Jeep Parts On Back Order Continue To Leave Drivers Stranded

July 24, 2018
By: Robert Silverman

The calls start out the same “My Jeep Renegade needs a new engine….”  or “My Jeep Grand Cherokee was towed to the shop after stalling…” and the service department validates the concern, diagnoses the problem, is all set to make the repair  BUT…Now, they are dealing with Jeep parts on back order with no estimated time of arrival.  “They are providing me a loaner but it’s been weeks (or months) and I still have no answer on when my vehicle will be fixed.”

Now, please understand this happens with all car manufacturers not just Jeep.  However we have noticed lately many calls are regarding Jeep parts on back order.  There is no particular rhyme or reason as to why a part on back order–it could be a case of supply and demand,  factories closing down, manpower issues.  The reasons behind the delay is not important–the effect on you however–well that’s another story.

If you are within your State Lemon Law parameters, after a defined number of days, you can file a Lemon Law claim.  In Pennsylvania, for example, its 30 days out of service in the first 12 months or 12,000 miles (whichever comes first.)  In New Jersey, it’s 20 days within the first 24 months or 24,000 miles (whichever comes first).  So if the part is on back order and the car is in the shop for that amount of days, you have the right to seek recovery.

But what if you are within your warranty but outside your Lemon Law parameters?  Depending on the length of time, there still could be a breach of warranty being that car is not being fixed efficiently and effectively.  In the past, we have been successful using the Magnsuon Moss Warranty Act in these types of cases.  The important thing is to remember to record your time out of service, and make sure that when you finally do receive a repair invoice it clearly outlines the amount of time you were without your vehicle.

If you are dealing with Jeep parts on back order, or being stalled by any delay with any warrantied auto repair, we certainly recommend that you take a look at your rights under State and Federal Laws.  Feel free to reach out to us to discuss the situation and see if and how we can help.

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One Response to “Jeep Parts On Back Order Continue To Leave Drivers Stranded”

  1. #1 Katherine Crockett says:

    I am looking for advice so that I may take the proper precautions to protect ourselves as we move forward wits issue we are having with a brand new car. I purchased a 2019 Jeep Wrangler on Feb 2nd 2019. On Feb 10 after 9 days of driving the vehicle the cluster started malfunctioning. The dealership gave us a loaner care and diagnosed the Jeep with a “bad cluster.” They gave us a date to have the new cluster in and the repairs to be complete the fallowing monday. On Friday Feb 15th I drove to the dealership to ensure there was a supervisor aware of the service scheduled on monday. The assistant manager assured me that everything was on track. On monday the part was “delayed” and the service department administrator said that it would come hopefully the next day. On Tuesday we called and asked about the location of the part and if we could track the package and delivery. I received a call back from the service manager letting us know that the part is on “back order” and that it will not be delivered to the dealership until March 6th. He explained that all that we could do was wait for the part. I am concerned that this will continue to be delayed.
    Please help!
    Marcus and Katherine Crockett

    • State: Washington

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