Land Rover Lowest On JD Power Rankings

August 08, 2008
By: LemonLaw

Throughout the year, we receive countless calls from folks looking for car buying advice.  Many figure that by calling 1-800 LEMON LAW prior to buying a car, they may be able to prevent problems “down the road” so to speak. For that reason, since 2001, we have teamed up consumer advocate Jack Gillis and the wonderful team at the Center for Auto Safety to provide the Car Complaint Index to consumers.  We feel that an educated consumer is an effective consumer.

Yesterday, JD Power & Associates came out with their dependability rankings and it appears that Land Rover is lowest on the Power totem pole.  While the Car Complaint Index looks at specific models, JD Power looks at brand quality.  They rank their cars based on an average of car problems; how many problems are reported per 100 cars, as experienced by original owners of these cars after three years.  The industry average is 206 problems per 100 cars, roughly averaging 2 problems per car.

Here are the brands that fall below the industry average:  Audi 207, Mercedes Benz 215, Nissan 224, Pontiac 225, GMC 226, Mazda 228, Subaru 228, Chrysler 229, Dodge 230, Mini 233, Chevrolet 239, Hummer 241, Scion 243, Volvo 244, Saturn 250, Jeep 253, Volkswagen 253, Saab 254, Isuzu 274, Kia 278, Suzuki 302, and lastly Land Rover with 344 problems reported per 100 cars.  This is not good news for the SUV manufacturer, which was recently sold by Ford to an Indian company.

So, who’s on top?  Number one with a bullet for the 14th consecutive year is Lexus, followed by Mercury and Cadillac.

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2 Responses to “Land Rover Lowest On JD Power Rankings”

  1. #1 Patty Greer says:

    I bought a total lemon Land Rover at Murray Motors in Denver Colorado that has 2 dangerous defect issues. I am stuck with $21,000 spent – only to learn that my car needs a new engine on top of the lost $8,000 in repairs. It needed the new engine on the day I bought the car at their dealership.
    The engine problem has been a known & documented defect since 3-14-1003 and it can’t be fixed. The engine needs to be replaced. The dealership offered me only $2,000! LRNA pretended they knew nothing of the problem and takes no responsibility.

    These 2 defect issues are flooding the blogs and LR is taking little interest. I have dealt repeatedly with both defects and got stranded by the side of the road last week, needing towing. (another $900 problem this time)

    A lawyer mentioned he just got his client $10,000 last month for this very issue and I hope he will take my case. I have been speaking with LRNA and the woman in charge of claims there gave me the lamest excuses I’ve ever heard!!!

    I have an excellent case and am seeking a lawyer. What a pain in the butt! I should have trusted ALL OF MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY when they warned me about Land Rovers!!!

    • #2 Sammy Fathalla says:

      On Jun 6th 2012 I bought a total Lemon Land Rover from Princeton Land Rover , I have that vehicle now for a little over 12 Month and it been in service for 16th time so far and the same defect still exists, not only that but I got the worst experience with Land Rover Authorized Dealer Personal and LRNA, I serviced that vehicle in 4 different dealers and each one have a completely different opinion after confirming my concerns, I loved the Land Rover as a Global Brand from my father from his defender but I completely forgot that his defender sat down in the drive way for a few years for some mechanical issues till he junked it .

      Good Luck Land Rover owners !!

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