Defect Alert — VW Jetta Stalling Problem

August 22, 2012
By: LemonLaw

We are seeing a growing trend of distressed drivers calling into the 1 800 LEMON LAW hotline with VW Jetta stalling problems.  And we are not the only ones who are hearing about this issue–the message boards are full of concerned consumers. One consumer wrote ” I have a 2012 TDI Sportwagen and it has just started with the stalling for no apparent reason. It lurches on acceleration, the battery light flickers and then it stalls. It will start right up again, but it is scary, to say the least.  For a much longer period, the car will shake like it is going to stall when I come to a stop. It never has, but it feels like it is choking for air or fuel.”

We have already had three Lemon Law clients receive complete repurchases this Summer as a result of the VW Jetta stalling problem.  If you are having stalling or hesitation  issues with your Volkswagen Jetta, it is important that you report the issue to a Volkswagen-authorized dealership.  Keep a log of when the stalling occurs (morning, afternoon, evening), how fast you are driving, and how much gas is in the tank. Offer to take the service advisor on a test drive in an effort to duplicate the problem.  Even if they cannot confirm the problem, make sure you receive a repair invoice which confirms that you brought the stalling matter to their attention.  If a repair was made, make sure it is properly listed.  Keep all of these repair invocies in a safe place.

Once you are back three or more times for your VW Jetta stalling problem, or in the shop an extended period of time, it is essential that you contact a Lemon Law Attorneyin your state  to familiarize yourself with State Lemon Laws and Federal Warranty Statutes.  Don’t stall when it comes to getting your issue resolved.

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35 Responses to “Defect Alert — VW Jetta Stalling Problem”

  1. #1 Lee Matsuyama says:

    I own a 2011 VW Jetta. The Car has 35,200 miles on it. Today July 9th,2014 the Car Engine shut off on me while driving on the Freeway in Monterey, Calif. This Car has been well cared for and looks new. But now I no longer trust this Vehicle and am thinking of returning it to the Dealer

    • #2 carinq1 says:

      Please share this fix with your dealer or anyone who has this problem. It is a SOFTWARE UPDATE that will fix the stall issue.

      My story:
      I purchased a 2011 VW Jetta SE manual (gas not diesel) in July 2011. Up until May 2014 I didn’t have any issues. It began to sputter and rev the rpm’s by itself and would eventually stall completely. This happened numerous times on the highway, pulling into a parking space, cruising at around 30 mph. I could feel it before it happened. The car would shudder and I would glance down at the speedometer and it would go down to 0 on RPM’s and MPH. Luckily each time I would just throw it into neutral and be able to start the car back up without freaking out and hitting another car.

      After 5 different trips to the dealer the issue was finally solved.

      After $700 of extended warranty visits ($100/visit) and not necessary repairs (camshaft sensor, oil change, throttle valve cleaning, fuel injection service) the car was fixed.

      The final fix was a software update. Yes, a software update. Nothing had to be changed on my car and no repairs of parts were needed. This relay went on for 2 months. All the while getting multiple loaner cars, missing work, stalling on the highway and putting myself and others lives at risk.

      The dealer finally called VW Technical Assistance and they sent them a software update tor remedy the stall issue. This is only after having myself call VW Customer Care because my car was not getting fixed.

      • #3 LemonLaw says:

        @Carlinq1: With all of those visits under warranty, you should be entitled to some recourse. Please visit to find an attorney in your state to discuss the matter.

        • #4 Nik says:

          I have a 2011 Jetta automatic (gas). And it’s having the same exact issue. It ha 58K miles on it but I am very particular with my car and do all the maintenance and am also very car savvy as well. Mechanically nothing should be wrong at all on the car. New plugs, new filters, new fuel filter, clean oil, etc. yet it still is stalling while I’m in park or while Im sitting stopped in traffic (with my foot on the brake). Same issue. The car starts to shake I can tell when it’s gonna happen, the rpms rev and trickle down to 0, then the battery light comes on as the car dies. Luckily it starts back up right away however I’m scared this isn’t gonna last forever, it’s a big risk and unsafe. I talked to the dealership and they said they can’t see if it’s a software issue or not without doing a full diagnosis, is this true? Also to the person who had this issue and got it remedied. What was the software issue? Were they able to diagnose it at the dealership? Do you remember any details of it? It would be a huge help to me as I am currently dealing with the same exact issue. Thank you

          • #5 hmuraj says:

            I’m having the exact same problem with my 2011 Jetta se. Nik did you find a solution?

            • #6 Tim says:

              I’m having the same problem with my 2011 Jetta. Dealership tried to diagnose the problem for a few months with no success. We already replaced crankshaft, fuel pump relay, and did software update but the problem won’t go away.

              • #7 Reynaldo says:

                Same thing happen to my vw jetta 2012 se..

