The Ford F250 Death Wobble is Shaking Drivers Up

July 16, 2019
By: Robert Silverman

The Ford F250 death wobble is caused when the defective front axles encounter even a small detriment on the road.

Sad to say we are receiving calls on the 1 800 LEMON LAW hotline from even more drivers dealing with the serious vibration problem known as the “death wobble.” We are now representing a number of clients complaining of a Ford F250 death wobble where their vehicle will suddenly shake, feeling as though they are losing complete control of the truck.

The “death wobble” has been a problem occurring in numerous vehicles since as far back as the 1980’s. The Ford F250 death wobble normally occurs when the vehicle hits a bump or groove in the road while driving at normal highway speeds. The vehicle then begins to violently wobble and shake while driving, causing the driver to lose control. The death wobble is caused when the defective front axles encounter even a small detriment on the road.

Some drivers have reported that the only way to stop the death wobble is to take their keys out of the ignition. Even though Ford has been aware of the frequent F250 wobbling, they are yet to offer drivers a consistent solution.

Some drivers have returned to their dealership multiple times to deal with their issue. Often, the dealership will offer to fix a minor front end issue. For example, some drivers may have their bushings replaced, steering parts replaced, or their axles realigned, which might stop the Ford F250 death wobble for a small amount of time. However, most drivers who get these fixes then report that the problem occurs again within three months. Some drivers had to return to their dealership more than three times in a six month time frame because the death wobble kept reoccurring.

If you are driving a Ford F250 and begin to notice wobbling or shaking similar to the described ‘death wobble,’ make sure you take your truck back to your Ford dealership after every occurrence. Make sure you save your invoices from each visit.

If you find yourself back to your dealership multiple times or that your vehicle is out of service for an extended period of time because of the Ford F250 death wobble, you have rights. Call 1 800 LEMON-LAW (1 800 536 6652) or fill out our Get Rid of your Lemon form today to find out how we can help you. Our goal is to help you get back to driving a sturdy, safe vehicle as soon as possible.

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149 Responses to “The Ford F250 Death Wobble is Shaking Drivers Up”

  1. #1 Robert Sandberg says:

    I have a 2017 F250 with the death wobble that the Ford dealer cannot fix they’re waiting for the engineers to come up with a solution I’ve had it there several times it’s unsafe to drive

    • State: Ct
  2. #2 Mark GilMar says:

    I have had this shudder as I call it on a few occasions. Goes away quickly and I chalked this up to the typical issues Ford has had. I had a 2007 and 2008 both had this and was told is was common-Ford had TSBs on this. However, this wobble occurred on my truck just a few weeks back while I was towing a trailer to FL from MD. It occurred as speeds increased and just prior to the Wilson draw bridge. It really caught me off guard the first time. The third time it happened it would not stop and I braked to get my truck below 30mph on a relatively busy interstate 95 at 1200am. I immediately pulled over in a safe area. I have a precise tire compressor and took my tire pressure from 74 down to 60 on the front and 74 down to 65 rear. This did not help. The only solution was to stay at or below 70 and pray. I am in the process of taking truck to a tire place that I deal with to have rims inspected and front end checked. Im doing just this as I know ford will say “no problem found or you have tires and front end out of spec. Caution to all drivers with this issue. Its scares the hell out of you and wakes you up. It seemed I could not a anything to stop this and Im fortunate I did not take anyone out when this occurred. As it would have been costly for me since I was towing a trailer. Yes Im concerned about my life but I respect the others on the road just as much. I am a Ford person and hope to get some answers as Im in the market for a F350 cc dually-Im hoping my issue is something on my end. The truck I drive is a gas f250, 2016 xl super cab long bed 4×4. Hope this helps others and Im available to answer any

    • State: MD
  3. #3 S. Chehresa says:

    Own a 2019 f-250 for almost months and have had the death wobble 3times in one day. You think it would be fix on new truck by now. This is ridiculous.

    • State: Tx
  4. #4 Mike Banaszak says:

    I own a 2019 F-250 Diesel crew cab and took my truck back at around 5,000 miles i was told the shake was normal. Well today I was driving with my wife on the expressway around 75 mph and hit a bump and the truck started to shake violently had to hit the breaks and pull off the road to make it stop. I will taking the truck back to the dealership tomorrow this truck is unsafe to drive. Ford had better step up and fix it!

    • State: MI
  5. #5 Bobby Fisk says:

    I bought a brand new 2017 f350 single wheel in August of 2018. January of 2019 almost lost control of vehicle driving down turnpike at 75 mph due the violent shaking. Took it to dealer and they oh yea that’s a common problem in these trucks. They supposedly fixed it. Then August it done it again took to a different dealer and they supposedly fixed it. Didn’t make it 20 miles from dealer and almost took me and my wife off the road. Someone needs to start a go fund me account so we can raise the money to buy some time on the 3 major television broadcast stations so ford will do something. The media will get more done than lawyers because with lawyers it still stays hush hush. Just like the major air bag deal. Yes no doubt it was a dangerous faulty part but it only hurt you if you have a crash. This death wobble deal with ford will cause the crash.

    • State: Ok
  6. #6 Chuck Flores says:

    Our 2019 F-250 is doing this almost any small bump is hit . It is very dangerous when it happens . Any help please email . The local dealership that we bought from charge us for alignment – no help .

    • State: Texas
  7. #7 Rodney Woody says:

    I have a 2017 F250. Put it in the shop for death wobble at a little under 13,700 miles when truck was a year old. Now it’s started again at 28,000 miles 2 years old. Very dangerous, almost went into concrete divider from hitting a bump in the road. How can you have confidence driving a truck that could do this at any time.

