Nissan Transmission Problems Continue To Plague Drivers

November 20, 2017
By: Robert Silverman

Nissans have featured the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) for over a decade. The purpose of the CVT is to increase fuel efficiency and better the driving experience. But, for some reason 1 800 LEMON LAW continues to receive multiple claims from consumers who are struggling with Nissan transmission problems. We have handled claims across the brand including the Cube, the Juke, the Murano, the Pathfinder, the Rogue, the Sentra, and the Z, as well as one of the company’s most iconic models, the Altima.

According to a recent Car Complaints posting, many consumers have complained of Nissan transmission problems because of overheating issues Once the CVT overheats because of an inoperable cooling system, the vehicle will fall into a safe mode to protect it from any other damage. Afterwards, consumers can experience vibrations, shaking, shuddering, and then the transmission could ultimately fail.

Our firm has driven down this road many times—we have even written about Nissan transmission problems in the past. And for their part, Nissan has doubled their car warranties for certain vehicles according to a report.

If you are a consumer who is experiencing these Nissan transmission problems with the CVT, take your car back to the nearest Nissan dealer immediately for a repair with a service adviser. Make sure to highlight all issues you are experiencing, and if necessary offer to take the adviser on a test drive. After every repair visit, even if they say the car is operating to specifications, make sure you obtain an invoice. This will help build a claim against Nissan, which will help you receive fair treatment as a consumer.

If you’ve had repetitive visits to the dealer addressing your Nissan transmission problems, and/or your vehicle has been in the shop for an extended period of time, please email or call us, 1 800 LEMON LAW (1 800 536 6652). You could be entitled to a repurchase, new vehicle, or significant monetary compensation under State or Federal law. And best of all, help is 100% cost-free.

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45 Responses to “Nissan Transmission Problems Continue To Plague Drivers”

  1. #1 doreen girolami says:

    CVT issues on my Nissan Altima 2012

    • State: NC
  2. #2 Laura Mitteer says:

    I have a 2013 Nissan Rogue with 107,000 miles . Called Nissan North America, they advised me to have it taken to a local Nissan dealer Tom Hesser Nissan to have it diagnosed for which I did. Now they are saying that is out warranty by 47000 miles for which I faxed them a report from a website stating that the warranty has been extended to 10 years or 120,000 miles and as of today 5/29/2018 they still refuse to fix.. please .. I need your help . I’m a single mom with son in school, live in rural area, no transportation and no money to fix . And I don’t beat the car. All I want is just to have it fixed .

    • State: Pennsylvania
  3. #3 Brady says:


    My wife has a 2013 Nissan Rogue that will lose acceleration on road trips after an hour to hour and a half in. The pedal can be floored but RPM’s and speed won’t go up. After the 1st occurence you have to shut the car off for about 5 minutes to get another 30 to an hour of acceleration before it happens again. We had to stop 6 times on what should have been a 5 hour road trip. Each time it happens can be very dangerous as speed limits were 75 and car would only top 60. I originally called the local “Trophy” Nissan dealership and was asked if i bought the car from there(we didnt) before being told all the service tech’s were busy. Then Nissan corporate customer service basically said there is nothing they can do and to take it in to get it diagnosed. I told them its because of their crappy CVT transmissions and i will be trading this POS in for an american made Ford who will actually recall when they make mistake’s.


    • State: Tx
  4. #4 Brenda L Thomas says:

    My 2013 Rogue just stop on me will not move forward or backward and I am a VIP card holder Nissian customer just had it in for a oil charge an a check up they said I need new tires and that was it.

    • State: Maryland
  5. #5 Charles says:

    I have a 2016 Nissan Altima that I purchased new I just took it in to the dealership to have the transmission looked at as when I’m in a stop and go drive period the car would suddenly not want to excellerate and I would have to put the pedal all the way down to get it to go. I then would have to turn the car off to correct it each time this happens. The dealership told me that they did a diagnosis and said to me quote “Nissan is suggesting to go further into the transmission to see what the problem is and just to open the transmission up would cost me $650! And they still can’t give me a more accurate reason for the problem.

    • State: PA
  6. #6 LemonLaw says:

    @Charles: We would be happy to discuss this matter with you. Call us at 800 536 6652.

    • #7 Rebecca Lindsey says:

      I brought a 2015 nissian sentra for my granddaughter. We took the car to the dealer a couple of times. They said there weren’t anything wrong with it. It’s in the garage because sear’s sent her to a transmissuon shop. She was told she needs a transmission cist $3700-$3900. I called corporate office and was told i had to get it to a nissian dealer. What should i do? I am making monthly payments plus car insurance. There aren’t any transportation where we live and she has to drive 45 minutes to school.

