Drivers Complain of Nissan Clutch Pedal Sticking to the Floorboard

April 18, 2018
By: Robert Silverman

Infiniti and Nissan drivers have been complaining about their Nissan clutch pedal feeling “light” and/or falling and staying on the floorboard.

CarComplaints Blog claims the fluid from the Nissan clutch master cylinder pushes to the slave cylinder, “developing hydraulic pressure and ultimately disconnecting the transmission from the engine”.  

The hydraulic fluid then leaks due to the pressure, taking away fluid from the slave cylinder and damaging the clutch slave cylinder, clutch disc and pressure plate. Lawsuits claim the Nissan clutch pedal can fall and disable the ability to shift gears because the slave cylinder is prone to deteriorating from the constant hydraulic fluid exposure, according to the Blog.

Nissan has known of the concerns with their clutch pedal since 2008, and had issued a customer service program to fix a potential cause of the Nissan clutch pedal in the manufacturing process.

This, however, has not solved consumer troubles as the Nissan clutch pedal continues to feel “light” and fall or stick to the floorboard.

Models that could be impacted by the Nissan clutch pedal problem occurring include:

  • Nissan 35oZ
  • Nissan 37oZ
  • Infiniti G35
  • Infiniti G37
  • Infiniti Q60

Resolving the Nissan clutch pedal problem may take up to several months. If you are experiencing issues shifting gears or notice your Nissan clutch pedal is sticking to the floorboard or even falling off, visit your nearest dealership immediately and be specific about your concerns.  Be sure to receive repair invoices for each visit, with mile-in and mile-out data, dates, your complaint, and their repairs.

If you’ve had repeat visits to the dealer addressing your Nissan clutch pedal, and/or your vehicle has been in the shop an extended period of time, please email us or call, 1 800 LEMON LAW (1 800 536 6652). 

You could be entitled to a repurchase, new vehicle, or significant monetary compensation under State Lemon Law or Federal Warranty Law. And best of all, help is 100% cost-free.

As always, we serve residents of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York as well as other states around the nation. 

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