    • State: Tx
  8. #8 Rick Carignan says:

    I’ve been down this road multiple times. Slight issues with my 2008 F350 crew cab diesel, severe issues with my 2012 F350 crew cab diesel (started around 90k miles). There’s a lot of exaggeration I feel that comes with some of these complaints at times but I can say at 70 mph towing our 39ft 5th wheel on I90 in the center lane outside of Albany NY I had to come to a stop to get it to quit, literally still shaking at 5 mph. Ford warrantied a lot of the repairs but it still cost me a lot of money and a huge amount of down time and the aggravation factor dealing with it was almost life changing. It actually took almost a year and 30k miles of hell to fix the truck. Now with my 2019 F350 crew cab diesel. All trucks were 4×4 riding on stock suspension and oem tires. The 2019 showed tire wear at 3k miles, alignment was checked and was told it was fine. So far Ford has done 3 steering stabilizers, currently riding on the fourth. Wore all my tires out at 25k miles as I paid for multiple rotations (have to dismount, remount, and balance for the duallies). Just put on at my cost 6 new tires, Ford checked the alignment and it was way out of spec., needed to be re-shimmed for caster . They wanted me to pay for that which obviously didn’t go over well nor happened. They now claim you need to have your alignment checked every 6 months to stay in warranty!!!! It took them 6 work days to do it and they had to go aftermarket shims to get it in spec. Now the truck handles like crap on back roads, drifts with the road grooves and in 600 miles shows significant wear on the outer edge of the RF tire and inner edge of the LF tire. If you get a bad one you’re screwed!

    • State: NH
  9. #9 Jennifer says:

    I purchased a 2017 Ford F-250 Diesel in january 2018. To pay $65,000 for a truck I can’t drive and don’t feel safe in!!! It’s been in the shop 4x and the problem has never been fixed, I have heard every excuse in the book. I called several mechanics and dealerships when i first purchased the truck and the dealerships were saying it was normal “Are you kidding me?” I can only drive local with it, when i do drive it i hit the tiniest flaw or bump going as slow as 35 mph and the truck violently shakes.

    • State: MI
  10. #10 John says:

    I have a 2018 F250 Diesel Crew Cab and been experiencing this “wobble” since January. I’ve taken it to one dealership twice and they didn’t fix it. They replaced the steering stabilizer and drag links. This didn’t help. I contacted Ford and they suggested taking to a different dealership, so I did. I’m in the middle of that right now. They had to change bushings to get to the “new” suggested alignment specs. Now, they are saying it isn’t covered under the warranty because alignments are only covered for 1 year/12,000 miles and I have 29,000 miles. My truck aligned at the factory when it was made. They changed the specs to fix the issue, so I shouldn’t have to pay for the fix. I’m having a hard time trying to figure out what good my warranty is?

    • State: PA
  11. #11 LemonLaw says:

    @John: Please call our office at 800 536 6652 to further discuss your rights.

    • #12 Wayne says:

      Same problem here. This is obviously a design flaw. Fortunately our trucks are a fleet lease. It looks like we might have to send them back in exchange for Chevys.

      • State: Texas
    • #13 Travis says:

      Dealership is unable or unwilling to fix mine. 2017 F250 with regular wobble. Any little bump at 60-70 mph and it shakes like crazy. Slow down to 50 or so and it stops until I hit another bump.

      • State: TX
    • #14 Michael Bottone says:

      2015 f350, horrible front end suspension issues, sometime the truck shakes me from one lane into the other on a curved highway at speeds between 50 and 70. Ive taken in about 5 times to the dealer and they just tell me that the way the truck drives, then charge me for changing half the front end. Its there now for the same issue.

      • State: NY
    • #15 Ken says:

      I live in the Dallas TX Metro and we have some very high Mix-Master Highway Intersection. I was coming down off one of the Mix-Masters that was probably 75 feet high and hit a bump. My 2016 Ford F-250 started shaking violently and it was all I could do to keep it from going over the edge of the mix-master (75 feet in the air). To say this was a scary experience would be a gross understatement. If someone hasn’t already been killed, it will eventually happen. Other drivers/vehicles witnessed this incident and they all backed off and waited for me to get the F-250 Death Wobble under control. Ford Motors really need to step up to the the plate and fix this serious and deadly problem.

      • State: TEXAS
    • #16 LemonLaw says:

      @Michael: Curious as to why they charged for you for the repair. Feel free to call us at 800 536 6652 to discuss your rights and how we may be able to help.

      • #17 Lee Farr Alexander says:

        I just had two experiences with “Death Wobble” in one day and it was my first time dealing with it. I had several hundred pounds of building materials in the bed of my truck and hit a bump in the road on a small County Road that sent my truck front steering jerking back and forth and i had to pull off the road to get it back under control. I thought it was a tire issue and got out and look at tires and shocks and linkage to find nothing wrong. Second is the worst, i had my family in the truck on the way to the ranch and i hit another bump in the road when it started again. I am going to try to capture it on my dash cam next time and post it on youtube. This is very unnerving and i don’t feel safe driving especially with family in truck.

        • State: TX
      • #18 Michael Kimberlain says:

        2014 F-250 SRW diesel 80k miles. Bought this truck just under a year ago in November. Was on my way home from the mountains, 4 hours from home and experienced death wobble at 65mph nearly coming into a head on collision due to it and had to slow to about 30 mph to get it into control. Limped it back home and have been driving my daily instead. Going to take to the dealership in a couple days when I have a ride back from someone hoping they can get right to the point, not give me the run around, and get this ridiculously dangerous issue taken care of, I doubt it will be that simple.

        • State: Colorado
      • #19 Rich Rozell says:

        Bought my first new truck ever in life . 2019 F250 the death wobble is getting out of control it goes to the dealer tomorrow . they said there is some type of recall for steering stabilizer and other miscellaneous parts . Bought it in April. Less then 30,000 miles and can’t drive it over 40 mph. Such a shame truck was nice till this.