      • State: GA
    • #8 Jorge says:

      I bought a Nissan versa and the transmission stop work and the worse thing they can help with lemon law is to old

      • State: Wa
    • #9 Chad Russell says:

      I have a 2008 Nissan Sentra everything was fine in the car and we were driving down the highway a few days ago in a busy part of town and the car wouldn’t accelerate all of a sudden past 45 I turned it off tried to restart it and it still did the same thing now I’m getting a new transmission put in because it the transmission blew in this car only has 96,000 miles on it

      • State: TX
    • #10 Vince Abernathy says:

      2014 Nissan Versa had to replace transmission last year asked Nissan to be nice and help with the cost or provide a transmission was told that they would not offer any help and hung up on me l opted to get a aftermarket transmission with a 3 year 100,000 mile warranty for the same cost of the Nissan 12,000 mile or 12 month warranty the dealer even told me I would probably get about another 100,000 miles out of the replacement as if that was a good thing

      • State: Virginia
    • #11 Scott says:

      I just had my CVT transmission replaced in my 2017 nissan altima with only 20K miles on it. Exact same problem as in previous years and models. Looks like nissan still hasn’t fixed the problem.

      • State: Maryland
    • #12 LemonLaw says:

      @Scott: If you have been back to Nissan four or more times for this issue in MD, you may have right to recourse. Call us at 800 536 6652 to discuss.

      • #13 Jason says:

        I have a 2013 Sentra. Back in October of 2016 my car had around 26k-28k on it and the transmission literally went dead when I pulled into the Nissan Dealership. They fixed it at no charge because I was within my warranty period and the car was running great again. It is now April 2019 and my car only has 48k on it and the transmission went out again on the freeway which is totally bs because it was just fixed less than 2 years ago. Will the dealership be able to fix it again at no charge? My car is now past the 60 month mark but under 60k miles?

        • State: ca
      • #14 Carolyn says:

        My daughter’s 2013 Nissan Rogue has the issue with the CVT transmission. The local Nissan dealer said its only for Rogues from certain manufacturing plants and only up until 2010 and they took her VIN and said hers didn’t qualify. How is that possible? So it’s sitting in the driveway not driveable and her still making payments.

        • State: VA
      • #15 Matthew wessel says:

        my 2016 altima 2.5l cvt transmission has went out at 43k miles it has the remaining 16k on the warranty but now I’m afraid after my warranty is up the cvt will go out again.. DO NOT BUY NISSAN’S WITH THE CVT

        • State: Arizona
      • #16 Breshae harrell says:

        my transmission is messed up my warranty was on my car when I took my transmission in several times they say they fix it but it kept messing up now my wanted is a expired due to the same issue they want me to pay for it now I don’t have a Rent-A-Car and they still have my car refuse to pay 4 what they didnt do..

        • State: Virginia
      • #17 Virginia S. Rarra says:

        let me know what you can do for a friend with a 2014 Nissan sentra with 67,000 miles who was just told the transmission needed replacing at a cost of $3,600.

        • State: CA
      • #18 Debbie Phillips says:

        I have a 2006 Nissan Frontier, I took my truck to the dealership for a recall and they told me it was okay that it was ok that’s when the miles were low.i feel I was betrayed by ever one especially by Nissan, and the lemon laws, so sad & afraid to buy a car now. Wish someone would help 6786229492 call if anyone has balls thanks

        • State: Georgia
      • #19 Anil Jaiswal says:

        Nissan ROgue 2012. The car was on parking and engine was ON, Car suddenly started going in reverse direction and it hit another car.
        How it could happen without even touching gear lever or brake. it could have hit somebody.
        What should I do?

        • State: CA
      • #20 Alicia says:

        I’m so disappointed. My 2016 Nissan Murano Platinum transmission is done and my life is over. At only 76,000 miles with 4 more years of payments I’m out of warranty and out of luck. Not even lemon law can help me. I’m stuck. I’ll never buy a Nissan again however they wouldn’t care because I’ll actually never owe a new car again. I lost my job and had to drive for a rideshare company just to pay my bills. Now my car, once again is failing me so I’m out of a job and a car with no way to make money. I’ll soon be living on the street without a nickel to my name. I cannot even afford to file bankruptcy. I had a 2011 Nissan Rouge, also purchased new thru Nissan, that had transmission issues as well. I urge everyone not to trust a Nissan car. My issue with the Murano is flush coolant and replace transmission. This is not my fault and I’m just sick. But Nissan gets off Scott free, it’s so unfair. I only wish someone would come to my rescue.

