A Week of Lemon Law Stories in Wilkes Barre, PA

July 11, 2011
By: LemonLaw

PA Home Page logoLooking to learn more about car buying and your consumer rights?  WBRE Eyewitness News interviewed 1-800 LEMON LAW Communications Director Michael Sacks on a variety of lemon and car buying stories this month.

The first story, ‘the list the manufacturers don’t want you to see’, looked at the popular Car Complaint Index, the list of cars that receive the most complaints per sales according the Center for Auto Safety.  From hybrid vehicles with sudden acceleration complaints to SUVs with brake issues, the car complaint index is a list that all car buyers need to see before venturing to the car lot.

Michael also provided some helpful tips when it comes to buying a new car:

  • Don’t accept the sticker price – there’s room to bargain.
  • Test drive the exact car you plan to purchase, and never settle for an IOU when it comes to fixing a problem.
  • There are good deals on 2010 models still on the lot and marked new or demo.
    Wen looking at used cars……
  • Get a certified pre-owned car backed by manufacturer warranty.
  • Ask if the car has been involved in an accident  When it comes to accidents, it’s “Don’t ask, don’t tell.”
  • Have a private mechanic inspect the vehicle before you buy it.
  • Be sure to take :along the lemon dodger worksheet, a list of all questions you need to ask before you buy.

Finally, WBRE looked at why the Pennsylvania Lemon Law is so useful to consumers. If you’ve bought a new car and think it’s a lemon, help is available. The law stipulates if you’re back in the shop three or more times for the same problem under warranty, or your car is in the shop for an extended period, you are entitled to legal compensation, completely free of charge. Remedies could include a complete repurchase, a brand new car, or significant monetary compensation and continued ownership of your car.

Read all 3 articles and check out the accompanying videos on PAHOMEPAGE.COM
The List Car Manufacturers Don’t Want You to See (story taken down)
The Lemon Law and You (story taken down)
Tips for Successful Car Shopping (story taken down)

Learn more about the Pennsylvania Lemon Law.

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