        • State: Tn
      • #20 Clint Mayhugh says:

        I have had a 2017 f350..began the wobble at 10,000 miles.
        We have one 2019 that the wobble began at 14,000 miles.
        Also purchased another 2019 f250 that began the wobble at 5,400 miles. This is a truck that I purchased for my son….first time it done this the truck put him in the ditch!
        Scared him bad enough that he refused to drive the truck…there for I end up losing $9000 trading for a f150.

        I also have another f350 with only 4,300 miles….not sure what we need to do!

        • State: Texas
      • #21 Al Kelly says:

        I have a 2009 F250 Laritt with only 54k miles. Bought it new and already had the problem. The cost out of pocket was $860.00. This isn’t saying much for Ford.

        • State: Maryland
      • #22 Chris Whitehead says:

        I experienced the “death wobble” twice in the past week on my 2019 F250. I had never heard of this issue, I owned a 2017 before this with no issues. I brought it to the dealership today and he said: “oh, you have the death wobble”. He made it sound like it was a standard recall that they have a quick fix for. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

        • State: Ontario
      • #23 Hal B Lane III says:

        My 2017 f-250 has been in the shop twice in two weeks for this exact same problem. The dealer said it was because of my Ranch hand brush guard putting too much weight on the front end. They took it off and its still doing the same thing. Violent wobbles forcing me to pull off the road after hitting minor bumps. Today will be the third time in 3 weeks I will be taking it in. After I get it out this time, I’m getting rid of it. Too risky to drive a Ford F-250. It’s a shame, because I’ve owned many 250’s int he past and never had this problem. And each one previously had Ranch hands on them. I guess it will take someone getting killed and collecting on a major law suit for anything to get done right.

        • State: Texas
      • #24 Kevin A. Straub says:

        I have a 2017 F-250 Super Duty, started having problems with death wobble at around 29,000 miles. Took it to ford dealer and they claimed to have fixed the problem. Stated that Ford had issued a bulletin but no recall. Now at around 39,000 miles death wobble has started again. Today on my drive home on I-75 it did it 3 times. I have to slow down to near 30 mph and pull off on the shoulder to get it to stop. I have been back to the dealer and they say it will be at my expense now that the truck is out of warranty. I should not have to deal with this every few thousand miles. Thinking about getting rid of the truck but will probably loose several thousand dollars on trade.

        • State: Ohio
      • #25 Cheryl wattle says:

        I have a 2006 ford f250 I have experience the same thing with the truck shaking so bad I pulled over thought I had a flat ! But didnt was surprised when I started driving again it was fine ! But at 65 or 70 started again very very scarry !!!

        • State: Pa
      • #26 Jay malinoski says:

        Getting on interstate 385 getting up to speed 55 or so hit a bump had a shutter then hit another the front wheels started to shake violently let off gas no effect got on brakes off to the shoulder and stopped, I can not let any of my kids drive ever can’t take that chance, so know waiting on dealership to get loaner and have them look at it. 56,000 miles good tires good tread no 4 wheeling I baby this truck. 2016 platinum purchased July 2015.

        • State: TN
      • #27 D Reese says:

        Of all these comments I did not hear anyone mention anything about SHOCKS

        • State: Pa.
      • #28 Kenneth Laliberte says:

        I have a 2019 F-250 Diesel. I had an incident with the death wobble when I had under 11,000 miles on the truck. Happened 3 times in one day. I took it to my dealer and they changed the steering damper. Two weeks later, it started again. I have an appointment to bring it back this week. I asked the service manager if this was common and he told me he had 6 trucks in the garage with the same issue. Why hasn’t this been recalled before someone gets killed? I posted a complaint on the NHTSB website. Also, apparently there is a fix for it. I just watched a video of a caster adjustment part that they sell on-line but why should I have to buy this when the truck is still under warranty? I have less than 12,000 miles on it.

        • State: TEXAS
      • #29 LemonLaw says:

        @Kevin: Before you get rid of the truck, please call us at 800 536 6652 to discuss your rights.

        • #30 Gary Taylor says:

          I have a 2018 F250 Platinum with 61,000 miles. Within a 3 day span I experienced this so called “death wobble” twice. Just like pretty much every post i have read it happened when going over imperfections in the road. It’s a very serious issues that can and probably already has caused major accidents. I have not taken to the dealership yet but they will be receiving a call. I just hope they own up to the issue (which based on everyone’s comments is not going to happen). Really going to be a shame because I really love my truck!

          • State: Texas
        • #31 Lorene Tisdale says:

          We purchased a ’17 F-250 (used) from a Dealer with just under 10K miles. Within the first 30 days we experienced the “death wobble” and Ford said there was already a new dampener in it so they replaced the tie rods, drag link and steering stabilizer – death wobble returned 6 months later. Ford then replaced the steering linkage dampener and we are bringing it back 5 days later as the wobble is even worse. Tonight we are dropping it off at the Ford dealer for the 3rd time and if they cannot fix it – we may have to seek legal action.

          • State: MA
        • #32 Tammie Ter-Veen says:

          My husband just purchased his 2019 F250 a few months ago; we purchased this with confidence feeling that he was driving such a safe vehicle! This changed 2 nights ago when he lost control of his truck on a main highway. Thankfully, by the grace of God, there was no one around him that he would have absolutely ran into had there been someone in the next lane, and he barely missed hitting the center divider.
          After researching, this is NOT a new issue, and has happen to 1000’s of other Ford owners.
          What baffles me is, HOW IN THE WORLD is FORD okay with releasing vehicles that can potentially KILL SOMEONE?!? And more than that, HOW ARE THEY CONTINUING to allow these vehicles to remain on the road knowing the dangers in this “death wobble”?
          Is money more valuable to them than a life? Because I will tell you, and our two daughters will tell you, their Daddy’s life, my husbands life is worth more than any dollar amount!