        • State: TN
      • #21 Kevin says:

        I bought my 2016 Altima with 39k miles 2 years ago. I am currently at 61,800 so i am 1800 over my warranty. I started experiencing the same symptoms others have mentioned so i took the car to the nissan dealership. I have just received word that I need a new transmission. The price of repair is $3400. I got word through the dealership that nissan would pay 50% of it. I honestly dont know if that is all i can get because i feel they should cover all of it considering how much of an issue this CVT transmission is for so many people. I have been going back and forth with them trying to see if they can cover more.

        • State: Maryland
      • #22 Maureen says:

        2011 Nissan Rogue with 122,000 miles…mine wasn’t even a slow work up to failure…it just stopped going forward on my way back form a Navy game a week ago. Waiting to talk to NISSAN USA…even though I doubt Ill get anywhere. $3600 to replace at dealer a little more at local reputable shops and as someone mentioned above an after market is a little more but has an outstanding warranty. We will see what they say, they did the AWD box that failed several years ago. Not holding my breath but never had this issue with any honda which were all over 200,000 miles. I just didnt like the CRV when I bought the Rogue. GRRR.

        • State: Maryland
      • #23 Tami wilson says:

        I am pissed that Nissan is still allowed to make any cars at all. I have had the same problems as all of you. I have read all of the posts here and I went through all of it. First i replaced the timing chain 4 months ago and last month it was the radiator. The tranny I knew was bad. Now it’s dead in my driveway. I’m fighting this. It’s not ok.

        • State: Ca
      • #24 Mark Brennan says:

        2017 Nissan Altima. Failed transmission at 24,000 miles. WTF?! Without warning, failed on the highway at 24000. Absolutely ridiculous. Do not buy Nissan

        • State: Ny
      • #25 Scott LeClaire says:

        2016 Nissan Juke. Transmission gone at 53000 miles. Dealer will not give me a car to use. Car in shop since October 3, 2019. It’s October 8th and still no parts. Dealer is Bertera, Auburn Ma. He says when transmission is fixed it’s only good to 60000 only, because it’s the end of warranty. We don’t get along. Nissan does not care at all!!! He said, if I want a car,I have to rent one from them at $40 a day. Are you kidding??? He doesn’t know when the parts will come in and doesn’t know when the Juke will be fixed!

        • State: Massachusetts
      • #26 Etta Heard says:

        I had transmission put in @60k miles on 2015 Nissan Rogue July 22, 2019 and transmission slipping, leaking already October 5 , 2019 returned to Nissan October 7, 2019 and the Chassis Control came on also , Axle messed up a gasket is what they said. Is there any way out of this Nissan Rogue continuous known problems

        • State: North Carolina
      • #27 John Mccarroll says:

        I have a 2015 Nissan ALTIMA and I am having problems with my transmission. The car lot say they can fix it for 950.00 dollars. Should I let them fix it or take it to somebody else. I need my car and I have carnitas on this car.what should I do.i needs help.thanks.

        • State: AL
      • #28 LemonLaw says:

        Scott: Hold on to all repair invoices.If the problem continues and you are back to the dealer three times under warranty for the issue, you may have a claim under the Federal Magnuson Moss Warranty Act.

        • #29 Helen says:

          In May I bought a used Versa with 26,000 miles. Last week it started the juddering thing and it’s getting worse every trip. Of course I started googling the symptoms and came upon the info about defective Nissan CVT’s. My Versa is going to a Nissan dealership on Monday. Soon I will find out if the extended warranty and gold preferred service contract are worth anything. You bet I will be documenting carefully and saving all the paperwork. My job is 45 minutes from home and Ohio winter is on the way.

          • State: Ohio
        • #30 Daniel LaMura says:

          This may help:

          • State: NY
        • #31 Jay sills says:

          2014 nissan sentra left me bedufe rd raleigh nc called nissan bright in to cary nissan cary auto park. Won’t take gas won’t engage transmission. 95000 miles. Has cvt trans. Known about for years by nissan. Not recalled yet sued in cali. And nj. For trans problems. Why we got to this with multi problems

          • State: Nv
        • #32 derek says:

          Just got a $5,000 estimate to replace my CVT at 88,0000 miles. I have never been more upset in my life

          • State: Florida
        • #33 Christina says:

          Have a 2016 Altima. Driving on an interstate doing 70 and the car starts jerking and losing power, won’t accelerate. I could have been killed or killed someone else. Nissan knows of this problem but refuses to accept responsibility, but yet have a Nissan Altima CVT Litigation against them. Now they want me to pay $5,000 for a new transmission because extended warranty is over by 3,000. I refuse to give them any more money.

