."
    - Bob

  • "I write to you today to inform you that Hyundai and I made the trade yesterday, 3/20/2013. I am no longer in possession of the 2011 Hyundai Santa Fe and now own the 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe. I wanted to thank you for what you did for me and am forever grateful. Hyundai tried to make me think that I was crazy throughout the entire process until you stepped in and went to bat on my behalf. My story was real and they tried to make it seem as though it was made up. Yesterday I was given an apology and I am happy that this ordeal is over. It was a long battle, but I am thankful that you took my case. May the good Lord above bless you all for what you do becuase without attorneys like you out there ready and willing to take on such cases, ordinary people like me would lose to these giant corporations."
    - Marie C.
  • "I'd like to thank you and your staff, especially Jacqueline C. Herritt for your support in this matter. Everyone was very helpful, informative, friendly and understanding."
    - Thanks so much, Richard T.
  • "We are appreciative of your kind service in this matter. You can well imagine that it was a frustrating time for us and we were glad for your support in resolving this issue and the understanding and kindness of the staff at Kimmel and Silverman. Though we hope not to require your services in the near future, we are comforted to know that we can rely on your team to assist us in our needs. Thank you again and Happy Holidays."
    - Sincerely, Joseph and Kathryn G.
  • "Mr. Sacks, I wanted to send you a quick note in order to express my wife's and my satisfaction with the attorneys and legal support staff, especially Bob and Gracianne, at Kimmel and Silverman. As soon as Mazda unjustifiably denied our warranty claim, we knew that we had to obtain an experienced, professional, and dependable law firm to fairly represent our interests; fortunately, we found Kimmel and Silverman. Although Mazda made the process arduous and anything but expeditious, we knew that we could always count on K & S to help us negotiate the often-frustrating course of dealing with the unscrupulous manufacturer and their representatives. Gracianne was always available via phone or email to answer questions and clarify procedures, and Bob was absolutely fantastic during the arbitration meeting: his manner was extremely well informed and his argument was as sharp as a tack. I will, without doubt, enthusiastically recommend K & S to friends and family if they are in need of legal services; and although I hope not to have to undergo similar difficulties with an automobile manufacturer in the future, I would seek the counsel of no one else if the need arises for my wife and me in the future.

    "Thanks again for your hard work, and we both appreciate your advice, your time, and all your effort!"
    - Best regards,, Chris and Jessica R.

  • "We just wanted to say 'thank you' for doing such a brilliant job on our behalf. To say we are impressed is an understatement! Additionally, the communication skills of yourself and your colleagues were second to none. You made the whole process simple and straightforward. If we hear of anyone who might need your services or if we ever need your services again, rest assured you will be hearing from us. Thank you again."
    - Roger & Adele L.
  • "Mr. Kelly, I received my settlement check today. I can't thank you enough for everything that was done to assist me in resolving my case against Ford Motor Co. Please thank Mr. Rapkin and Ms. Tracey Christy if you would happen to see them. It's nice to know that someone can stand up for the little guy. I'm very happy with the overall outcome of my case."
    - Thanks again, R. Frank H.
  • "I received my check today March 9th I would like to thank all who helped in this case. I will recommend others of your services if the need happens to any and all of my friends and relatives, thanks again."
    - Frank R.
  • "Shannon and I wanted to extend our gratitude and thank you all for putting closure to our case. We are very pleased with the outcome and most importantly don't have to worry about paying costly maintenance fees when our warranty runs out. After speaking with the service manager at our local dealership he noted that my vehicle block model was receiving poor reviews and had similar maintenance discrepancies as mine; no surprise there. He also noted this was the first vehicle he has turned back into corporate from his dealership in a long time; no surprise there either. I believe Audi makes a remarkable engineered vehicle. I just bought from a bad batch; a batch of lemons. Thanks again for making lemonade out of our lemon, we are truly thankful for your support!"
    - Manfred M.
  • "Dear Mr. Silverman:

    "Our heartfelt thanks to you and your staff for taking our case against Chrysler. After almost 6 months of being abused by them, it was truly a Godsend that we contacted you and you immediately took charge with professionalism and compassion. It is wasn't for you, we probably would have been eaten alive and lost everything instead of getting our settlement which was justly due to us.