          • State: California
        • #33 Lyle Cousins says:

          I have it bad. New steering stabilizer helps but doesn’t last long, sometimes very violent.
          Wife will not ride in the truck.

          • State: TX
        • #34 Lorene says:

          UPDATE: Ford is installing a “heavy-duty” track bar. Our truck has a lift-kit in it that was already installed when we purchased it from the dealer – they think it might be related. It’ll be out of commission for the 3rd time now for 7 days.

          • State: MA
        • #35 david Nottestad says:

          i purchased a 2019 f-250 for my daughter to go collage because she pulls a horse trailer for collage rodeo in texas she has had the wbble twice when pulling scared her bad have appointment with dealer this truck only has 11000 miles on it ford needs to fix this problem before someone gets killed this is a very deadly problem

          • State: North Dakota
        • #36 Dustin H says:

          2019 F250 with 32k miles. Experienced the death wobble two weeks ago and initially thought I had a blow out. Yesterday it occurred 3 times in one day on the highway. Truck is now at dealership awaiting a steering dampener and one other part (forgot what he said). We will see how it goes but the dealership fix doesn’t sound promising after reading the above experiences.

          • State: AZ
        • #37 Deborah Ehrsam says:

          We r experiencing the death wobble driving our 2028 diesel F-250 . This had happened on x3 within the last week . After reading all the comments on from everyone , it is going to the dealership on Monday. We pull a 5th wheel travel trailer and this scare us to death . We live on a fixed income, so any high repair cost is scary and we pretty much stuck with the truck . ☹️ . How do we get onto the class action lawsuits ??

          • State: Indiana
        • #38 P Plastix says:

          I have a 2012 F 250 with 86,000 miles. I have had 5 episodes and two more and after spending $2100+ on all new front steering parts, tire alignment, balance, rotate, new factory shocks, steering dampener. After reviewing a buy contract on a 2020 F250 King Ranch and a trade in price, I drove home only to experience the wobble 2 more times after leaving the dealership. I swerved off the fast lane at 72mph into the grass median.No time to change lanes.I spoke to Ford service two days later only to hear that there is nothing they can do cuz its out of warranty. No tow truck. no reimburse, no warranty! I have not driven it since and will trade it in at a non- Ford dealership. Ford loyalty no more!

          • State: TX
        • #39 Kelly Parent says:

          2017 F350. 23,000 miles.
          4x has started this Death wobble after hitting bump on highway approx. 60 miles/hr. Had to almost slow down to 20-30 miles on the highway.
          Violently shaking . Very dangerous!!

          • State: CONNECTICUT
        • #40 Kenneth Baca says:

          I have a 2018 F350 around 20,000 miles started Experiencing the death wobble, took the truck to the dealership they said it was the steering damper the part is on back order, could be up to 8 weeks. After reading the post on this site I don’t have any confidence that it’s going to fix the problem, you spend $70,000 plus for a truck believing your truck will last for years. It’s Obvious ford knows about the problem! Question what are their engineers doing to fix it. My tuck currently has 27000 miles what’s going to happen when the Warranty runs out.

          • State: New Mexico
        • #41 Kenneth Laliberte says:

          Everyone that experiences this “Death Wobble” needs to file a complaint on the NHTSB website. If enough people post complaints, they will have to do a recall. I already posted one and it only takes a few minutes. You will need your VIN#.

          • State: TEXAS
        • #42 EJ says:

          My 2019 F250 Diesel crew cab started this tremendous shaking at 15000 miles but very seldom. Now it’s at 28000. I had it in the dealership today-Nov 14th. They told me they have no parts to fix the issue and said the parts are on national backorder. What? I asked if there is any parts anywhere and he said “NO”. My truck is doing this more often now. I have to slow way down–even on the freeway–to get it to stop and ride normal. From reading many of these posts, I have very little confidence this issue will get resolved. This needs to get fixed before my warranty expires. We should not have to pay for this to get fixed when it is happening on many many trucks before 30000 miles–design flaw.

          • State: Colorado
        • #43 Dan Sieve says:

          We bought a new 2018 F250 SRW gas in Feb 2018. Lightly used the truck and in December 2018 at 8,000 miles experienced the death wobble at 75 mph after crossing a bridge joint. Dealer replaced steering dampener. At 13,000 miles in November 2019, experienced same thing crossing another joint. Both times had to slow to less than 45 mph with it shaking violently while trying to avoid being rear ended by an 18 wheeler. The truck has only been serviced at the Ford dealership and the tires were rotated at 12,000 miles.

          Called dealership, service manager new what it was and said he’d order the recent repair part which is s more heavy duty steering dampener. If the wobbble is tearing up other parts, I’d like them replaced, as well. I understand old parts like bad shocks causing problems, but not at this low mileage.

          • State: Illinois
        • #44 Jeff Adams says:

          I bought a 2019 F250 crew cab at the end of April this year. We took a short camping trip with a 30’ trailer to the coast. Then went on a 6500 mile trip around the country pulling the same trailer and had no issues on either trip. The truck will get steering wheel jerk when hitting bumps and potholes in the road at any speed. Just came back a week ago with 13,000 miles from a trip and was doing about 70 with no trailer or load. I went to pass a tour bus and as soon as I passed, I got the death wobble and could not get the violent shaking to go away. I had to slow down in front of the bus I had just passed. I had to pull completely off the highway and to a dead stop to get it to completely go away. The truck now has a little more jerkiness in the steering wheel when hitting bumps and potholes.

          • State: California
        • #45 Dale says:

          My 2017 F250 6.7 diesel is going back into the shop Dec 9th for its 4th steering stabilizer. Truck has 34,600 Miles on it (warranty expires at 36,000). I’ve had the original stabilizer, plus 2 more put on it. The last two only lasted about 6000 Miles. I’ve have filed a complaint with the US department of transportation. Everyone should do the same.
          $70,000 for the truck and I refuse to let my wife or daughter drive it!!!!

