Triumph Motorcycles Showing That Safety Comes First

November 28, 2007
By: LemonLaw

Important Safety Recall Notice

Triumph Motorcycles has issued an important safety recall notice (N.H.T.S.A No. 07V-455) to all owners of the Rocket III Classic and Rocket III Classic Tourer models. Triumph has found a defect within the Engine Management Software that may result in the engine stalling when coming to a stop or when idle. It is possible to lose control of the motorcycle while coming to a stop, which is a serious safety concern.

Triumph has issued recall notices to all registered owners of the motorcycles urging consumers to contact their local dealership to receive an upgrade to the engine management software at no cost to them. The repair takes only 30 minutes.

Consumers are urged to first contact their dealer to discuss the recall and to contact Triumph customer service if they have additional questions or concerns. The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration is monitoring the situation and complaints concerning any Triumph dealership’s handling of the situation can be made by calling the NHTSA or by going to

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2 Responses to “Triumph Motorcycles Showing That Safety Comes First”

  1. #1 Theresa Naset says:

    My husband owns a 2008 Triumph RS . We have never recieved any recall notice. Yet we have been experiencing the same issues as stated in the above and on other sites. My husbands safety has been put at risk during several situations / occassions due to his Triumph stalling. We just want this issue addressed and taken care of in a timely manner.Sincerely, Theresa Naset

    • #2 Theresa Naset says:

      Does anyone working for Triumph care to respond to our issue with recall on husbands 2008 Triumph RS. Feeling as if once we purchased his bike we have been ignored ???

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