Fiat 500 Problems Abound; Car Named #2 on Car Complaint Index and Least Reliable Compact Car in Consumer Reports

March 10, 2015
By: Robert Silverman

Driving a Fiat 500? Suffering from brake problems? Check engine lights? Issues getting into gear? Airbag parts on back order? Fiat problems have been lighting up message boards and the NHTSA consumer complaint database, earning the car two dubious distinctions.

Fiat 500 problems have resulted in the car being named the least reliable compact car in Consumer Reports’ 2015 Annual Auto Issue and earning the second spot in the 2015 Car Complaint Index which highlights cars that receive the most complaints per sales. These are serious problems that Fiat spokesperson JLo can’t shake, even with her best dance moves.

So, why is such a hot car such as the Fiat suffering so many significant problems? Could be a number of issues–the manufacturer may not have solutions to problems that exist; they may not have the manpower to produce components that need to be fixed or replaced; the service department may be left in the dark pertaining to certain characteristics of what is still a young brand. These are explanations, but not excuses. Like every other car, Fiat has a warranty, and if you are suffering with repeated Fiat 500 problems, you have the right to recourse under State Lemon Laws and Federal Warranty Laws.

Fiat is very familiar with Lemon Laws, having worked with Kimmel & Silverman in creating an addendum in their sales agreement with Chrysler, where they took responsibility for all previous Jeep, Dodge and Chrysler drivers and insured that those drivers would maintain their rights under State Lemon Laws. Our Firm has been successful in numerous Fiat claims.

If you are experiencing repetitive Fiat 500 problems and have been to your Fiat dealer numerous times, or if your Fiat has been in the shop an extended period of time for parts on back order, you have the right to remedy. You could be looking at a full repurchase, a new car, or significant compensation. Please click here to find a Lemon Law Firm in your state, or you can ask us a question by clicking here.

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2 Responses to “Fiat 500 Problems Abound; Car Named #2 on Car Complaint Index and Least Reliable Compact Car in Consumer Reports”

  1. #1 Hank says:

    Sounds Like A Yugo!

    Fiat will not be here long if they don’t get it together. Our standards here in the states, for example clean air act, safety etc, makes it hard to produce a reliable inexpensive vehicle.

    You have to sacrifice something to sell a lower priced car and also keep up with our standards.Getting Americans hooked on a product with some jazzy commercials is hook line and sinker.

    Use some of that marketing budget and stop sacrificing QUALITY!

    Sounds like a Yugo!

    Mark Hank White

    • #2 Moises Ruvalcaba says:

      My Fiat 500 pop si ce the Day I bought it. Started having problems with a Noise vibration it took me months to get this issue resolve then one they my car the fiat with 1509 miles on it shut down the engine it self and then when I started it again check engine come on took it to the dealership and they told me was normal just a little problem with computer communication the parts of fiat are so low quality now at 7500 miles not even a year have suspension problems the struts where leaking so they have to change both front struts the car still have the horrible feeling and noise when there is bump or pot hole only the passenger side then the stereo have problems when I trying to connect via usb the ca stereo can read or communicate some times with the device like I phone to hear the music I need help it’s very sad my first brand new car and have to deal with a car that feel like it is 10 years old

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