          • State: Md
        • #46 Debbie Stovall says:

          I have a 2017 F-250 King Ranch diesel that started the “death wobble” at 32,000 miles sitting at the dealer because there is a National back order of parts! Ford does not even have a date of when parts will be available. So I have $70,000 dollar truck that I can’t drive because it is not “road worthy” and Ford is not even giving you a loaner/rental car during the parts outage! …and from what I read it will happen again in time after the “fix” because it’s not a true permanent fix.

          • State: OK
        • #47 Eric says:

          2018 F250 diesel. Bought new last November 24000 miles just got it back for the 3rd time still has death wobble. Two steering dampeners and now new track bar with toe angle or some shit adjusted all the way out and a tire rotation that cost me 60 bucks. I’ve had enough. 63000 dollars so I can hire someone else to tow equipment around for me is ridiculous

          • State: Illinois
        • #48 Josh Bordelon says:

          Same issue here. 2018 f250 death wobble started at about 15k miles. Brought it in and changed the alignment casters. Shortly after kept wobbling. Brought it back into the dealership I bought it and they changed the steering stabilizer, tie rod ends, ball joints etc… about 15-20k miles later it slowly started doing it again. Now it’s over 60k mikes and out of warranty so it’s about 1700 dollars worth of parts to keep it on the road every 15-20k miles. Dealership suggested I try a tire and lift shop to fix it so I’m heading there this week. Pathetic! 2018 f250 king ranch 6.7 diesel 63k miles

          • State: Louisiana
        • #49 David Olson says:

          Well I loved my 2017 F250 Crew Cab diesel until at 27K miles I was going about 55 and hit some rough patches of road, large seams etc and suddenly was shaking and bouncing toward the opposite lane. It settled down, but now seems like the front end is shaking with any otherwise minimal road imperfections. I finally decided to do an internet search, only to find I am not alone. Will be heading to the dealer, but what a dangerous situation for Ford to be dealing with. Do they or the NHTSB wait until there are fatalities before a fix/recall is issued or what?

          • State: WI
        • #50 LemonLaw says:

          @Dale: That complaint may not do much for you personally but in your state (Maryland), once you are in for your fourth complaint pertaining to your situation, please call us at 800 536 6652.

          • #51 Wylie Stivers says:

            I just looked this up and thankfully found it. Found out that we aren’t the only people that are having this issue. We pull a trailer frequently on long trips and this has occurred no less than 10 times. The dealership gave us some bogus line that it was our tire pressure and that we had to keep an ion it. After the most recent episode, about five minutes ago, we check the tire pressure and all tires are at 72 PSI. I want a truck that doesn’t do this and Unless Ford makes this right, they’ll never get another penny from me. I have been a loyal Ford driver for 25 years but this may be more than I can handle. A $60,000 truck had better not kill me after driving over a slightly rough patch in the road, it’s absolutely ridiculous that they know about it but won’t do anything to make things right.

            • State: IN
          • #52 Dewayne Crews says:

            I just recently experienced the death wobble and was a very scary situation. My friend was driving my 2018 F350 with 42k miles. We where on a turnpike in OK. It happened at 85mph and was so violent that my door came open at 65mph thank goodness for my seat belt.

            I can best describe it as the following.

            Take concrete parking bumpers and place them every 2 feet apart for 1/2 a mile and drive thru them at 85mph.

            My 90k$ truck now rattles like it’s 10yrs old.

            We changed the steering damping shock in the Napa parking lot in Broken Arrow just to be able to drive it home to Fl.

            Not sure what to do at this point.

            • State: Florida
          • #53 Johnny Rabel says:

            I have a 2016 Ford F250 Super Duty . It is a gas model with 2 wheel drive. I have never had a steering problem with it. Is this death wobble only on diesel trucks with 4 wheel drive?

            • State: Texas
          • #54 earl smith says:

            2017 f250 ford truck 35000 miles has death wobble this is second trip to dealer for repairs also second ford truck with this problem

            • State: virginia
          • #55 Robbie Muir says:

            I have a 2017 ford f-250 super duty 6.7L diesel 4WD. This has happened multiple times in my truck. I have had it in the shop a few times. They have put a steering stabilizer on it which is only a temporary fix and does not fix the issue. It is Thanksgiving day and I’m with my family and it has happened twice tonight. I was on the bypass going between 65-70 mph and hit a bump and i had to hard brake for it to stop. This is absolutely ridiculous. The first occurrence happened around 10,000 miles I believe. It has happened probably 10 times since. It seems to be getting worse. I only have 24,000 miles on the truck. WTH.

            • State: Maryland
          • #56 Jeff Adams says:

            Update…….I haven’t had time to get my 2019 F250 in the shop yet, but the death wobble happened 3 today while traveling 40 miles on Thanksgiving Day to see family. I was doing 75 mph when it started. It happened 3 times in a matter of 2 minutes and each time I had to get off the highway and come to a complete stop for it to stop shaking. The first time I thought we were going to hit the concrete barrier in the center divide. It is scary as heck especially when you have your family with you. I don’t see a fix that will take care of this serious issue.

            • State: California
          • #57 Jeff Flynn says:

            I have a 2006 F250 and have had this happen to me twice on the highway at about 65 mph scared the crap out of me the first time!!

            • State: Mass
          • #58 Jeremy Winfield says:

            Bought my truck in october 2018. It’s a 2019 f250. I’ve had it at the shop once for severe wobble in front end. They say they fixed it. Tonight I was on freeway with my 2 young kids in truck and almost lost control of my truck when I crossed an overpass and my front end start shaking violently..

