Nissan Airbag Problems Have Passengers In A Panic

July 30, 2014
By: Robert Silverman

Imagine getting into your car with your spouse, friend, or parent in the passenger seat.  You turn the car on and a bright light announces “Passenger Airbag OFF.”  The 1 800 LEMON LAW hotline is receiving a number of calls from drivers complaining of Nissan airbag problems who are dealing with this exact situation.  This comes on the heels of a large airbag recall.

In April, a huge Nissan airbag recall was announced. The Nissan models affected, about 990,000, include the 544,000 Altima sedans, 29,000 Leaf electric vehicles, 124,000 Pathfinder sport utility vehicles, 183,000 Sentra compacts and 6,700 NV200 taxis from the 2013 model year. Infiniti models affected by the action include 64,000 2013 JX35 and 2014 QX60 models and 40,000 2014 Q50 sedans.  If you are driving one of these vehicles, you should have already been alerted to the recall, but if not, contact your dealer as soon as possible.

Also, if you are continuing to complain of this Nissan passenger airbag light  problem three or more times, and have the repair invoices to back it up, you may be entitled to significant remedy under State Lemon Laws or the Federal Magnuson Moss Warranty Act.  Remedies could include a full repurchase, a brand new car, or significant compensation plus continued ownership of your car.

Lastly, do not allow the dealer to blame the Nissan airbag problem on the weight or size of your passenger.    The dealers are aware that this Nissan airbag problem exists, but there is no definitive fix.  Even if they say they cannot fix the issue, make sure you get a repair invoice each time you bring the matter to their attention.

If you are suffering with a Nissan airbag problem and have been back to the shop repeatedly, feel free to fill out our Get Rid of Your Lemon form.  We will review your claim for free and see if/how we can help.

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11 Responses to “Nissan Airbag Problems Have Passengers In A Panic”

  1. #1 Lisa Spain says:

    I have a Nissan Altima 2013 4dr sedan. I purchased the car in June of 2013. The airbag off light was going off on a an off since I purchased the car. I had brought this to the attention of service department when I would bring the car for oil change. I was told its from weight of passenger and never really thought much about it. I recently had the recall of the front hood latch checked and at that time asked about the airbag again and this time they checked it and said it was the sensor and it would be $400 to replace. I refused to pay anything because that is obviously a defect in a new car. The device man called Nissan directly the next day. They agreed to pay for part and I would be responsible for the labor. I didn’t feel I should be responsible for any of it. They said this car was not a recall on airbags it was the pathfinders. I informed them that I did see the a recall notice. I was then contacted from Nissan and was told to pay to have it repaired and it would be reimbursed. I was also told it should still be under warranty. They would then send the receipt to the regional specialist for reimbursed. I didn’t feel comfortable paying up front. The regional specialist called me and basically said its not under warranty and I refused what they offered me that they would cover the parts. I said I shouldn’t be paying for any of it. I reminded him this is a lawsuit if I get into an accident and it doesn’t come out . Very dangerous he did not seem to really care about customer safety or satisfaction. Actually everyone I talked with seemed to have been reading a script of what should be said. I was told all conversation were recorded. The regional specialist said he didn’t know who told me it was under warranty I said listen to your recording. Whatever advise or help you can give would be most helpful. Thank you Lisa Spain

    • #2 Deborah says:

      I have a 2008 Nissan Altima and the airbag light is coming on. I took it to the dealer and I was advised.The airbag was bad on the passager side. The seat is also bad and it has to replace along with the airbag the cost will be $1,900.Nissan said they will not cover repairs to my car because the VIN is not recall. What should I do.

      • #3 LemonLaw says:

        @Deborah: I would ask the service adviser if they can provide any sort of discount to assist you. If they say no, climb the ladder and speak to corporate.

        • #4 LemonLaw says:

          @Lisa: Ask them to email you a confirmation detailing reimbursement. It is a serious situation so it should be handled. If this problem continues, you would still fall under State and Federal lights.

          • #5 Judy Morris says:

            My Mom is in her 70’s and she has a Nissan that is part of the recall. The airbag has been replaced. Since replacement, the warning light has come on three times and three times my Mom has taken it to the dealer for fixing. Just last week the dealer “fixed” the problem and the next day the light was back on again. At this point I am not convinced this issue is being corrected given that it keeps happening. Do you think my Mom is eligible for Lemon Law protection? I feel she needs to get another vehicle. Your help is apprecaited!