                • #8 Amanda says:

                  I have just recently been having the same issue with my 2013 Jetta (automatic) I live on my own out here and I’m frustrated beyond belief, I need a reliable car, not a money pit that this one is turning into…

                  • State: CA
                • #9 Beth says:

                  The same thing is happening with my 2012 Jetta. Last year they said it was the throttle body that needed to be replaced. This time they’re suggesting the fuel pump be replaced but in the same breath telling me they don’t actually know why it’s shutting off while driving. This is a very dangerous issue.

                  • State: Georgia
                • #10 Tanya says:

                  I just had my 2013 SE 2.5 towed to the dealership. This has happened randomly. Tonite, as I put it in drive and started driving, it stalled, everything turned off, battery/alternator light came on and my power steering locked up on me. It did this at least 6 times. And it was in torrential rain. So, I was scared to death to drive it and in the rain. I’ve complained to VW before and they said they need for it to do it while being in the car. But it happens randomly. Do I suggest a software update?????

                  • State: FL
                • #11 Charles Kauffman says:

                  Same problem with a 2013 Passat.

                  • State: Maryland
                • #12 Thomas Gilbertz says:

                  I have a 2001 Jetta. I just replaced the fuel pump and it started stalling at Idle. I believe the problem has to do with vacuum. It happens almost everytime I drive.
                  If I press the gas at red lights it saves me from stalling but my car also dies as I approach red lights and my car is in idle.

                  • State: CO
                • #13 Savina says:

                  I have a 99 Jetta n it just started stalling while I’m driving for no reason. It doesn’t do it all the time but it’s very annoying n scared it will shut down while I’m going at a fast speed on the beltway. It’s happened several times even after replacing the breathing valve n all hoses n Thermostat sensor.

                  • State: Pa
                • #14 Steve Warner says:

                  Had this issue since fill up on arrival to Boise from Vegas engine surges intermittently and check engine light and cam position sensor dash light come on and off intermittently along with problem. Surging started in late April but wasn’t enough of problem to put in the shop and also do not trust any mechanic at dealer or otherwise to properly diagnose or repair the problem and do not trust them not to create and charge me for additional problems the car doesn’t actually have when I bring it in. I do all diagnosing and repairs myself and know quite a bit about how to do repairs. Stalled on me the first time two days ago after five hours of driving on long trip from Reno to Bakersfield died in mid intersection and wouldn’t start up again until third try and winding the starter for an extended period. Yesterday morning did it again as was leaving Bakersfield to go to O.C.. Happened again after arriving as was pulling into road from office complex. Was stuck in the parking entry for about five minutes and only got 1/2 block down the road before died in the street and was able to get out of road by gassing the rpm’s up enough to pull into another parking area. After sitting for an hour was able to go to place was staying at, but died in the road a couple more times before getting there. This morning (third day in a row) car died after driving 1/2 mile to office and died leaving after another hour. Have no clue what’s going on. Give the car regular oil changes, clean the Map Sensor regularly, changed the coil packs and run only 91 gas in my 1.8T. Fuel filter has been changed after having the problem initially so know that’s not the problem. Am thinking the surging is possibly the fuel pump going out and with the car dying like it is could be bad fuel pump. After reading other complaints have heard identical issue being resolved though software update, but checked with VW dealer (bought my 2014 Jetta in 2016 with 35k miles) and they said already had update. Not financially able to replace or trade in vehicle at the time. Super disappointed and inconvenient as have invested much in taking great care of this car.

                  • State: NV
                • #15 Dlamini says:

                  I’m driving vw jette 6 1.2 trend line manual 2014 model with 108 000km on the clock.yesterday I was driving during the sunny weather condition, as I was pushing 120 on the national road the car shutdown in motion .I managed to pack it as side. When I try to start it again, it does not come on ,on the cluster there is nothing displaying but the engine do switch on and crank but doesn’t start.VW technician diagnosed the car but nothing solid as to what is the problem, check all fuses are all fine and strip the cluster but there is nothing happening, the diagnosis show the abs brakes not working and the engen as well,any advise team

                  • State: South Africa
                • #16 Jeanine Floyd says:

                  I am having the same stalling problem with my 2012 VW Jetta 2.5 SEL , with only 74k miles. Asked Dealership about software update, and they are un aware of any updates.

                  • State: CA
                • #17 Tanya says:

                  I have a 2012 Volkswagen Passat. I had a couple stalls while stopping at a stop light or even when stopping at a stop sign about two years ago. When I took it to my dealer, they could not find a problem. It is 2018 and now my car stalls regularly. I recently read a 2017 article in U.S. News stating:
                  “DETROIT (AP) — Volkswagen is recalling almost 281,000 CC and Passat sedans and wagons in the U.S. because the fuel pumps can fail and cause the cars to suddenly stall.

