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Attention Philly: Has your car lost the spring in its step? Catch K&S on Comcast

May 09, 2007 By: LemonLaw Category: Kimmel & Silverman, Mold and Mildew

Spring has sprung and with Spring showers can come water leaks, mold, mildew and other common car concerns. If you reside in Philadelphia, you can catch K&S attorney Lou Dobi on Comcast Newsmakers this week discussing common Spring Car Problems. Lou will be on the CNN Headline News Channel at the following times:

Wednesday5/9/2007 7:25 AM & 3:25 PM
Thursday5/10/2007 6:25 AM & 2:25 PM
Friday5/11/2007 5:25 AM, 1:25 PM & 9:25 PM
Saturday5/12/2007 4:25 AM, 12:25 PM & 8:25 PM
Sunday5/13/2007 3:25 AM & 11:25 AM
Monday5/14/2007 2:25 AM, 10:25 AM & 6:25 PM
Tuesday5/15/2007 9:25 AM & 5:25 PM

And if you think you may have mold in your HVAC system, be sure to visit our website for important tips and information.

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