          • State: IL
        • #34 Elizabeth says:

          nissan sentra 2014 with 80k miles on, died randomly in the highway.
          driving the car felt like driving pushing a walmart cart. now im without a car and waiting for nissan reply as its obvious that the transmision died

          • State: WI
        • #35 SHELICIA SCOTT says:

          I have a 2010 nisssan versa and the clutch slave cylinder (i guess)thingie went out . it started to leak and i guess i had noticed it was slipping and i had to change gears on the freeway 1 day i was in 6th gear already which was very odd ! 2 days after that my car just stopped going into gear without warning therre was no pressure in the pedal again while on the freeway. Thank God it was day time while i was stallled afew hrs b4 aaa came but i was freezing cold cuz the car wouldnt stay in gear just jerking … I cant seem find the part that i need .. When i called nissan and ask some questions because i am a lady who ask questions she didnt mention the recall or the problems im having i just need some incite or suggestions to assist me on my journey to repair. I am having the worst luck

          • State: CA
        • #36 Kari Purpura says:

          Bought my car brand new only 7 miles on it. I can already tell it needs a new transmission! This will be my 5th yes 5th transmission in my 2014 nissan sentra bought on 12/13/2014. I can’t express how much I just want a new car. I just paid this crap off last month. And I don’t have that kind of extra cash laying around to buy a new transmission.. it’s like every 20k miles it’s time for a new transmission. Horrible that’s why I’m writing this. If I can get any help with this and nissan replacing my car that would be great. Should have stuck with a Honda.

          • State: NV
        • #37 Margarita Olsen says:

          Nissan Juke 2014, I guess I was lucky that lasted 122K miles. Transmission gave out in the middle of I75. I had 3 payments left, paid the darn thing, replaced the transmission for a used one and traded it. NEVER AGAIN NISSAN. Very disappointed considering they used to have a great reputation about the quality and reliability of their cars!

          • State: FL
        • #38 Shangqi Chen says:

          I have Nissan Altima 2014, transmission failure first time at 52000 miles, they rebuild it, after 3 months, same issue happened, then they change new transmission. I guess I am lucky car accident didn’t happen because this, it put me in dange so many times! They never fix the problem even they fix it, I can feel the transmission will have the problem again soon. Then after one year, mileage come to 110000, I do dirve a lot , the transmission dead again! WTF, get away from Nissan!

          • State: NY
        • #39 David Daniels says:

          2011 NISSAN Rogue. Started Lurching, and got it checked out. CVT transmission is bad. Went online and saw all the issues. The 10yr 120,000 extended warranty for the CVT ends at 2010, so I’m out of luck, even though I only have 90,000 miles. There is also a law suit out, but it starts with the 2012 rogues. $4k-$5k to get it rebuilt w/ lifetime warranty. Is there any help out there for this ???

          • State: Texas
        • #40 Tara Clancey says:

          WHHHYYYY did Nissan continue using this transmission for so long????? This was all so unnecessary. You fix the problem as soon as its discovered to prevent further damage. Innocent people have lost thousands of dollars, loss of vehicle, extreme stress.The guilt of putting your toddler in a vehicle with such SAFETY issues and not knowing. If I would of done 5 minutes of research instead of trusting Nissan like I used to. I would have never experienced what I just experienced. I am not sure I even want to see a Nissan symbol ever again

          • State: MA
        • #41 Lisa says:

          Yes why is Nissan allowed to sell their cars knowing this exact same CVT, not a different technology, is causing the issues with their cars? Call lawyers owners. I did and now my second Nissan car
          Is having issues at 30k and dealer will rebuild it but still….who wants to buy a car knowing trans issues at 30k may happen? Not me so I think Nissan owes!

          • State: Ca
        • #42 Bassham says:

          2013 Nissan Rogue. Never informed of existing issues. Actually told it did not have issues like 2014-16 models I specifically mentioned. I was naive to think it was just 2014-16 Nissan rogues. Needing 3rd transmission and have owned vehicle for a total of 65,000 miles and 2.5 years. Also, I have had tires replaced, both front wheel bearings and an AC compressor replaced all relating to the defective CVT. Vehicle runs loud, rough and always has lights on dash.

          • State: Alabama
        • #43 helen hendricks says:

          I have to replace my transmission in my Nissan sentra special edition, 2012..I bought new from Concordville Nissan in Glen Mills Pa. my car has only 42,201 miles. to replace will be close to 5,000

          • State: Wilmington, De.
        • #44 Dee says:

          My 2014 Sentra CVT died in 2016. Nissan gave me a loaner and repaired my vehicle within a week.
          Bottomline, my transmission isn’t working properly and the dealership refused to service my vehicle. I was prepared to purchase another transmission but the Nissan representative was afraid to touch the vehicle. If you purchase a Nissan be prepared to replace your transmissions, every few years

          • State: IL
        • #45 Dawn Avila says:

          2010 Nissan Altima, humming, slow acceleration, 128,000 miles

          • State: Massachusetts

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