Subaru Recalls Over 600,000 Cars Due to Fire Risk

January 03, 2013
By: Robert Silverman

As you can expect, we hear about a variety of problems drivers face with their vehicles. During these particularly wet winters, many folks complain about water leaking into outside lights. Now, Subaru is calling for a massive recall of their vehicles because they fear moisture can seep into their puddle lights and cause a short circuit, which could melt the lighting housing and possibly create a fire.

54,000 Subaru cars are equipped with these special puddle lights, however to ensure that no driver is at risk, the Subaru recall includes over 600,000 vehicles  including 2010 and 2011 Outback and Legacy Models, 2006 through 2012 Tribeca models, and 2009-2012 Forester Models.

The Subaru recall is expected to begin in February. Subaru will install an additional fuse at no cost to the driver.  The recall came to light when drivers were complaining about smoke coming from the puddle lights. According to the National Highway and Traffic Administration, the problem never resulted in any accidents, fires, or crashes.

If you have complained three or more times about smoke coming from your Subaru lights, or if you have repeatedly brought any issue to your Subaru dealer, you may have a claim under State Lemon Laws or the Federal Warranty Law. You could be entitled to a new car, a repurchase or significant monetary compensation.  Feel free to fill out our Get Rid of Your Lemon form by clicking here. We will gladly to review your claim and determine if you are entitled to remedy.

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3 Responses to “Subaru Recalls Over 600,000 Cars Due to Fire Risk”

  1. #1 George Free says:

    My wife & I owned a 2004 Subaru Forrester 25XT that was inherited by her son from an old friend who died August 13, 2013. My wife purchased it from her son. I do not know if our friend received a recall notice or not. On October 22, 2015, three days ago, the car caught on fire & burned completely up. Would there be any recourse from Subaru? We did not know about any recall.

    George Free

    • #2 LemonLaw says:

      @George: I would contact Subaru directly regarding this.

      • #3 Alexis jones says:

        I have financing on a 2006 subar b9 Tribeca. Recently the passenergy air bag was recalled. They will not have the parts to fix it until winter 2016. So I went on the suburb site to see if anything else is or was recalled and to find out there is also a recall on the hood latch in which parts ar3 not available also have other problems such as having to replace the passenger sign head light every year. The car also bucks up hills, like it going to stall. Would this vehicle count as a lemon car.

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