When Does A Used Car Cost More Than A New One?

November 18, 2011
By: Robert Silverman

“I purchased a used car and the dealer didn’t tell me….”

We cannot count the number of calls to the 1-800 LEMON LAW hotline starting with this sympathetic phrase.  They didn’t know it was a rental car, off a lease, had more than one owner, or was in an accident.  Well guess what?  Any reader of our <a href=”https://www.lemonlaw.com/” title=”What is Lemon Law”>Lemon Law</a> Blog knows that if you don’t ask about these issues, the dealer does not have to tell you. Yes, your heard correctly.  It’s “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.”

A dealer is only required to disclose if a car has a lemon, salvage, flood, or reconstructed title.  So, this means that before you sign on the dotted line, you need to ask the right questions.  And lucky for you, we have those questions listed on our lemon dodger worksheet.  Take this sheet with you and be prepared to walk if the dealer does not provide you with the answers you request.  Also, consider hiring an outside mechanic to check the vehicle out before you drive it off the lot.  A hundred dollars now could save you thousands of dollars later.  And if the dealership has a problem with you arranging for an outside inspection, that should immediately raise a red flag.

Lastly, and just as important, make sure you ask about the warranty and what it entails. Many times, consumers think what is actually a <strong>lemon law</strong> issue is covered under warranty when in fact, it’s not.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Otherwise, you could end up with a used car that uses up all of your funds.

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One Response to “When Does A Used Car Cost More Than A New One?”

  1. #1 Linda says:

    I bought a 2004 Honda Accord off of Facebook Marketplace. I’m 71 years old and was with my grandson and we saw this car which look very good and it had a hundred and sixty five thousand miles on it. I purchased it for $2,000. Tried to offer less but he wouldn’t take it. I started driving it I found out I needed a battery the car was always dying. Then I had a leak in the driver’s Tire left side and found out that they changed all four rims 2A Avante car rims and they were pretty beat up well when we looked at the car we saw that night which is a no no. I found out that it has bad stickers it has no high beams it’s been in an accident the front end only three doors work. Period. My car is now sitting in the driveway waiting for somebody to jump to get it started this is been a devil car since the beginning that I got it the person said it was not a smoker in there and at night we couldn’t tell but the size of the doors you can see where it was hit with a cigarette I’m just heartbroken it’s hard earn money that I had to put down on this bloody car. I even asked the guy if there were any issues with the car he said no I said well I’ll be able to drive it to North Carolina or Florida with no problem he said yes. Well I can’t even get out of where I’m living without something happening to the car something is draining all the power out of the car it has a new alternator I did look and see that. I’m just pissed about that guy lying and I took him for his word now I’m out a car I’m not putting any more money in it oh because the driver’s side tail light needed to be replaced because it loads up full of water.

    • State: pA

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