    "If anyone is stuck with a lemon as we we were, they would be a fool not to contact you. Again from the bottom of our hearts, thank you, thank you, thank you."
    - With sincerest gratitude, Mr. & Mrs. Charles V.

  • "THANK YOU!" are two very small, simple words, yet I wish to emphasize the enormous gratitude I feel towards your legal firm for all of the hard work and dedication you provided to my case. Both Jacqueline Herritt and Patricia worked tirelessly in obtaining a cash settlement on my behalf. Jacqueline and Patricia were in constant contact with me throughout the course of this case. I received prompt replies and detailed correspondence every step of the way - through letters, phone conversations, and e-mails. Letters were received within two days of mailing, phone calls were promptly made/returned, and e-mails replies were answered in under five minutes! What can I say about such efficiency, courtesy, and quality of service - Kimmel & Silverman is simply the BEST!!! I would be more than happy to recommend your services to anyone! Should I hear of anyone in my family, neighborhood, friends, co-workers, Church, etc. who needs such assistance, Kimmel & Silverman will be the first name out of my mouth! Hopefully, I will not need your services in the future, but it is certainly nice to know that I have a "friend" who is on my side and ready to go to bat for me! When I first called your firm, I felt completely helpless and frustrated; but, thanks to your firm and your wonderful attorneys and legal support staff, I now feel like justice has been served! And, I owe it all to you!!! Thank you for everything; I hope that you realize what a difference you make in people's lives."
    - With heartfelt gratitude, Janice S.
  • "I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for handling our case and ultimately, for getting us a complete buy back for our '08 Jeep Patriot. Because you took our case and worked with us we reached our goal of getting rid of that horrible vehicle. It is such a relief not to worry about what will break next on a car that you need to drive everyday! Thank you for your time and knowledge!"
    - Sincerely, Jeff and Stacey B.
  • "I would like to thank you for all the work that you performed in my behalf in getting a great settlement for me on my Suzuki. I would be more then happy to recommend anyone to you or call you again myself if the need should come up again, which I hope will not be necessary."
    - Thank You, Frank T.
  • "I returned the vehicle as scheduled yesterday at 11:00 am. It was a very quick process and everything went smoothly. The dealership people weren't too happy to see me but that's to be expected. Thank you very much for your help. Please pass along my gratitude to Atty. Rapkin. I can't say enough about how much the both of you helped me."
    - Thanks again, Maria C.
  • "I just wanted to let you know that the car was turned in and I got the check for the buy back from them too. Thank you for all your help with this. I still can't believe it worked out so easy. People joke at me when I say 1-800-Lemon-Law but it's true. You came through!Now we have to go out and deal with the car dealers again. I will use what I have learned from you. Thanks again!!!"
    - Bill
  • "3 weeks for resolution of this matter! FANTASTIC"
    - Lydia C.
  • "I'm just writing to thank everyone at Kimmel & Silverman for doing an outstanding job on settling my Lemon Law case vs. Chrysler. Everyone involved in my case did over and above to make this stressful situation as easy and simple as possible for me. Especially Jacqueline Herritt for pushing to get the full cash settlement I wanted even after Chrysler went bankrupt! She went the extra mile and was very friendly in doing so! I will recommend Kimmel & Silverman to anyone who encounters a Lemon Law problem. Thanks again!!"
    - Sincerely, Joe S.
  • "I want you to know that I am very pleased with the quality of service that Robert Rapkin provided. Mr. Rapkin handed my case in a timely manner and with great professionalism. I myself have worked in the automotive industry for 9 years now and know how important customer satisfaction is."
    - Kimberly E.
  • "We bought a Chevy HHR 06 and had it the shop 14 times and we just received a check in the mail from GM this week. Thank You!"
    - Tammy S.
  • "Dear Sir(s):

    It is with great pleasure that I write this letter on behalf of Attorney Jacqueline Herritt. I am extremely pleased with her representation in this matter and will certainly recommend your firm without hesitation based upon her level of professionalism and expertise.

    "The dialogue exhibited by your firm was "refreshing" and "reassuring" at all times. Outstanding legal representation and attention to details!"
    - Cordially, Michael V.

