Jeep Grand Cherokee Transmission Problem – Recall – Defect Alert

January 22, 2014
By: Robert Silverman

Lunging and jumping and jerking, oh my! Sadly, the 1 800 LEMON LAW hotline is lighting up with calls from 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee owners dealing with transmission troubles in their brand-new vehicles. The Jeep Grand Cherokee transmission problem is strikingly similar to the issues we are seeing with the Ford Focus and Fiesta vehicles. In an effort to meet EPA standards, Chrysler modified the transmission, changing a standard transmission into a manual unit.

Does this help Jeep owners achiever better gas mileage?  Possibly, but at the time, many drivers are saying that it has negatively affected the drivability of the vehicle.  And when they are complaining on the Jeep Grand Cherokee transmission problem to the service advisor, they are being told it’s a normal characteristic of the vehicle.  Keep in mind however that just because it’s a normal characteristic of the Jeep does NOT mean it’s normal.  

If you are dealing with a Jeep Grand Cherokee transmission problem, you must bring the matter to the dealer, even if the issue is intermittent.  Try to be as descriptive as possible in terms of the issue you are dealing with and offer to take the service adviser on a test drive in an effort to duplicate the condition.  And make sure every visit comes with a repair invoice where they document your complaint and what was done to address your complaint.  Do not let them keep repair orders open if possible.  

Once you are in the shop repeatedly for your Jeep Grand Cherokee transmission problem, look into your State Lemon Law to see if you are entitled to compensation or feel free to fill out our Get Rid of Your Lemon form.  We will be glad to review the situation and determine if and how we can help free of charge.

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43 Responses to “Jeep Grand Cherokee Transmission Problem – Recall – Defect Alert”

  1. #1 Shawna hanson says:

    I had a fiat that was a Lemon. After a year and half nightmare I received a 2014 jeep Cherokee ad a replacement vehicle. I believe it is a Lemon as well.

    • #2 LemonLaw says:

      @Shawna: You can file a claim for a replacement car. Visit to find a firm in your state to discuss your rights.

      • #3 Nicole says:

        It’s not just the Jeep Grand Cherokee. I purchased a 2014 JC Limited w/ALL the bells and whistles…$50K worth of features. My Jeep was manufactured prior to the May 5 date and has been in for servicing several times. The first time for transmission issues that they performed some TDB updates (still no relief) and now I’m having all of these major electrical issues. It’s like the truck is possessed! The dealer has been nice, however, they claim they can’t sen to find anything wrong while running diagnostics. So far, every Jeep Forum, Jeep Blog, Auto Blog, has not reviled a permanent fix. I’m fearful to drive my 6 year old around in that thing. I’m just wondering how many lives will be lost before Chrysler-Jeep admits to the safety concerns of unleashing a dangerous car. Has anyone else had any luck with the lemon law?

        • #4 LemonLaw says:

          @Nicole: Our clients have had tremendous success.

          • #5 Jo says:

            Is the problem in ALL Jeep Grand Cherokees? Or just certain transmissions or V6 or V8? Thank you.

            • #6 LemonLaw says:

              @Jo: We never say ALL, but we have seen a significant trend.

              • #7 Lorrie says:

                Took my 2014 JGC for oil change and yet another check on the jerking and jumping issues. My ‘advisor’ at the dealership said there was an update. While attempting this update it crashed. Now I don’t know at this point if it’s going to be repaired or if I’ll have to wait and get a new one. She said they keep trying to get info from Jeep but in the meantime this is the fix. Said they even changed transmissions in one without it making any improvement. This is so frustrating!!!

                • #8 Pamela douglas says:

                  My 2014 jeep Cherokee has had problems since day one and have taken it to the dealership several times since I purchased it just over a year ago. The transmission jumps jerks and lunges and hesitates when moving in traffic. I have taken it to the dealership several times and they continue to say it is normal. I do not feel safe driving the vehicle and would like to get a buyback. I would not buy a Jeep Chrysler vehicle ever again. Can you help with my buyback?

                  • #9 LemonLaw says:

                    @Pamela: To find out about your state’s lemon law (and to connect to a firm that may be able to help) visit

                    • #10 sandi says:

                      I got rid of my.2014 keep grand Cherokee after 8 recalls. Got 2 more recalls after I traded it in

                      Jeep should recall the whole vehicle and give the money back

                      Mine tjumped out of gear and on its own while in a parking lot and nearly.ran me down. Hit a pole rather than a person
                      I hate this car. I have a 2001 jeep sport in my garage. Perfect condition. Perfect car. Am keeping it but never buying a again
                      I have a new Tahoe 4×4 and love it. So glad I got rid if my keep.