            • State: OH
          • #59 Scott Franzel says:

            My 2019 F250 with 10,000 miles on it started and I took it to the dealership and told them about my experience with the death wobble and the dealer owner stated he had never heard of it.
            I told them my life was worth more than owning this vehicle that should not be on the road.
            When you are thinking you are going to have a head on accident and the dealership laughs at you it is time to file a law suit.

            • State: Michigan
          • #60 Robert says:

            I Purchased my 2012 F350 Used with 130,000 Miles from a dealer started doing this almost immediately after purchase took it back could not find anything wrong. continued to get worse as time went on. took it in to our local alignment shop tech has 30 + years and never experienced this issue until now, nothing noticeable wrong threw the best stabilizer, Shocks at it rotate and Balance tires also broke down tires from wheels spun 360 degrees reseated and balanced again, tweaked the alignment to as close to perfect as you can get seamed to work for about 3 weeks just had it happened with my 42 ft 5 wheel RV attached thought I was going to Die. now I faced with a truck I cant Trust to do what I bought it for and cannot honestly sell it to anyone in good faith.

            • State: Michigan
          • #61 LemonLaw says:

            @Jeremy: If/when it happens three times and you have the repair records to prove it, please call us at 800 536 6652.

            • #62 Chad says:

              2015 Ford F-150 EcoBoost purchased with 67,000 miles on it I have had the same problem all of you are talking about was on the freeway doing 60 miles an hour went to pass another vehicle and got the wobble check engine light was also flashing at the same time pulled over to the side of the road turned the truck off and restarted the truck and problem was gone very scary wobble when I took it to the dealership they told me they could not find the problem. I told them if it just happened to me since I have owned it a year what makes you think it’s going to happen in the 2 hours that you had the truck they told me sorry it must b the tires. I told them I just had 4 new tires put on. Then they said I had spark plug issues to my knowledge that causes the truck to misfire not Shake uncontrollably side to side when already up to speed. Then they told me it must be a front end alignment. 880.00 dollars later. Now I’m concerned the problem still isn’t fixed. Afraid for myself, family and others on the road we shall see what happens soon

              • State: Wis
            • #63 Chad says:

              According to torque news the death wobble has been in the F series trucks 150 250 and 350 since 1995

              • State: Wis
            • #64 David Frantz says:

              Hi, I am having same issues. It just gets worse,last time on November 4th I had to take a ditch or get killed in the 2017 death trap that I have. Have had it in many times, parts replaced same thing happens again and again. Told by Ford service at one point they had a run of bad parts, so don’t know what is bad or good. We need Ralph Nader the consumer advocate to take this issue up, he got the Checy Corvair off the road being unsafe, these Ford trucks need to be taken off the road. We don’t need to feel like David versus Goliath. I took GM to court years ago under the Magnusson Moss act, the Federal Statute that gives us some rights, I won.

              • State: IL
            • #65 David Green says:

              2019 Ford F250 Crew Cab STX FX4 ~ 23,000 miles. Awaiting back ordered steering linkage damper to “correct” the issue. In the meantime, no loaner and not a safety concern. If Ford says it is normal, then I will drive normally on the freeway and hope to be the first to make my family wealthy! They are very aware of the situation and lack of action on behalf of Ford. Attorney’s in South Texas love these type suits.

              • State: Texas
            • #66 Kenneth says:

              2019 F250 at 11,300 truck started to wobble at 70 mph and I almost lost control of the truck. Went to Dealership and had them check the truck out and was told the parts needed for fix was on back order and that Ford would not supply a loaner . Service department said to just keep driving it and I would get a call when the parts came in, it’s been a month and I called them for update on parts, I was told parts are still on back order and the dealership had only received parts for one truck in the past 6 months. Was given number to contact Ford and was told that Ford had fix with new parts but would not release them to dealers because it would cause a slowdown on the new trucks coming out. Truck is getting worse and starting to ware outside of tires. I told Ford this is the only vehicle I have and how dangerous it is for me and everyone else I meet on the highway . I’m Recording every mile I drive on dash camera and saving every wobble .

              • State: Texas
            • #67 Chas. says:

              I live in Santa Fe, NM. Was in Albuquerque about an hour south driving 65mph on a bypass when I hit a little bump (it seemed) and my 2017 F250 started shaking violently where I was unable to control vehicle. Fortunately I was in right lane and there was a shoulder I could pull over on. Tires looked okay so I continued driving same speed. Same thing happened again moments later. Pulled over again. Then continued driving at lower speed. Went straight to Ford dealer and was told by Quick Lane tech that it is a known issue they call “death wobble,” something QL not able to work on. Went to main svc. dept and was told most likely it was related to steering dampener but they could not see me till following week. None of Albuquerque or Santa Fe Ford dealers have parts so I’m looking at 4-6 weeks delay for repair. Still had to return to Santa Fe so had to drive 59mph with warning flashers on 50 miles on I-25 to get home. Fortunately I still have my 2003 F150 – 297K miles and no problems except had to replace fuel pump. Damn – Ford and their dealers are aware of this issue and should warn buyers about it; VERY dangerous – amazing and irresponsible they have known about it for so long and havent addressed.

              • State: NM
            • #68 LemonLaw says:

              @Kenneth: I would not continue to drive that truck until it’s fixed.

              • #69 James F Wilbanks says:

                I am the owner of a 2019 Ford 350 dully and I hope all of these complaints are being reported to NHTSB. This type problem is extremely dangerous and the Feds should be forcing Ford to order recalls and fix the problem or take the damn trucks off the market.

