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Infotainment Problems Irritate Odyssey & Pilot Drivers

April 14, 2021 By: LemonLaw Category: backup camera, Car Lemon Law, Honda, navigation system, Odyssey, radio

The more time we spend in our vehicles, the more time we rely on the infotainment system to keep us entertained and safe. But what happens if your back up camera does not work, your screen goes blank, your speakers consistently crackle? Suddenly, drivers start to loathe this malfunctioning luxury, and that is exactly what is happening with Honda Odyssey and Honda Pilot drivers calling in to the 1 800 LEMON LAW hotline to see what can be done about their infotainment problems. We are resolving a number of Honda infotainment cases for consumers throughout the Country.

Many Odyssey and Pilot drivers are dealing with infotainment problems within months of obtaining their vehicles . What is especially frustrating is that after multiple trips to their certified Honda dealers, to resolve the issue, there still appears to be no permanent fix for these intermittent infotainment glitches.

Types of Infotainment Issues

Drivers have complained that Honda’s defective infotainment centers would routinely freeze or crash, often while the Honda Odyssey and Honda Pilot were in motion. The sudden disablement of the infotainment center is a serious safety hazard for drivers, as the abrupt loss of technology in the vehicle can be a distraction while driving. The faulty infotainment center could also responsible for unsafe driving in the Honda Odyssey and Pilot, due to the disabling of safety features such as rear view camera, speedometer, parking assistance, and navigation. Drives could also deal with loss of audio with the radio and bluetooth. The screen could read “radio unavailable” and often emit crackling sounds through the speaker.

What Should You Do If You Have Infotainment Issues?

If you are a Honda Odyssey or Honda Pilot owner dealing with a defective infotainment center, make sure you report your problems to a certified Honda dealer and keep a record of any and all repairs. Once your vehicle is back in the shop repetitively for this issue or an extended period of time, you may be entitled to a repurchase, replacement or significant compensation depending upon the number of repairs and the nature of the work completed. And best of all, under the laws we work with, the representation is 100% cost-free. To take advantage of your consumer protection laws, fill out our Get Rid of Your Lemon form or call 1 800 LEMON LAW ( 1-800-536-6652). We will be glad to discuss your situation and get you back on the road to recovery.

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4 Responses to “Infotainment Problems Irritate Odyssey & Pilot Drivers”

  1. #1 Common Car Problems and Their Typical Cost - YouFixCars.com says:

    […] If you have a Honda, check out this information about common Honda car issues. […]

    • #2 Antionette Adcock says:

      Have a 2020 Honda Odyssey which the infotainment center is out. Dealership has told me nothing can be done to correct since Honda Corporate has not found a fix. Dealership states they have no idea when they will have a repair. Honda know of this issue yet continues to sell the vehicle.

      • State: TX
    • #3 LemonLaw says:

      @Antionette: Once the car is back in 3 or more times, please reach out to us at 800 536 6652.

      • #4 Stephanie Johnson says:

        I have had my car in 3 times and continually call my dealership. They are not concerned Because it’s a luxury they act like. But my backup camera doesn’t work, I loose my odometer while driving and Bluetooth completely doesn’t work dropping calls and I can’t use my phone. They blamed
        My cords the first time. Then I finally convinced them to check the log and they saw the issues. I’m tired of this. My car only has 15,000 miles and it’s 2021 black edition Honda Pilot. I didn’t pay 58,000 for a car that doesn’t have phone, stereo , cameras, odometer , oh and the steering wheel heater doesn’t work half
        The time.

        • State: Ga

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