                      • #11 deon b says:

                        i hate me new jeep …transmission is HORRIBLE !!!!! THEY NEED TO FIX THIS RECALL I CANT IMAGINE ALL THE ACCIDENTS THIS HAS CAUSD

                        • #12 dawn says:

                          We bought a Cherokee Trailhawk 2014 brand new and have had nothing but trouble from the day we bought it. The car stalls, bucks, lunges and hesitates each time it is driven. My main complaint on the car is the “bucking” or as they call it a hard shift! It feels as if someone is hitting you from behind! 5x at the dealership and guess what??? NOTHING IS WRONG WITH IT!!! itsnt that funny… Love the heated steering wheel and seat but this transmission is horrible! I want my money back! First and Last Jeep!

                          • #13 Leonard LaFace says:

                            I purchased a 2013 grand cherokee trail hawk in may of 2013. I have had the vehicle for 2 years with no transmission issues. The car has only been serviced by gengras in east hartford. My vehicle
                            was serviced for a fuel relay recall in august at the same time 3 flash updates were installed for my 5 speed transmission(wA580).
                            Prior to these flash updates I had no transmission issues. my jeep is going in for the third time in 5 months with tranny issues that were caused by the flash up dates. Remember I had no issues prior to the work being done in august. my tranny jerks and bucks almost causing one to crash if your not expecting it to happen when starting out. Im besides my self, I don’t know where to turn I have a case # with chrysler in detroit but Im very frustrated. Someone help me!

                            • #14 John Bauduin says:

                              I have a 2015 jeep Cherokee, having transmission problems, being ignored by the dealer. I just had an accident, luckily no one was hurt. I was breaking on slippery roads when it lunged forward, I then I braked hard, causing my jeep to slide off the road , breaking my windshield on something and scraping my front bumper. I can turn this into my insurance , but I believe Jeep is responsible and should fix this. I called Diehl Jeep with no response

                              • #15 LemonLaw says:

                                @John: I sent you a personal email. Please reach out to us at 800 536 6652.

                                • #16 LemonLaw says:

                                  @Leonard: I would look into your rights with a lemon law attorney. Please visit to find a firm in your state that can help you.

                                  • #17 LemonLaw says:

                                    @Dawn: I would definitely look into your lemon law rights. Visit to find a firm in your state who can assist.

                                    • #18 Brian Pagluiso says:

                                      My wife’s 2014 Jeep GC was sitting in the driveway in park, it automatically put itself in reverse and rolled down the driveway crashing into a stone wall, when it hit the wall it put itself into drive and drove across the driveway off a small embankment and lodged itself into a tree, the car had to be put on a flat bed and towed away.

                                      I called Chrysler, and they immediately disregarded it, so I was forced to put in an insurance claim, Chrysler was awful, and this was already after tons of transmission claims, do I have any recourse?

                                      Thank You!

                                      • #19 LemonLaw says:

                                        @Brian: What state are you from? I would certainly discuss this matter with a lemon law lawyer in your state. Visit to find a firm that can help you.

                                        • #20 phil says:

                                          hello I bought my 2015 jeep grand Cherokee limited in December 2015 I have been at the dealership service three times for the transmission jerking and the second time they replaced the transmission now I went back because it intermittingly downs sifts hard and they told it was normal Iam bringing it to a different dealer ship one more time iam in ct please advise thanks

                                          • #21 Geno says:

                                            Just got a 2015 grand Cherokee. Transmission slipping and popping out of gear since day one.

                                            • #22 LemonLaw says:

                                              Hi Phil: The first thing I would do in CT is to research your rights with the CT Department of Consumer Protection. Bring the invoices to their attention and see what they have to say. If after researching the program, you opt to be represented by a lawyer, there are laws which offer a fee-shifting provision enabling cost-free legal representation.

                                              • #23 Randy Johnson says:

                                                6 month after owning my Jeep Grand Cherokee the transmission was stuck in 6 gear. Took 3 weeks to get fixed. 4 month later when stopping the jeep transmission would jerk going into first. Dealer updated software to resolve the issue. 2 weeks ago I was hauling an empty snomobile trailer from up north the transmission would not go over 6 speed. I brough it to the dealer and they stated this was normal, which I do not agree. I,m looking to bring it back next week so I can recreate the issue for them

                                                • #24 Kenneth lamm says:

                                                  Bought new 2016 grand Cherokee. Started having transmission problems about 6700 miles. Replaced valve body & now start/stop feature has quit. Now they are going to replace new transmission. Please!!!!!