                  The recall covers the CC from the 2009 through 2016 model years, as well as the Passat sedan and wagon from 2006 through 2010. All have four-cylinder gasoline engines.

                  VW says in government documents that the fuel pump control computer can lose electrical power. That can stop gas from flowing and cause the engine to stop. That problem also can make the fuel pump continue running after the car is shut off.

                  VW will notify owners about the problem in October and send a second letter when replacement computers are available.”

                  I can only assume that the same issue is occurring with my 2012 Passat. I sincerely hope that I will not have to pay for this problem when the manufacturer is at fault. I am sure that I am not the only 2012 Passat owner who is experiencing this issue.

                  • #18 Steve says:

                    I have a 2012 Golf with the 2.5 inline-five. It stalled four times last fall, then it was okay. It stalled four more times this past spring, and my dealer fixed the crankshaft position sensor after having it for a week. Then it stalled again after a week. My dealer then had it for two weeks and fixed the purge valve. I had it back for 37 days. It stalled again today. That’s eleven times. I still don’t know what is wrong!

                    • State: NJ
                  • #19 Carson says:

                    Same issues with 2011 Jetta SE. Stalling at stop lights. Have had very competent VW specialists try to diagnose on multiple occasions. Many individual parts replaced (plugs, fuel filter, air filter, a cracked intake tube, valve cover / PCV assembly, purge solenoid, and timing solenoid. Each of these parts had a problem and needed to be replaced. Yet, the problem persists and very competent mechanics cannot find it. I bought this used two years ago, so I am not the original owner. Going to have to trade it and see if I can at least get what I still owe on it. It’s a lemon for sure.

                    • State: GA
                  • #20 elizabeth durstin says:

                    It is a software update that will fix the problem to the tune of about $400.00 and it usually happens at about 43,000 miles, just over the warrantee..

                    • State: ct
                  • #21 louis says:

                    I had a 2012 jetta se with the inline 5 cylinder.i just took it to the local vw dealer.they could find nothing wrong after the car was stalling off and on for a number of years.I traded it for a 2015 passatt that has only 20,00 miles it has the four cylinder turbo.the dealer put 1995.00 on the windshield of my 2012 jetta.Boy I paid 15,000 for it in 2013 with 8,500 miles on it is somebody elses problem.OH,my jetta had 70,000 miles and looked like new,VWs take a big hit with depreciation!!

                    • State: florida
                  • #22 Maria Machen says:

                    I have a 2006 Jetta … the battery light turns in then car shuts off… randomly … this is very dangerous … expeciallly if you have a 3 year old in the car and it happens … I have to shut of the car place it in park and it starts up again .., it is not the battery or the fuel pump air the alternator !! Please help

                    • State: California
                  • #23 Gilbert says:

                    I have a 2010 vw jetta 2.5 and it recently started stalling on me a few days ago.i have
                    Been asking around ,different mechanics and nobody seems to know because there are no engine lights that stay on,it does when I go to slow down and of i can even get it started again i go to put it in drive and it will die like it doesn’t ha e juice..i have been thinking of trading it in but I have 185000 miles on it already ..can anybody point me in the right direction

                    • State: NM
                  • #24 Antonio Wosnjuk says:

                    I also have a 2011 Jetta 2.5 — The darn thing keeps dying at random ways. Sometimes just sitting there idling. Sometimes while driving straight out of the garage. Sometimes when it’s on operating temperature.
                    Has a mind of its own. Dies whenever it feels like it. Not code or anything.
                    Changed the Camshaft sensor , Crankshaft sensor , Top valve cover, coolant temperature sensor, Spark Plugs —- nothing helps. Actually — it happens more often now.

                    I got a reader to reader extra codes … it gets me P038B and a P0A4b — which I cannot find anything online.

                    THIS REALLY SUCKS.

                    • State: UT
                  • #25 Matt says:

                    Same thing happens to my 2011 Jetta 2.5. It acts like it going to die at stop lights, and has 3 times in 2 weeks. It also revs up and down on its own. Taken it to 2 shops and nobody can figure it out. I’ll never buy a VW again. Has a mind of its own. What can I do?

                    • State: IL
                  • #26 Paul says:

                    My 2010 2.0T Jetta Wolfsburg stalled during right hand turn entering the freeway. Fuel tank was over 1/4 full. I had to coast to the side it would not start in neutral. Turn key off put in park step on brake and restart the car. No problem for the next 2 weeks. Then today I entered the freeway (left hand turn) Stalled at the merge point , I was able to coast to side and restart. I continued home and started looking for the cause and came across this. The car has been well taken care of, regular oil changes, 91 octane fuel. A year and a Half ago it was in he dealers due to jumping timing gear. Volkswagen Dealer had to contact Volkswagen headquarters to help figure the problem. They had it then about 5 weeks for the repair. So now this! Only has 103,000 miles runs great.

