The Importance Of The Repair Invoice In A Lemon Law Claim

August 28, 2015
By: Robert Silverman

We have covered this topic in our Lemon Law blog before but it certainly bears repeating. The key to a strong Lemon Law or breach of warranty claims lies in the warranty repair invoices. These invoices, which should identify problem, fix, mileage in, mileage out, and days out of service; provide the most effective evidence when it comes to proving a non-conformity is impairing use, value and/or safety.

Every time you bring your vehicle in for warranty repair, you should have the opportunity to go over the repair invoice with your service adviser. Prior to repair, the invoice should be reviewed to make sure that the recorded complaint is accurate so the service department can do everything possible to address the issue. Following the repair, the invoice should be reviewed so the customer knows exactly what happened during the repair visit.

If there is an inconsistency with the invoice when you pick up the vehicle, make sure you go over it with the adviser, have it revised, dated, and initialed for your files.

Do not let an adviser keep a job ticket open or mail you an invoice. Tell them you want to keep accurate records of all work performed to the car. Do not crumple the invoices in the back of your glove compartment or throw them away. In a Lemon Law or breach of warranty claim, these invoices could be your golden ticket in succeeding with your claim.

Invoices are especially helpful in claims such as the Ford Focus, Ford Fiesta, Jeep Cherokee, and Jeep Grand Cherokee transmission cases where many advisers are telling customers that their cars are driving “to normal specifications.” In essence that is true because the transmissions in these vehicles have been known to be incredibly problematic. Thus the constant invoices which illustrate the customer’s continuous quest for a solution only prove that the transmission is a continuous impairment.

If the adviser verifies the problem but says there is no fix or a fix is not available yet, make sure that is also noted on the invoice. Just because there is no fix does not void the repair attempt in the eye of the Law.

In essence, always treat invoices like thousand dollar bills, because when it comes to your Lemon Law and breach of warranty rights, they can bring you your much needed remedy.

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  1. #1 Jeanette says:

    I have a 2013 Volvo. It has been in the shop for a sunroof that doesn’t close properly 7 times. They have replaced every component including rails, the tub, the glass, motors 2 different times, switches, the car battery. It is in the shop now, most recently, they replaced the glass and it still isn’t working. I contacted the corporate office who told me if I already talked to the owner of the dealership and the manager to call my attorney. Not sure where to go with this, any advice?

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