  • "Fred, My case against MBA has been settled thanks to you and your firm and the help of your assistant, David Kelly. The settlement was much more than I expected and I want to personally say thank you."
    - Sincerely, Bob P.
  • "Dear Mr. Silverman,I would like to thank you for all of your diligent efforts to resolve my case. I would highly recommend you, as I have already passed your name on. I would also like to comment on how helpful Tracey was with all and any questions I had, she made sure I had the answers I was looking and was always very professional and very pleasant."
    - Sincerely, Karen F.
  • "Thanks Lemonlaw.com 4 taking my claim! This is the 1st time in my 12 years of driving and a total 10 vehicles I've owned that I have had make a Lemon Law claim! I have nothing but great things to say about your staff and the experience thus far... I just wanted to let you know how satisfied I have been with your firm."
    - Thanks again, Albin W.
  • "I wanted to send you this letter to express my sincerest thanks on the recent situation I found myself in. When my 2005 ford focus, which I purchased brand new, began having problems at only 1200 miles I got nowhere with the ford company. They would repair the problem only for another problem to arise. I spent the last five years in and out of their service center. I finally had enough when my transmission was repaired for a third time. Your law firm took the case and got me the settlement I deserved which was more than I had expected. Family members and friends all said I would get hardly anything and wished me luck on finding a lawyer to help. You have proved them wrong. I will definetly recommend your law firm to anyone in my situation. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart."
    - Jennifer R.
  • "Mr. Kelly, I wish to thank you, Ms. Jacqueline Herritt, and all the members of Kimmel & Silverman, Lemon Law Team, who worked on my case.I am very relieved that the case was successfully settled 5-29-09. It is very comforting to know that there is a Law Firm that provides the type of services that Kimmel & Silverman offers to consumers like myself who could not have otherwise afford to secure counsel and such high quality representation. Thanks again 1-800-Lemon Law for all your help, courteous Service, and a satisfactory settlement of my case. Please keep up the good work helping unfortunate consumers who cannot afford to go up against these Goliath Companies."
    - Rudyard L.
  • "Just a brief note of appreciation to the firm of Kimmel & Silverman in helping me to get $3000 to compensate me for the difficulties I had (hoping past tense) with my 2009 Malibu. I found the firm to be extremely professional. Bob Silverman is the best. He always returned my calls promptly and patiently answered whatever questions I had. I had the feeling my case was important to him. He knows every aspect of Lemon Law."
    - Thanks again, Frank Sheehan
  • "Kimmel & Silverman delivered 'AS ADVERTISED. Both Ira Smades and David Kelly , along with other members of your firm, were very helpful in processing my case.My wife is now driving a car she is confident will get her to her destination.Thanks a job for well done and I will highly recommend your company to anyone that is need of your services. Thanks Again."
    - Bob Duffy
  • "Dear Mr. Kimmel:

    I am writing to tell you what a fantastic job Ira Smades did on representing me. His presentation was handled in the utmost fashion. There was nothing negative about Ira. Everything was on a positive level. Any questions I had he answered which made feel at ease with the way he handled it. They should have more caring lawyers like Ira Smades to handle them. I know if someone is in need of a lawyer, I would certainly recommend Ira Smades for the job. I was completely satisfied."
    - Regards, Debby D.