                                                  • State: North Carolina
                                                • #25 Jason Phillips says:

                                                  2014 Jeep Cherokee what a piece of junk. We keep taking Jeep back in and they keep saying there’s nothing wrong with it.

                                                  Just got it back yesterday after fixing two recalls and another software update and it still won’t shift right. We can’t drive the death trap over 40mph safely. Engine will over Rev and not shift, lUnger constantly and shreds the tires. It’s a total waste of money and unsafe to drive.

                                                  Another example of big business sticking it to the working class/slaves. Pay all that money for a vehicle so you can get back and forth to work so you and your family can survive and now you can’t it even drive it anywhere.

                                                  Nobody is going to buy it either. We’re stuck with it because it can’t be fixed I’m done making payments on it. I’ll park it in one of my families garages somewhere repo people will never find it. The bank can call Chrysler about it for all I care. It will be a blow to my credit, but so what. I’ll be dammed if I pay another dime on it.

                                                  I’ll pay cash going forward for our vehicles. Stick it Chrysler!!!!!

                                                  Anybody looking for Jeep parts? I’ll sale you some cheap so I can recoup some of my money

                                                  • State: Pennsylvania
                                                • #26 LemonLaw says:

                                                  @Jason: If you have not reached out to us yet to discuss your situation, please do so. Visit or call 800 536 6652–not sure we can help but we would love to see if we can.

                                                  • #27 Ricky says:

                                                    Just bought new 2018 jeep Cherokee 40 miles started it up the next morning only to hear a pecking noise sounds like an engine with high mileage an wore out I have been working on cars over 40 years took back to the dealer an they won’t do anything because they say it is suppose to peck an an sound like the rockers are loose stay away from the 2.4 multi air engine this is the biggest pile of junk worst mistake I ever made never happen again it got a problem this noise shouldn’t be there

                                                    • State: Tenn
                                                  • #28 Mike says:

                                                    Bought a 2014 JGC in March 2016 for my daughter to go to college. She had been complaining the gears shifted funny for awhile. I got a call from her early last week, it was stuck in 1st gear only. Had it towed to the Jeep Autonation we bought it from. No questions asked, replacing the tranny, under power train. Great service but this should not be happening to a vehicle with less than 70k miles. Just the week before we noticed it leaking oil, check engine light on, no oil on the stick, faulty oil filter housing, common problem I’m now finding out with JGC. I wonder what other skeletons are in the closet?

                                                    • State: AL
                                                  • #29 Courtney says:

                                                    I bought a 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee back in September 2017, I had cylinder 5 misfire in early December 2017 and in was in the shop for a week and a half, they replaced cylinder 5 and the rocker arm. Got it back and it was back in the shop a week later for cylinder 1 misfiring in January 2018. When I took it back in for cylinder 1 misfiring, they did a variable valve timing test, AKA the wiped the code. I got 5 miles down the road and my check engine light came back on. When I brought it back to them (third time now) they had it for 3 1/2 weeks. The put a brand new head on the side that has cylinders 1,3 and 5. Which means all cylinder and rocker arms have been replace. I got the jeep back and the next morning my check engine light came back on for misfiring cylinder 1. They had it for another 3 days and the replaced the ignition coil and things see to be going fine so far. its now mid March and i feel like the Jeep in now riding awful its bumpy and shaky.

                                                    • State: Delaware
                                                  • #30 LemonLaw says:

                                                    @Courtney: I think we can help. Please call us at 800 536 6652 to discuss your rights.

                                                    • #31 Ozzie says:

                                                      I have a 2017 Grand Cherokee Limited V6, transmission just died today with 26k miles (ruined our holiday), let’s see what the dealer will do about it but I’d really want to know my options to get rid of this lemon!

                                                      • State: Florida
                                                    • #32 Randy says:

                                                      I have a 2017 Grand Cherokee only 8 months old that has been in the shop twice already for transmission/shifting problems. The car will not shift out of park or shifts into neutral or from drive into first all by itself. NOT HAPPY!!!

