Who Makes The Most Pennsylemons?

May 07, 2009
By: Robert Silverman

Late last month, we worked on an investigative report with WTAE TV reporter Paul Van Osdel, uncovering which cars provides the most headaches for drivers throughout the Keystone State. Paul obtained a list from PENNDot (Pennsylvania Department of Transportation) and according to their records, from 2003-2008, Chevrolet led the list of lemons in Pennsylvania. Their list is as follows:

Chevrolet (their story featured 1-800 LEMON LAW client Sarah Griffith of Monroeville, who received a complete buyback after suffering problems with her Trailblazer)


We find this list to be rather incomplete, as it only covers vehicles that were purchased back from the manufacturer and officially titled as lemons. The list does not include vehicles where consumers received thousands of dollar in monetary damages and were able to keep their cars.

Being that we are the oldest and largest lemon law firm in Western Pennsylvania, Paul asked us to compile a list of the cars we see the most in our Pittsburgh caseload. Although he didn’t have time for the information in the story, we thought it would be interesting to give our top 10:
Chevrolet Cobalt
Chevrolet Impala
Chevrolet Silverado
Chevrolet Malibu
Jeep Grand Cherokee
Jeep Liberty
Chevrolet Equinox
Kia Sedona
Pontiac G6
Saturn VUE
Jeep Commander
Jeep Wrangler

and of course, to view the cars that receive the most complaints nationally per sales, check out the Car Complaint Index.

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