                    • State: Ca
                  • #27 Jon says:

                    Bought a used 2013 Jetta (automatic) for college daughter. She’s experienced intermittent stalling while driving in traffic. Battery light flashes three times, and engine shuts off. Car is able to be re-started immediately. Usually happens several times within a single drive, then not again for several weeks/months. I have driven car immediately after she has experienced the issue and I am unable to replicate the problem. Used a multimeter to verify good battery and alternator. Two VW dealers have looked at the car. Neither noted any codes popping up after computer diagnostics. Neither can ID any specific problem. One recommended trying a software update with no guarantees, the other doesn’t think a software upgrade will work. Time to dump it?

                    • State: IL
                  • #28 Joe says:

                    Happened twice to my 2012 Jetta TDI this morning on my 10 minute commute to work. It was raining pretty heavily and happened when i was creeping up to a red light in town. Started up right away after stopping and made it into the parking garage where it happened idling behind someone. Started up fine then and after work made it to the local auto parts store to check the battery. Their report says everything is good, but I’m not so sure after reading your comments…

                    • State: NY
                  • #29 rainman says:

                    2011 Jetta SE, this stalling, dying, problem is happening constantly and is dangerous for not only those driving the car, but for those other passengers in the car, whether family or friend? It’s something the company should think hard about, especially while knowing
                    just how serious and potentially life threatening, this Volkswagen problem really is?
                    Hiding the TDI oil burning was bad enough, but playing roulette with peoples safety is another?

                    • State: New York
                  • #30 stephanie says:

                    I have a automatic 2011 VW Jetta and I am petrified and frustrated to drive my car everyday. I’ll start it in the morning and go to my first job perfectly fine. But then when it is time to leave my car either A) won’t start or B) will start and die every time I begin to drive away. It’s embarrassing to drive. I died in the middle lane on the parkway yesterday and it was e scariest thing of my life. The car just stops as I’m on the gas acceleration goes down yet my rpms go up until it finally craps out. Dies at red lights, dies in idle dies while turning. I’ve already spent $1700 on a major tuneup , wires, ignition coils spark plugs all that crazy stuff and now they’re saying fuel pump but I’m scared it won’t fix it

                    • State: NJ
                  • #31 Steve says:

                    I ended up on this site because I’m researching the same problem. Been back to dealers 3 times and spent almost $1000 and still no fix. Someone needs to file a class action…

                    • State: FL
                  • #32 Karlee says:

                    Everyone needs to start calling because this is ridiculous or start complaining for a recall took it to 5 garages and no one knows what the problem is. Vw is a joke.

                    • State: Pa
                  • #33 Carinq1 says:

                    September 2020 update:

                    Car was fixed for that one summer but began stalling again that next summer. So going on 6 summers straight of dealing with this car stalling and check engine lighting like clockwork. Once the heat/humidity starts to rise it begins to act up again. It’s nearly every time I stop that it starts to throttle/rev on its own. I have to keep the clutch in and rev up to 1200-1500 rpms to keep it alive. Can’t wait to get rid of this car. Will never buy a other VW again!

                    Funny/not so funny thing is a VW repair shop locally pokes fun at the Check Engine light issues. Really disheartening knowing even an independent shop knows what you will be coming in with.

                    • State: TX
                  • #34 Carinq1 says:

                    **3rd update!
                    October 2020 – So initially in my first post I said that the camshaft position sensor was replaced – it was in fact the CRANKSHAFT position sensor back in 2014.

                    The work I did myself this week has shown to not produce any Check Engine Lights, EPC lights flashing, stalling, stuttering, fluctuating RPM’s, hard starts (crank but not turning the engine on), etc.

                    I had the following Check Engine codes – P0341, P0343, P0011.

                    The work I did myself:
                    – New Ignition Coils (all 5)
                    – New Spark Plugs (all 5)
                    – Camshaft Position Sensor – (this was done a few days later after the Ignition coils and Spark plugs because it was still producing a Check Engine, failing to start, and stalling.

                    I hope I’m not speaking too soon but it seems like this may be the total fix. Fingers crossed. Saved about $600 on labor and upcharge of parts at a shop.

                    Videos below on how to replace the same parts I did.

                    Crankshaft Position Sensor –

                    Ignition Coils & Spark Plugs –

                    • State: TX
                  • #35 Matt says:

                    Has anyone come up with a solution on this? My 2011 VW Jetta SE 2.5L is stalling at red lights when idle. I’ll get into my drive way, park the car and i dont even need to shut it off…does it for me lol. RPM will rev all over the place and then the car stalls out, usually. Now the car just stalls.

                    • State: FL

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