  • "Mr. Rapkin, I would just like to say thank you for the work you have done to get my vehicle problems settled. Chrysler initially offered me $1000.00 plus vehicle repairs, but you pushed on and got the settlement I wanted: Chrysler is repurchasing their mistake!!! Thank you so much. This situation was getting to be very frustrating. I'm very pleased with what you have accomplished for my family and myself. Thanks again."
    - Warm regards, Bobbie M.
  • "I just wanted to thank all involved at the partnership of Kimmel and Silverman for a very competant and professional expirence resolving the problems with my 2008 Ford F450. Robert Rapkin, Tiffany DiDomenico and the others involved in my case were very helpful and knowledgeable and facilitated resolution in a very admirable manner. I have already referred your firm to a neighbor with a similar vehicle and will continue to do so in the future. Once again, thanks for a very high quality experience."
    - Sincerely, Phil W.
  • "I have had problems with my 2007 Chevy Tahoe, and I did not know where to turn. A friend of mine told me to contact Kimmel & Silverman. I was assigned Bob Silverman. I am writing to tell you what an absolute joy it was to deal with Bob. He handled my situation in a very professional manner with my interests the only priority. I was very aggrevated to say the least that General Motors Corporate would not contact me. He gave me excellent advice and I received a substantial compensation for General Motors negligence. I suppose that is why it is his company. I will gladly refer anyone in a similiar situation. Hats off to Kimmel & Silverman. Thank you very much."
    - Sincerly, Lawrence M.
  • "I wanted to express my gratitude to Robert Rapkin, Esquire, and the support staff of Evy Cruz and Patricia Murray for their excellent work that culminated in the expeditious settlement of my Lemon Law claim. From my first contact with Kimmel & Silverman to the receipt of my settlement check there was minimal involvement on my part. The seven months that I had to deal with my 2007 Dodge Caliber water leak was frustrating to say the least. However, the outcome was more than I expected. Three months from my first contact with Kimmel & Silverman, I now have a new car. Thank you for such a positive experience!!!!"
    - Sincerely, David B.
  • "Thank you very much Jacqueline. Cite me as a very satisfied customer and I believe now justice has been done. So sad that people won't do the right thing; but it's good business for you!!!!"
    - May the Lord be gracious unto you, Garnet
  • "I would like to thank you for the work that you did on my behalf on the aforementioned Lemon Law case. I cannot believe what a seamless, simple process you made this. Also, at every step of the way, your firm communicated very clearly what I could expect and what my options were. All of my phone calls and correspondence were addressed in a very timely manner. As someone who is a bit hesitant to involve lawyers in a dispute (even though one of my best friends is an attorney), I must say that this was a very positive experience and I am very pleased with the outcome of the suit. I have recommended your firm to others who have had car issues and will continue to do so in the future. While I hope that I do not need your services again, I will not hesistate to contact you should a need arise. Thank you for a job very well done!"
    - Best regards, Theresa M.
  • "Thank you for the legal assistance that your staff provided us. We are extremely pleased with the results. Your expert legal advice attributed to a quick resolution to my settlement. Whenever I had a question your office had been responsive to phone calls and returned them promptly. I would have no reservations about recommending Kimmel & Silverman to anyone."
    - Sincerely, Janice M.
  • "Without using LemonLaw.com and your staff, I would not have received anything! Your folks did 95% of the work, made it quite easy for me."
    - Thanks, David and Barbara B.
  • "I would like to thank everyone at Kimmel & Silverman that was involved in helping me get some satisfaction for all the problems I had with my truck. I will be sure to let my friends know the help you have given me. And will contact you if I have further need. Thank you again."
    - Sincerely Yours, Jerry P.
  • "I am writing to you on behalf of everyone I have dealt with at Kimmel & Silverman. I really have to commend Patricia on everything she has done for me and is still doing to rid me of the nightmare truck that I purchased from Chrysler! She made me feel at ease with the whole process! Jayne was also very comforting to me. They really make you feel like you are a person and not just a number. I will HIGHLY RECOMMEND your firm to anyone who encounters a problem regarding any type of car situation. Keep up all the GREAT work you guys do! You really make people who don't know much about the Lemon Law (like me) feel like they are important and don't have to worry when people like your firm are in their corner! Thank You So Very Much!!"
    - A VERY SATISFIED CLIENT, Pedro & Tracey P.
  • "Thank you for advocating on our behalf. We are both grateful for your services and had a positive experience with Robert and Ira. We would of not received compensation if your law firm and services were not available. We would definitely refer your firm. Keep up the good work. Thank you once again."
    - Bryan and Pam
  • "I would just like to take this opportunity to say "Thanks" to all the staff that worked on my case. You guys work fast. I like the fact how you kept me posted on my case the entire time. I was really glad that I didn't have to go through the hassle of going to court. I will definitely use you guys again if I need to. I would also recommend you to other people. Great Job. Very satisfied client!!!"
    - Yolanda R.
  • "I would like to take the time to thank you and your firm for your help. I was at a lost before your firm came to my aid. It took me a long time to decide to purchase a new car, so when I got up enough nerve to take that big step to buy one, it was very upsetting to have the problem that occurred. Your firm turned a bad situation into a good situation."
    - Thank you so very much, Deborah C.
  • "Please convey my appreciation to those at Kimmel & Silverman who helped to reach a settlement with the referenced case. Counselor Jacqueline C. Herritt handled the case in an outstanding manner and reach a timely settlement with GM.