                                                      • State: CA
                                                    • #33 Gail ghelardini says:

                                                      Currently stranded in maryland. 2014 jeep cherokee limited service transmission light on. Had it towed to rockville, Md. Two days in shop and clueless about how to diagnose and fix problem. What should i do? Get a rental? Call jeep regional service manager? Etc etv

                                                      • State: Sc
                                                    • #34 Irve says:

                                                      I’ve got a 2016 Jeep Cherokee new 9/2016. The car has been for the most part running well. I’ve got 33,000 miles on it, and recently the car was shifting funny. I brought it to the dealer and they did a software upgrade, but the issue has returned after a short lapse. I’m concerned as I’ve now read a multitude of complaints about the transmissions in these vehicles. Is there anything that can be done? Oh, and I too have that ticking noise described above – I was told its normal for the engine (its a really annoying normal if that’s the case!).

                                                      • State: NJ
                                                    • #35 LemonLaw says:

                                                      @Irve: Make sure you keep all your repair records. if you are back three ore more times for the same issue under warranty, reach out to us at 800 536 6652.

                                                      • #36 Karla Revuelta says:

                                                        Just found out my 2018 grand Jeep Cherokee is missing screws, and chassis has a problem. And it already had a recall. Unbelievable!

                                                        • State: CA
                                                      • #37 JAMES A BROUSE says:

                                                        2016 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk — Transmission ID – 948TE

                                                        Nothing but lag, shift problems, shuttering, un-explained RPM rise and sudden fall.

                                                        I have had this for 5 days, not thrilled 30,000.00 paper weight. Hope dealership can do something about it – if not its going back to where it came from

                                                        • State: BC -- Canada
                                                      • #38 Shavon Rush says:

                                                        Bought a brand new 2018 jeep Cherokee and the first day i smelled oil burning. Took the vehicle back they told me oil spilled on the engine. Now my car will accelerate over 30 miles. Stooped in the middle of traffic on the highway. Took the car into the shop. Kept my car for 3 days said they did a software update. Now Service Shifter light keep popping on. 3x now this service light came on in the last 2 days. Have not made it to the dealership yet because i work but this car runs rough and not work it.

                                                        • State: MN
                                                      • #39 Shannon Shaffer says:

                                                        I have been waiting for a while now to get my vehicle back from the dealership. The first time it was in it needed a brand new transmission it went out on a day I was headed to the hospital for an emergency surgery happening. I was stranded in the middle of 4 lanes unable to move vehicle out of the way for two hours. Tow truck was able to haul away. I waited over a month to get my 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited back. They delivered to my home. When I turned it on it made a a terrible sound. Sounded like a Honda trail bike and a beating sound. Plus rattling. More like an old truck that has been refurbished. Plus my mileage is horrible now. I had my odometer set at kilometers only because that was all it would do. Before transmission went out and was replaced I was averaging 13.5 kml now it averages 8.5 kml since receiving it. I took back to dealership to have all of these things things fixed. 3 weeks later and there has not been any fixing to my vehicle. They have had it too long and I am not satisfied. I pay a lot of money for my Jeep and can not even use it.

                                                        • State: NV
                                                      • #40 KAREN FLOYD says:

                                                        I own a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. It wont shift into park ,so you cant shut the car off..
                                                        Took it in for repair and they want $1501.74 to replace the transmission s Valve body… have got to be kidding…..I will not be buying another Jeep .I had a Honda never had a problem except the windshield washer fluid sprayer got clogged..minor repair….I truly believe Jeep knows they have a problem with the transmissions in there cars I feel like im being ripped off….too many recalls…..

                                                        • State: OH
                                                      • #41 Victor says:

                                                        I have a 2015 Jeep Trailhawk and have had multiple issues (bumps, grinds and groans) with the transmission. I’ve taken it back to the dealership but since the transmission isn’t doing anything at the time they tell me there is nothing they can do. The latest incident the car wouldn’t even move and the transmission light went on along with a warning light telling me to have the transmission serviced, after a few minutes I finally was able to move the vehicle. I had to wait two days before the dealership could look at it and by the time I got it there the warning lights were all gone and the transmission is working fine. So again they tell me there is nothing they can do. My powertrain warranty expires in about two months. What can I do?

                                                        • State: MI
                                                      • #42 james sowers says:

                                                        2018 grand cherokee at cruse transmission hunts between 7tn and 8th gear can feel the jerk as it hunts between 7th & 8th gear

                                                        • State: ohio
                                                      • #43 LemonLaw says:

                                                        @James: Once you are at Jeep dealer three times to address the issue, please call us at 800 536 6652 to discuss.

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