2011 Car Complaint Index Offers Few Surprises

April 10, 2011
By: Robert Silverman

It’s one of Lemon Law. Com’s most popular features, the annual Car Complaint Index.  The list, put out every year by Automotive Consumer Advocate Jack Gillis, takes a look at which cars receive the most consumer complaints per sales.

It’s important to note that this list is not an end-all, be-all.  In fact there are cars on this list that are still ranked as best buys by Gillis and other consumer publications.  The list is subjective and is based solely on the consumers who take the time to complain to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration about their cars.  You can read these complaints by clicking here.

So, if the list is subjective, why is it so important?  Because it provides another valuable piece of information when you are researching the right car for you.  If you see a number of complaints pertaining to a particular make and model, you may want to steer clear (pun intended) or at least ask the dealer if the manufacturer has addressed the problem.  An educated consumer is an effective consumer and this list could help you make your decision between one car over another one.

First and second on the list are Toyota vehicles, which comes as no surprise following all of the sudden acceleration stories in the news. The granddaddy of the hybrid, the Toyota Prius is first followed by the Lexus HS sedan. Throughout the complaints, there are drivers complaining of problems with their gas pedal and their brakes.

One thing that is worth mentioning when discussing hybrid vehicles is that hybrids drive differently than traditional cars.  You need to test drive a few hybrid models before purchasing one to ensure that you enjoy the ride.  Often, it’s not as smooth but that is a characteristic of the hybrid model.

Third on the list for a second year is the Jaguar XF, the most reasonable sedan of the Jaguar line.  In this situation, electrical issues are irking drivers, who complain of problems with stalling and their bluetooth.   The bluetooth may seem more like a nuisance but when you figure that many states now have cell phone laws, that bluetooth is becoming more and more important.

Subaru has dibs on four and five on the list.  The cross-over Subaru Outback is number four, with stalling again serving as a common thread through many complaints, particularly a loss of power when changing gears.  Some Subaru Legacy drivers are complaining of vibration when driving, making it difficult to keep control on the road.

The Dodge Journey has a few drivers on a journey to find a fix to their stalling problem.  While some drivers have had their computer and ignition switches replaced, others have complained to the dealer and have been met with an invoice which reads “Can Not Duplicate,” leaving them stranded and frustrated.

To see the complete car complaint index, click here.  And if you find you are experiencing these problems with your car, remember the Lemon Law provides 100% cost-free legal representation to help you fight for your rights.  Feel free to contact us at 1-800 LEMON LAW or by clicking here.

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One Response to “2011 Car Complaint Index Offers Few Surprises”

  1. #1 Dave Brendel says:

    Having the same issue with my 2012 journey right now. I have had a slow power drain and had the radio and instrument cluster replaced. An the stalling of the engine when engaging the brakes. I dont have any codes popping up in the 13 system diagnostic and have checked the alternator, starter, and plugs all which are fine and have no issues. But the battery continues to drain and die and the car stalls when engaging brakes.

    • State: Michigan

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