                • State: AR
              • #70 Don says:

                Happens on the daily now and I have to be very careful with every bump on the road going over 50mph. 2017 F250 4×4 less than
                30k miles. When it first happened months ago I thought maybe a tire balancing issue so I took care of that. Same issue afterwards!! Called the dealership and described what was going on and was told it more than likely is a dampener that Ford has replacement parts on back order and to call back in a month. Didn’t ask for any information or didn’t bother putting my name on a list. Just to call back!! I don’t feel safe putting my family in my truck anymore driving on the highway. It did it three times in today just driving back and forth from work. Ridiculous! Makes that high dollar monthly bill harder to pay knowing there is a major safety concern that I feel isn’t getting addressed properly. Should be a major vehicle recall on this issue and it’s going take a number of serious accidents and or deaths to occur before it gets fixed. Sad!!

                • State: Tx
              • #71 larry leavister says:

                Bought a 2018 ford f350 new in October of 2018 , in the last 3 weeks I’ve had the Death wobble happen 4 times already , took it to the dealer, said they couldn’t find anything wrong , Had it happen again today on the way home from work, My son was following me home and witnessed it shaking my whole truck violently , only 14000 miles on it , crewcab longbed 4×4 , not lifted or modified . gonna call and take it back to the dealer , so I can document this tragedy . The death wobble starts when I’m going between 50-60 mph . the bump happens to be an expansion joint on a bridge on the freeway . This issue makes me afraid to tow my fifth wheel trailer now .

                • State: NV
              • #72 LemonLaw says:

                @Don: Please call us to discuss further, 800 536 6652.

                • #73 David Trimble says:

                  I bought a new 2018 f250 super duty in November 2018. It developed the death wobble in August of 2019 at about 11,000 miles and got progressively worse. I needed the truck and didn’t have time to run it to the dealer. The wobble was in the drivers side front wheel when hitting a hole or bump going 65 mph or faster. I would have to hit the brakes and slow down to 30 to get it to stop. I installed new front shocks myself. It got 90% better as the shock that I took off was shot. I finally got time to take it to the dealer and he said it was a big problem, ordered a stabilizer and another part which is on back order. Said it would fix it for hopefully another 20,000 but would come back again till ford engineers figure it out.

                  • State: Illinois
                • #74 Jackie says:

                  I had experienced this a few times with my truck and I thought maybe just due to the suspension in the front. I was driving home Christmas Eve night with my family and this happened after hitting a rough patch in the road. First time my husband was in the truck with me and he was scared. The truck was shaking so badly we thought the front tires were falling off. I haul a horse trailer with the truck. I just called and left a message with my local Ford dealer and am waiting a return call to have an appointment scheduled for service. I will document the service calls. 28,000 miles on the truck. Already had one front end alignment done and was surprised it was needed so soon. Not very confident that this issue is going to be fixed based on what I’m reading on this website.

                  • State: Delaware
                • #75 LemonLaw says:

                  @Jackie: I would advise to be very diligent pertaining to this issue. Make sure you keep all repair records in a safe place and once you have three for the death wobble, please cal us to discuss at 800 536 6652.

                  • #76 Jackie says:

                    Preston ford is coming to pick up the truck. I will keep receipts. Service manager was aware of the issue and the term death wobble. Was told the repairs they have done have fixed issues for the ones they have already done. What I’m reading on line sounds like this will come back. Really would like some assurances that I will have a trust worthy truck

                    • State: Delaware
                  • #77 Sierra says:

                    We have the death wobble finally got it into a dealership and the steering dampener is on order. But was told no point in bringing it in every time it happens because nothing can be done until part comes in. It is currently on back for a unknown amount of time. Ford doesn’t even know when it will be available.

                    • State: TX
                  • #78 Johnny says:

                    I experienced the DEATH WOBBLE on my 2019 F250 FX4 Lariat several times. I took the truck to the dealership where I purchased the truck and was informed they had to order a part to replace the worn part that was causing the WOBBLE. Three weeks later, I had heard nothing from the dealership, I called them and inquired about the replacement part. I was told by the service department that Ford stopped making the part because it DID NOT fix the problem. I asked when the truck would be fixed and the service manager could not give me an acceptable answer. The NEW $76,000.00 Dollar Truck is unsafe to drive.

                    • State: West Virginia
                  • #79 LemonLaw says:

                    @Johnny: Please call us at 800 536 6652 to further discuss your situation.

                    • #80 LemonLaw says:

                      @Sierra: Please contact us at 800 536 6652 to further discuss.

                      • #81 R Latreille says:

                        I have a new 2019 F250 4X4 with the diesel. This seems to be the one everyone is having a problem with. My first encounter was at 3,000 miles!!! So the problem is not with worn parts. At least one contributor asked about shocks. I didn’t know Ford had a problem so I replaced stock shocks with new Bilsteins at my expense. Truck rides a little better, but problem persists when hitting bumps. Now I’m working with the dealer for the fix. Also reported problem to NHTSA. YOU MUST REPORT THIS TO THEM TO HAVE YOUR VOICE OFFICIALLY HEARD!!!

                        • State: Colorado
                      • #82 Edward leech leech says:

                        I have 63000 miles on my super duty F-250 diesel, heading back to Florida from the holidays have not driven a hundred miles and have had for death wobbles. thank God there’s no ice on the road or I would probably be dead. all I do is hit a small bump and it feels like the left tire is falling falling off the truck. Please help

                        • State: Florida
                      • #83 Mike Sullivan says:

                        2017 F250 Lariat 4X4 24,000 miles has the death wobble after hitting any bumps in road at normal speeds 30 to 40 mph. Have not been to a Dealer yet as I just started my search on web to find out I am not alone with problem. Hoping to hear of a solution as I have been Driving F250’s since the 70’s and would like to continue unless Ford does not fix the problem!

                        • State: MA
                      • #84 Bryan says:

                        Test drove a 2017 f-250 diesel and this happened on the test drive. Sales manager said this is normal with higher pressure tires on hd trucks. I said violent shaking is not a normal occurrence on any stock vehicle and I didn’t feel safe driving it. They rebalanced the tires and happened again, but slightly less violent. didn’t buy, but I can’t believe someone who was in the truck when it happened could say it was normal. If you are looking for one of these vehicles, which I obviously am, make sure you test drive on a highway and hit some bumps. If you feel any shaking, stay away.

