Jeep Grand Cherokee Water Leak Problem Is Leaving Drivers Soaking Mad

December 21, 2012
By: LemonLaw

The Jeep water leak claims continue to pour in and many quickly turn into significant recoveries, including repurchases for our clients.  At first, we were seeing that a majority of these claims were revolving around Jeep Wranglers, however recently we have noticed the water leak problem has expanded into all of the other models, especially the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

We have seen Jeep Grand Cherokee drivers who deal with wet floor boards as a result of water leaking from the left and right pillars and the cowl panels, as well water leaking from sunroofs and ceiling lights due to faulty roof seams.  And unfortunately, the dealers often cannot find out exactly where the leak is coming from.

If you are suffering with a Jeep Grand Cherokee water leak, make sure you obtain a repair invoice each and every time you take your car back to be serviced.  Sometimes, when they cannot find the leak, service advisors may opt to keep a repair ticket open.  This does not mean that you are not entitled a repair invoice.  Even if they keep a repair ticket open while they try to find the leak, each visit qualifies as a repair attempt and once you are in back in three times, you may be entitled to significant remedy under State or Federal Law.

If you are suffering with a Jeep Grand Cherokee water leak, give us a call at 1-800 LEMON LAW or fill out our Get Rid of Your Lemon form.  We will glad to review the situation and see if we can help at no cost to you.  Chances are we will dry those tears and get back on the road to recovery.

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15 Responses to “Jeep Grand Cherokee Water Leak Problem Is Leaving Drivers Soaking Mad”

  1. #1 Connie says:

    My 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee leaks through the interior lights, and the side column bars on both side. Vehicle is not under warranty anymore because I bought it brand new in 2008, however, I only have 24,000 miles. I took pictures of the water leaking on the side bars. I noticed it leaks when it snows and the snow starts to melt on the vehicle rooftop it appears as though the windshield at the top is not shield. What do I do if I do not have money for repairs or to take it to a repair dealer because I know they will charge me?

    • #2 Anthony dyer says:

      Water leaking from both side pillars and from map light I have video

      • #3 LemonLaw says:

        Sadly, if you are out of warranty, the repair costs will fall on you. That is why it is essential to have this repaired while under warranty if possible. And if it is repetitive under warranty, look into your rights.

        • #4 Dorene Begin says:

          My 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee leaks through the console lights, driver and passenger side pillars. This happens after a snow storm when the snow or ice on the rooftop melts. I’ve taken it to a Jeep dealership for repair. One time they said the drains were plugged, another time they said the sunroof was misaligned. I was told to always remove the snow from my roof, which I do. But there often a thin layer of frost or ice remains. It is impossible to get it all, since I park outside and live in the northeast. Nevertheless, I’ve owned other vehicles with sunroofs that are parked outdoors and have never leaked. I contacted Jeep Customer Care – 800-992-1997 and asked what Jeep would recommend and was told to bring it to the dealership and they would investigate the issue. But, I can’t get an appointment for another week; by then the leaking will have stopped. We all know that the real problem is poor design. I asked the rep if Jeep would assume the cost for cleaning out the drains after each snow storm, and was told no. So, basically, every time it snows, I should bring my Jeep to the dealership and have them blow out the drains so that it won’t leak inside and pay for it. This is ridiculous. I’ve owned many vehicles with sunroofs and none leaked like this. If there is a class-action suit, I’d like to be informed.

          • #5 Matt Barga says:

            I have a 2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo doing the same thing. Generally only when ICE snow melting conditions. Water was coming in down both pillars and center by the roof lights. i haven’t done anything about it yet

            • State: OH
          • #6 Spencer Sexton says:

            05 GC leaks inside down A pillar from top of windshield drivers side. Thought it was sunroof but reprogrammed it and still leaking. Water getting on wires and electronics causing a ton of issues of all kinds! Intermittent trouble codes, warnings, vehicle shutting off while driving. RIDICULOUS!!!

            • State: South Carolina
          • #7 Nikos Alexiou says:

            My sunroof is leaking every time is raining.From Right and left pillar. Tried to blow the drain hose you see left and right when you open the sun roof. Any other ideas, Thank you. This is a SRT8 Grand Cherokee 2010.

            • State: NY
          • #8 Tamala says:

            My 2008 Jeep Cherokee is leaking from right and left pillar and center by the sunroof and lights buttons everyone it rains hard. I have water stains and it also looks like there may be mildew

            • State: New Jersey
          • #9 LemonLaw says:

            @Tamala: Please call us at 800 536 6652 to discuss your rights and how we can help.

            • #10 Angelique says:

              My 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee leaks through the interior lights, and the side column bars on both side. I took pictures of the water leaking on the side bars. I noticed it leaks when it rains and the snow starts to melt on the vehicle rooftop. What do I do if I do not have money for repairs? Dealership wants money to just inspect my vehicle for where the leak is happening.

              • State: Kansas
            • #11 Nickolas Lavacca says:

              Just bought a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited on Monday 9-30-19. The first rain is today 10-4-19 and the windshield is leaking at the top.
              What should I do?

              • State: Washington
            • #12 Phil Verplaese says:

              own 2006 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo , had windshield replaced in june 2018, every since water leaks in on passenger side and sits on floor, taken it back 3 times to windshield place and they tell me it is not the window, I don’t have a sunroof, and there is no water coming in from side pillar? is it possible coming in from front air vent on top where they took off to do the window?

              • State: manitoba
            • #13 Timothy says:

              ’05 Grand Cherokee leaks from the front columns. Water drains down those by design, but in winter will freeze, causing the water to leak into the vehicle. Apart from doing my best to keep snow off of the top of the vehicle, which, let’s be real, is unavoidable in my climate, I can’t figure out any other way to stop it. Parking on an extreme slope helps as water can drain over the back of the vehicle. It’s a pretty ridiculous design flaw.

              • State: SD
            • #14 Brian Fazio says:

              Same thing – Just bought a 2015 jeep Grand Cherokee Overland 1-9-2020 and have an overwhelming odor. Cant seem to find where/if there is a leak…. I see the bottom of the windshield looks odd.
              Most likely replaced at some point and leaking from there. Cant tell yet but I am not happy!

              • State: New York
            • #15 Timberly says:

              Bought a 2015 Jeep Overland in 2018 about 2 weeks after purchase it rained as I was in my way home I notice water pouring out of the driver side defrost vent holes for driver window. Had husband pull off panel dried it up hasn’t leaked in that spot since but now when it’s raining the middle roof console drips water and both back seat belts holes by roof have water comOmg our of them. I usually only notice when my car has been setting in the rain and I go to lunch and put in my breaks u can hear and see the water coming out. And water drips on me from the middle roof console.

              Very frustrating I’m going to call the dealership next week and see what they can do or just YouTube how to replace the drain hose my self.

              • State: OK

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