    "I would also like to recognize Robert who met me to inspect the car. When the retractable top failed to close he recommended that I take the car back to the dealer immediately and ask for their guidance. I did that. When I arrived at the dealer, the Service Manager was able to close the top; however, that incident confirmed the car had shown a new failure mode. That information may have caused GM to increase their offer.

    "Thanks for the support of your firm. I certainly appreciated the help I received with my problem."
    - Sincerely: James D.H.

  • "I want to thank you and your staff for the check I recently received. It's nice to know that someone is on your side when large auto manufacturer's know there is something wrong and they refuse to fix it. It takes a lot of patience and knowledge to get them to admit their mistake. The common man does not know the avenues of approach. After many calls and meeting some of your personnel, I must admit that there is always someone who stands out in the crowd. On my last court appearance at the Bergen County Courthouse while fighting my case, I was very nervous and tense. My attorney made me feel very at ease. She did all the talking. When she was finished I knew my case was in good hands. They (Auto Co.) admitted their guilt and that was all I really wanted. I must admit, the check felt real good also! Especially with Christmas being a month away. THANK YOU AGAIN!"
  • "I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks for your prompt and expert service on my behalf. Today when you phoned with the results of your communication with General Motors, I was truly stunned. The 'good news' left me unable to express my gratitude."
    - Very Truly Yours, Patrick W., Rio Grande, NJ
  • "Thank you for your efforts on my and my wife's behalf concerning our dissatisfaction with our Cadillac SRX. It is fortunate for us as consumers to have a source such as Kimmel & Silverman to turn to for representation when we are stonewalled by the local dealership.

    You handled our case in a professional manner and the settlement will help to offset the daily annoyance of the clucky bumpy transmission.

    "We will be happy to recommend your services to any of our friends who experience similar situations."
    - Sincerely, Matthew V.

  • "I recently received my settlement from General Motors. I would like to thank you and your firm for handling this case. The outcome was a pleasant surprise for me. Your firm has been very professional. Please again convey my thanks to those in your firm for handling the case."
    - Sincerely, John B.
  • "I would like to thank you and your firm for getting me a settlement with Ford. You have all been very nice and efficient. I hope I never have trouble with my car but if I do I will be all means use your firm. I will also recommend your firm to my friends if your services are needed. I thank you again and God Bless."
    - Sincerely, Ms. Marie C.
  • "I would like to thank everyone involved with my case against Ford Motor Company. You were all very thorough & helpful. I'm so glad I followed through with this process. I'm also very thankful for the Lemon Law to protect consumers. Needless to say I was extremely pleased with the final outcome!"
    - Sincerely, Evelyn S., CT
  • "I just wanted to take a moment to tell you what an outstanding staff you have. For one, I found your firm via the internet. I placed an e-mail to your firm one afternoon and specified what my problem was. That very afternoon while on my way home, your firm called to tell me that I did have a case and that they were starting it as we spoke. I was really shocked and relieved at the same time. I really didn't expect to get a call back at all to be honest with you. I knew that this would be a lengthy process from the beginning, but your staff that I had to deal with were awesome. Mr. Rapkin and his assistant Tracy, along with your settlement coordinator Patricia are wonderful people. I can't say enough about them. Also, I had a problem with the state of WV not refunding my taxes on the vehicle after this process was complete, and Mr. Rapkin called me yesterday 05/21/07 to tell me that DCC was willing to give me a percentage of the money back.....that made my day! They made this process so much easier, and I felt like by the time this was all said and done that I had new friends. You don't get that anywhere else, it is very rare if you do. So, I again want to thank you for the wonderful people you have aboard your firm. I will be more than happy and confident to referral my friends and family to you. Thank you so much for your time."
    - Sincerely, Heather S.
  • "I just want to say thank you to everyone who worked on my claim against Saab. I appreciate your efforts and resolving this matter."
    - Sincerely, Jeff G.

  • "I have received my settlement check and would like to thank Robert A. Rapkin and all that assisted in my case for such a rapid settlement."
    - Thanks again, Ronald P. Casagrande
  • "I would like to extend my many thanks to your staff and specifically to Ira Smades for the successful handling of my case. From the very start, after contacting your firm, I have been impressed with the efficiency and helpfulness of your staff. I was kept informed throughout the process, it was simple, and in the end the result was excellent. Ira Smades contacted me a few days ago to prepare for an arbitration hearing and we spoke regarding my desired outcome. He called yesterday to say he had settled with Nissan and that I was to receive the exact amount that I had requested with Nissan also agreeing to pay all the legal costs. This is outstanding service, and it was all done without cost to me. I will heartily recommend you to anyone who has lemon car problem.

