Windshield Replaced By Safelite? You May Have Rights To Compensation

September 03, 2014
By: Robert Silverman

Have you had your windshield replaced by Safelite AutoGlass? If your insurance company referred you to Safelite to have your windshield replaced, and you have a deductible of $350 or higher, you may have rights to compensation.

We are currently investigating a potential lawsuit on behalf of consumers concerning Safelite windshield replacements. If you deductible was $350 or more, you may have been overcharged in violation of State and Federal consumer laws.

If  your insurance company sent you to Safelite AutoGlass to replace your windshield within the last three years, and you paid a deductible of $350 or higher, we are very interested in speaking to you to see if you are overcharged. There is no cost and no obligation. Please reach out to Client Services Director Michael Sacks at

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15 Responses to “Windshield Replaced By Safelite? You May Have Rights To Compensation”

  1. #1 tricia hosack says:

    i had a windshield repaired a year or so ago.

    • #2 norma kriebel says:

      I had to have my windshield replaced not once but twice. Because the first time it was done, it was not doen correctly and the interior of my vehicle was get soaked. And in result of the I just recently traded that toyota highlander in because I could not handle the smell inside the car from the water that had soak the front passanger side of the carpet. Not only did we have the windshield replaced safelite also told me that I had to have new windshield wiper blades put on by them or they would void my warrenty from them and the insurance company. So seeing that I did not know any better I had them replace the front wind shield wiper blades as well. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

      • #3 LemonLaw says:

        @Norma: If your deductible for the windshield was #350 or more, please call Michael at 800-536-6652 ext. 131

        • #4 LemonLaw says:

          @Tricia: If you fit these qualifications, please get in touch with us. Call Michael at 800-536-6652 ext.131

          • #5 j gogolin says:

            service was great the person at the desk made u feel like a piece of shit bothering her with a chip she said we R not responsible for the repair or if they break the windshield she gave me problems with insurance WILLCOME TO CHERRY HILL NJ

            • #6 Tara Muhlhausen says:

              This is an old feed.
              But, I’m hoping someone may be able to answer my query.
              I have no deductible in Massachusetts.
              Needed replacement, never got the “text message” to confirm tech’s ETA, so my 12-5 window was changer to 3-5 at 2.
              Replacement botched, water soaked interior, hood scratched, windshield raised 1/2-3/4″ above where it should be. So. Many. Other. Little. Issues.
              Brought into the shop.
              Replacement fixed, now 8+ hours of my time gone.
              Now wipers aren’t cleaning windshield. I get an estimate for replacement arms & buffing of hood…bringing the car in, I complain about my new issue of the wipers, they hand “adjust” the wiper arm, while I’m in the customer area, and say that they just changed the blade.
              Cannot be the case bc now my washer fluid hits the wiper arm, not the windshield, clearly it was manipulated.

              • #7 LemonLaw says:

                @Tara: You may want to ask the safelight franchise for the contact info for their insurance carrier.

                • #8 Mike says:

                  Is windshield class action case still be available?

                  If so, my insurance company referred me Safelite to have my windshield replaced. I also have a deductible of more than $350.
                  Do I have rights to get compensation? I live in VA by the way.


                  • #9 LemonLaw says:

                    @Mike: The class action lead plaintiffs have been signed. If the suit moves forward, you should receive notice as member of the class.

                    • #10 Michelle Keselman says:

                      I had my windshield replaced about a year and a half ago and was charged the $500 deductible. Just found out the windshield should only cost $25 including installation. Is this case still going on?

                      • #11 LemonLaw says:

                        @Michelle: Not currently.

                        • #12 Jamie says:

                          My deductable is always $50. I say always because I’ve had 8 windshields replaced on 2 cars over the last 6 years.
                          As soon as I replace my factory windshield and get the Safelite replacement they start cracking with any tiny rock that comes my way.
                          I replaced my factory windshield in March this year, it was cracked again 2 weeks later. Safelite replaced it in April and by May it was cracked again. Cheap glass! Total racket with Safelite and insurance companies. The glass is not made to last. I wish there was a class action happening for this!

                          • State: MI
                        • #13 dana olita says:

                          While traveling with the car in Pennsylvania a rock hit my car my deductible is $500 for a windshield replacement and Wawa Nisa the company I have contracts with safelite only

                          • State: ca
                        • #14 David Ewan says:

                          Deductible is $500 and Safelite has failed to replace my windshield several times using the wrong part and not using correct seals and has ccaused the interior of my car to get moldy damp and my headliner is now drooping. This all started the beginning of June 2021..almost 4 months ago

                          • State: GA
                        • #15 Felicia Burno says:

                          I had my windshield replaced first in 2017 and recently replaced again in September 2031to due to faulty installation that caused major water damage and electrical damage to my vehicle. I paid a $500 deductible. No one is letting me know what I need to do to recover damages to my car. I spent over 4K to repair the electrical components that were destroyed. Can someone contact me please.

                          • State: Georgia

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