Lemon Law Attorney Bob Silverman Named Among Top Lawyers in Bergen County, NJ

May 06, 2011
By: Robert Silverman

Bob Silverman, Founding Partner of Kimmel & Silverman, has been selected as one of the top lawyers practicing in Bergen County, NJ by fellow attorneys and members of the judiciary. The list of Top Lawyers appears in the recent edition of 201 Magazine.

Named “a pioneer in New Jersey Lemon Law litigation” by the Newark Star Ledger, Bob founded Kimmel & Silverman 20 years ago, and the firm has grown to become the largest Lemon Law and automotive consumer advocacy firm in the Northeast.

Since its inception, the firm has provided cost-free help to more than 65,000 drivers. As a result of Bob’s success and experience, he was asked by the State to teach NJ arbitrators and mediators about the fundamentals of the New Jersey Lemon Law, and he recently wrote an article on the State Lemon Law for NJ Lawyer Magazine’s Consumer Protection Edition.

Bob was also instrumental in ensuring that Dodge, Chrysler, and Jeep consumers still maintained rights under State and Federal Laws following Chrysler’s restructuring by co-authoring an amendment in the Chrysler/Fiat sales agreement with Kimmel and Silverman associate Amy Bennecoff. He has appeared in countless consumer news stories on Lemon Law rights, including a recent appearance on ABC’s Nightline where he discussed the BMW high pressure fuel pump issue.

Together with his partner, Craig Thor Kimmel, Bob was honored by the American Bar Association during their 2002 conference in Philadelphia for providing quality legal access to consumers. Bob works tirelessly for his clients every day, successfully resolving hundreds of cases per month on his own.

Congratulations Bob!

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2 Responses to “Lemon Law Attorney Bob Silverman Named Among Top Lawyers in Bergen County, NJ”

  1. #1 Steve Quinn says:

    We are having an issue with the used car dealer (Prestige Auto Gallery LLC) that my daughter (17 yrs old at the time) bought her car from.

    The car came with a 30 day / 1,000 mile warranty. On the 18th day of owning the car, and only 615 miles driven, the check engine light came on. As we were taking the car into my mechanics for routine maintenance we asked him about it. When he hooked up his computer to the car it showed three different issues with the engine, According to our mechanic, the dealer had to have known about these issues because all three issues wouldn’t happen overnight.

    When I called our salesman (Juan), on Friday, Feb 10th, (the 18th day of owning the car) he seemed willing to have us bring it in so they could look at it, however after talking to his boss he said that because the car passed inspection the warranty was no longer in effect. When I explained that a warranty has nothing to do with the car passing inspection he just kept saying that is what his boss told him. I asked him to talk to his boss again and try to see if he was willing to honor the warranty. Since then Juan has refused to answer or return my calls and texts. I called his boss (Pedro) on Monday February 13th to discuss the matter. He continued to say that the warranty was only good until the car passed inspection and that it only covered engine and transmission. I explained that the issue is with the engine and that the warranty has nothing to do with passing the inspection. He also tried to say that because I took it to our mechanic the warranty was void, even though the mechanic did not do any work on the car. The result was that he told me to talk to Juan because he sold me the car (although he did confirm he was Juan’s boss and that he was present on the day of the sale) and then he hung up on me.

    I was going to take it back to our mechanic to have it fixed, however, our mechanic said that this could be very expensive to fix and that I was better off taking it to a dealer, both because they deal with this sort of thing much more often and because they would hold up in court much better than a small mechanic shop.

    So her car is still sitting in the driveway while we figure out the best way to deal with this situation.

    I hope you can help


    Steve Quinn

    • #2 LemonLaw says:

      @Steve: Unfortunately, being that the car was purchased at a used car dealer without a manufacturers warranty, this would not fall under the laws we practice. You should reach out to the NJ Attorney General’s office to discuss whether this issue falls under the State’s used car lemon law.

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