    Thank you very, very much, and please pass on my thanks to Ira and your entire staff for this excellent work."
    - Bruce C., Malvern, PA

  • "I want to commend your personnel for their speedy and thorough representation in my behalf. At the outset, when I first contacted your firm, I would never have believed that this case would have been settled so quickly and to my satisfaction. Therefore, thanks again, and I will definitely recommend you to others in the future."
    - Sincerely, Frederick C.
  • "I really appreciated the hard work of Kimmel & Silverman on my case. A friend recommended me to contact a Lemon Law firm, and I found your Firm on the internet. I didn't expect anything to come of it. I didn't even realize I had a case, although I knew what had happened to me with my car was wrong. I had sent information in, and never realized anyone was even working on my case, when I was contacted by Jacqueline C. Herritt to settle on my case. I am very happy with the service of Kimmel & Silverman. I really didn't have to spend much time even helping with my case. Jacqueline was able to do everything on her own and quickly. I don't remember everyone I dealt with at Kimmel & Silverman, but everyone was very respectful and answered all of my questions and concerns immediately. I will definitely recommend Kimmel & Silverman to friends and family, and would use you again in the future if needed (hopefully, it won't be)."
    - Sincerely, Sheri S.
  • "I wanted to let you know that everything went very smoothly today with the Cobalt! I turned in the car and received my check at the dealership. They were very professional.

    "I would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all of your work involving my case. I could not have received a better outcome and I have you to thank! If I ever hear of anyone needing legal assistance regarding The Lemon Law, I will definitely refer them to your firm!"
    -Best Regards, John F.

  • "We are fortunate there is an organization such as yours which will come to the rescue of victimized people such as we were. And to think there is no charge for this service! Many thanks to everyone who put forth effort on our behalf which resulted in a satisfactory settlement of our case."
    - Sincerely, David and Elizabeth
  • "I would like to commend your firm. I had a wonderful experience working with all of you. I filled out the form online on a Friday afternoon and received a call back before the end of the work day! Within less than a week, someone was calling me about the amount of the settlement. I was delightfully surprised at the ease of this entire process. After sending in my documents, there was a very short time limit before I got the check in the mail. I appreciate your efforts to provide great customer service and would recommend your firm to all of my friends and family! Thank you!"
    - Kristin J.
  • "I am writing in regards to my dealings with Kimmel & Silverman. I have to say I was not sure what to expect when I decided to get help in regards to my vehicle. I must say I am very pleased with everything! Mr. Silverman was great! He kept me in the loop, answered all of my questions and most of all, listened to me and my needs. The entire process was very fast, I was always informed, and received call backs when needed. I will recommend your company to anyone who needs this type of help. I really appreciate all of the help from Mr. Silverman and his staff. Thank you!"
    - Raymond N.
  • "Thank you so much for all you have done in the matter with GM. Words cannot express the gratitude that I have for your efforts."
    - Jennifer, Belle Vernon, PA
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    "As my experience went on, I was efficiently contacted by my attorney who thoroughly explained my rights as a Lemon owner along with the conditions your company holds. He was extremely informative, after reading through my paperwork I felt relief (something I haven't felt in a long time).

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    "Overall, my experience was amazing thanks to the people at your company! I am writing an article in my local paper about my horrible experience with the dealer, however the article will be enlightened with my absolute positive experience I have had with your company and the employees!

    "Thank You so much for the efficient service your company has provided on my behalf! It has truly been a pleasure!"
    - Becky D., MD

  • "I'm still in disbelief that the whole process required almost no effort on my part. With the settlement money, I purchased a new vehicle and am now able to commute 60 miles to work each day without the anxiety of not knowing whether my vehicle would be able to get me home. Thanks so much for taking on my case."
    - Claude P., Gordon, PA
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    - Christine S. Valley Forge, PA
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    - Rodger L.
  • "(Settlement Coordinator) David Kelly called me from his vacation to answer a question. I really appreciated everyone's commitment."
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