Toyota Adds 600,000 Vehicles To Recall

January 26, 2010
By: Robert Silverman

Back in late November, we reported that Toyota was recalling 4 million Toyota and Lexus vehicles due to faulty accelerator pedals after NHTSA reported more than 2,000 instances of sudden acceleration.

This past Thursday, the manufacturer announced it is recalling an additional 600,000 vehicles.  The new recall affects 2009- 2010 Toyota RAV4 models, 2009-2010 Toyota Corolla models, 2009-2010 Toyota Matrix models,2010 Toyota Highlander models,  and 2008-2010 Toyota Sequoia models.  In addition, three models from the previous gas pedal recall, 2005-2010 Toyota Avalon models, 2007-2010 Toyota Camry models, and 2007-2010 Toyota Tundra models,  are included in both recalls.

Toyota says the recall is due to potential problems with the gas pedal mechanism that can cause the accelerator to become stuck regardless of whether the vehicle contains a floor mat. The manufacturer said that in certain situations, the mechanism wears down, causing the accelerator to become harder to press, slower to return, and in some cases stuck.

Toyota said drivers in the recalled cars whose gas pedals become stuck should firmly apply their brakes, drive the car to a safe location, shut off the engine, and contact the nearest Toyota dealer.  The manufacturer advises drivers NOT to pump their brakes.

The manufacturer will be contacting consumers shortly regarding the recall, however if you have been back to a Toyota dealer in the past complaining of sudden acceleration, you may be entitled to a repurchase, replacement or partial refund under State Lemon Laws and Federal Warranty Laws.  So far, we have taken a number of  Toyota sudden acceleration cases under the Pennsylvania Lemon Law, New Jersey Lemon Law, Ohio Lemon Law, Massachusetts Lemon Law, Maryland Lemon Law and New York Lemon Law.   We are also working on a television report outlining the reason for the recall.  If you find that you are dealing with this defect, please contact us for further information about your rights.

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6 Responses to “Toyota Adds 600,000 Vehicles To Recall”

  1. #1 Janice says:

    What if I feel the pedal fix is not really fixing the problem? I have heard by quite a few people that they think it is a software problem, and not a pedal problem. I have only had my car for 5 months but am wondering if I can bring it back to Toyota and exchange it for a car that is not affected by this problem

    • #2 LemonLaw says:

      Janice: There are a lot of folks in the same situation and there is no way at this time Toyota is going to allow you to exchange the car. Be mindful of the defect and your surroundings. If you feel any sort of symptom, contact your service department asap.

      • #3 Samuel Dodridge says:

        I like the Sebring make, personally. The ’95-’06 Cirrus/Sebrings were pretty cars, and were quite well viewed in its grade until Chrysler let the 2nd generation wither on the vine. Detroit has a nasty problem with hurling away brand awareness. They’ll build up a good auto with a good-sounding name, then, not long after it becomes a household phrase, they allow the product go stale and the name becomes a punchline.

        • #4 Sue says:

          I just purchased a used 2010 Camry with 15,000 miles on it at the end of December. I checked the VIN and it is subject to the recall. Since the car has limited miles on it, and I purchased it 2 months ago, is there a good claim that they should replace it with a car of equal value that is not affected by the recall?

          • #5 James Heidler says:

            I own a 2005 Toyota Matrix. The engine trouble light came on yesterday. I took the car right away to Granville Toyota. They diagnosed the car, got an error code P0456. They found that there is a small crack in the fuel filler pipe. The error code is the same as in the recall #EG051-06. The labour for diagnosing and fixing 2.30hr=$228.85 Parts$=206.80+ taxes and misc. total=$555.77.

            I thought that it was the ECU that was causing same problem again which was a recall and was replaced because the engine light was on and rough shifting.
            It took a long time to replace the ECU ever since I got the recall letter last year, and was only replaced when my cars engine trouble light came on and shifting was abrupt.
            That happened and was corrected in February this year.

            Now the gas filler pipe has a crack. How could that be? The car is only 6 years old and has only 63,905 KM. What’s next? Are Toyota now made to self destruct after five years which is the warranty limit?
            Is this a manufacturing defect?

            The car has only 63,905KM.
            I believe the defect was already there the whole time from delivery but over time made it more pronounced.

            I saw on the internet a copy of a Toyota Technical Service BULLETIN
            Dated: August 23, 2006 #EG051-06
            M.I.L. ON” DTC P0440, P0441, P0442,
            P0446, AND/OR P0456
            ’03 – ’04 Corolla & Matrix (2WD), & ’05 Matrix (4WD)
            Some 2003 – 2004 Corolla and Matrix 2WD and 2005 model year Matrix 4WD vehicles
            may exhibit a M.I.L. “ON” condition with DTCs P0440, P0441, P0442, P0446, and/or
            P0456 stored. An improved fuel filler tube has been developed to correct this condition.

            Is this the same kind of fuel filler tube that was installed on my Matrix?

            I am terribly disappointed. I had a 1993 Toyota Corolla for 11 years and the only trouble I had was the engine timing belt which had to be replaced after 9 years.

            I am extremely careful with my cars and I always put the gas station filler nozzle carefully to the gas tank when I fill up.

            I am enclosing copy of recall and dealer invoice showing error codes. Please provide me with an explanation. I want to know why I had to pay $555 for a problem that seems to be the subject of a recall by Toyota and which was never made known to car owners.

            • #6 LemonLaw says:

              You are going to have to contact Toyota corporate directly.

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