            • #6 LemonLaw says:

              @Judy: I would encourage your mother to speak to a lemon law firm. We have handled many of these cases. She can find one in her state by visiting

              • #7 Nicole C says:

                Not only did my fan and transmission need to be replaced on a 2016 Nissan Pathfinder with 27000 miles on it but the sensor broke under the passenger seat. Nissan will not replace it under warranty because they said that it is my fault. First of all the flimsy sensor connection is right under the seat and basically had nothing protecting it. They said something must have gotten under the seat and hit it. There is NO reason a very important sensor should be put under the seat where something can hit it and break it. Obviously there is a design flaw! I am now driving around in a vehicle that has no passenger air bag! I am warning everyone I can not to get a Nissan!!! I am going to contact a lawyer and see if there is anything I can do! I am leasing this and I am not up with my lease until feb 2019! I no longer feel safe and have my children in this vehicle! Shame on Nissan for not covering it under warranty and placing the sensor in such a vonerable spot!

                • State: Ny
              • #8 Brandon Noel says:

                I bought a used 2014 Pathfinder from a Nissan dealership. I am having problems with the airbag light and am worried that my car may have been previously repaired as part of this recall and it is faulty again. Is there a way to check if previous recalls were performed or if people are still having issues after repairs?

                • State: NC
              • #9 James says:

                I purchased a 2015 Nissan Pathfinder in August of 2015. In February of 2016 they replaced the passenger airbag sensor due to the recall. In July of 2018 the replacement sensor became defective. Since it was out or the 12 month/12k warranty the dealership said that I would have to pay to get I fixed. I contacted Nissan North America and started a claim against their faulty replacement part. We did a 70/30% split which I did not like, but agreed to pay to get it resolved. Now in October of 2018 the sensor has become defective again. This time it happened as we were traveling down the I40. I took it to the dealership and they said that the sensor had broke due to an inverter that was under the seat. I stated that the inverter has been there for 3 years and is free floating, and I don’t believe that caused it to break. I have opened a new claim with Nissan North America stating that I do not feel safe in that vehicle and I’ve asked them to deem the vehicle as a lemon. They have 10 days to respond. I’m sure the broke sensor will become an issue and I’ll have to fight with them about it. I believe the dealership broke it and is stating that it’s my fault not theirs. If that is the case, I’ll take my voice to social media and see if that gets my issue resolve. I want this vehicle out of my life. It is dangerous and a major safety concern. The government should make Nissan find a permanent fix or reimburse the full purchase amount.

                • State: AR
              • #10 DWAYNE CARLSON says:

                I purchased a 2013 Nissan Pathfinder new in Mississippi. I have had repeated problems with the passenger side airbags. I have had it in the nissan service department at least times for recalls. I recently received another recall notice and took my car in. They called and told me that there was not a recall on my vehicle. I had left the car there for the repair . I told them that I had left the recall notice in the console. They told me that the bottom of the notice had been torn off. I told them that it was not torn when I left it for them. They then called me back and said that it was a recall. They did the recall and the light did not go off. They called and said that it would be 243.82 to fix the occupant sensor. I said go ahead because working airbags are a must. They called and said it was fixed. My son picked it up and had no driven 20 miles and it the light was back on. I called the Nissan service department and told them that the light was back on. They then said that they could replace the airbag control unit but it will cost me 850.00 dollars. This is ridiculous. What do we do. They offered to sell me a new car and I told them I HAVE HAD 3 NISSANS AND WILL NEVER HAVE ANOTHER ONE!!! I cannot believe the way they have treated a loyal nissan customer. What do you suggest we do??

                • State: Arkansas
              • #11 Susan S says:

                Another one with the airbag light being on, Our 2013 has had this issue for years. All recalls have been done, The car was in the shop 5 days ago, They could not fix the problem by supposedly doing the recall once again, Said that didn’t fix the problem, and want to charge me now for 2 parts that cost 75.00 a piece plus labor fee, estimate cost 475.00, I said no way am I paying that, do not fix. I am now in contact with Nissan USA. They tell me that the car is too old for a buy back, witch I understand and was not even expecting a buy back, I just want them to pay for the parts and fix. It’s a big mess. The woman I spoke with today said she spoke with someone at the dealership and told her something completely different than what they told me, I called her out on that. I will not be paying a single dime for this fix.

                • State: MA

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