                        • State: CO
                      • #85 Danny Rice says:

                        2018 XLT F250 4×4 21k mileage. I’ve had the wobble three times now. It occurs as I cross bridges or asphalt potholes. The speed has ranged between 70-75 mph. The wobble has went away within a 10-25 mph decelerations. It’s time to see the dealer.

                        • State: AL
                      • #86 Jon sonntag says:

                        I bought a 2017 f250 8 months ago and I was entering the highway on a ramp that enters the fast lane. We all know how fun that is anyway, but last week the death wobble happened and I was forced to slam on my breaks in the fast lane until the wobble stopped. Which wasn’t until 10 mph. It was terrifying and I almost caused a huge pile up. I hope they figure this out soon. I drive my 5yr old around in my truck and if anything happens to her over laziness from Ford. It won’t be good is all I’m saying. Do your f-ing job Ford!

                        • State: Ma
                      • #87 Ron Hawkins says:

                        I have a 2019 Ford F-250 SD 4×4 diesel. on January 4, 2020 I was driving at about 65mph and a car cut in front of me and I had to hit the brakes hard and the truck just started shaking violently. My question is with all these threads above stating the same thing, some under warranty and some not why is it that this is a problem that has been ALLOWED to continue for years? I do not feel safe with this truck and judging from the facts that Ford is in no big hurry to fix this then when will the litigation begin? I have 6,000 miles on my truck and I am scared as hell to drive it, I don’t want someone to die because of my truck.

                        Can I legally request to be refunded my money since this is a serious safety issue not being corrected by Ford?

                        • State: TX
                      • #88 Bob Smith (AKA) says:

                        2018 F250 28K miles, Death Wobble 2 times. It is at the dealership now. I will update when I hear back from them. The service Manage was well aware and said it could be 4-6 weeks for parts. They gave me a loaner car as of today.

                        • State: Ohio
                      • #89 Bob G says:

                        2019 F-250 XLT 4X4 11,000 miles – Driving back to Oklahoma from Washington state hauling a 16′ enclosed trailer, crossing the OK-Kansas border I hit a bump/transition in the road and my truck went into a VIOLENT death wobble. At the time I only had one hand on the wheel and thought I broke my thumb. The truck swerved toward the center median divider, I STOOD on the brakes and before hitting the divider I jerked the wheel to the right to avoid hitting hit. I didn’t think it was going to stop. Prior to this, coming back from Washington, I noticed a slight death wobble shake a couple of times hitting an overpass transition, just enough to get my attention and remind me why I don’t drive a Jeep any more. I didn’t think much of it until last night. I’m so thankful there wasn’t any traffic around me as there’s no telling what would have happened at that speed. I called my son and told him about it and within five minutes of getting off the the phone with him he called me back to let me know what he had found by googling F-250 death wobble. I drove the remaining 200 miles home at 55-60 mph. This experience scared the *#@! out of me and then pissed me off. Reading these comments piss me off that Ford isn’t doing anything really to fix this. Well, let the fun begin.

                        • State: Oklahoma
                      • #90 Bob Smith says:

                        took my 2018 F250 in after the second DW experience – they are replacing the drag link and the steering damper.

                        • State: OH
                      • #91 LemonLaw says:

                        @Bob: Once it is in three times or 30 days out of service collectively, call us at 800 536 6652 to discuss your rights.

                        • #92 LemonLaw says:

                          @Ron: Please call us at 800 536 6652 to discuss.

                          • #93 Jeremy Whipple says:

                            Same issues with the wabble experience. Dealership kept truck a month. Had same issue after 3 days or so with the truck and had 25k miles. Happened again and dealership said they saw nothing wrong during a routine oil inspection. on the third time they said tires caused the issue so i changed the tires that did not even get to the full life. Still having the issue. Dealership changed the steering damper and bushings but did not resolve the issue and noted that upon return left grease on my leather seats as well.

                            • State: la
                          • #94 Timothy Ackley says:

                            Driving down highway 161 and doing about 65 hit a small bump where the bridge expansion joint is truck started to shake so violently that everybody behind me on the highway stopped So I took my 2018 Ford F250 with 13,000 miles on it back to the dealership and they basically told me your out of luck you’ll have to wait two months for the part Ford dealership on 161 in Pataskala I’ll let you guys figure out the dealership Thanks a lot ford never again!!!!

                            • State: Ohio
                          • #95 Paul says:

                            Like all the others on this site, I too have a 2019 250 crew and it has experienced 3 death wobbles. The first within the first 5000 miles of owning the vehicle. I took it back to the dealer and they drove it with me on the hwy and said “well we can’t replicate it, so nothing we can do.” BS. I should t have left the dealer.

                            The last one was quite scary for me and my children who were in the back. We were driving 75 and bang we hit a small pothole and the vehicle goes in to the death wobble and won’t resolve even after slowing down. Scared the crap out of everyone in the truck. I am bringing it back into the dealer and won’t leave unless they concede to replacing parts… sad part is it appears nobody knows what to do to fix it. Come on Ford step it up or watch us switch and never buy a Ford again!

                            • State: WI
                          • #96 geno gargac says:

                            bought my 2019 f-250 new sept 2nd 2019, on sept 29th 2019 ,we were coming home from racetrack pulling our 7×20 aluminum enclosed trailer with 3 motorcycles and gear, maybe 1600 lbs cargo, I hit some wash board bumps steering wheel shook violently and vehicle shot into left lane, thank god there was not another vehicle there or we would be dead, I was terrified truck only had 900 miles on’s been parked in my barn for last 3 months, I called ford dealer where I purchased from last week they said new stabilizer is 6-7 weeks backordered, I hope that cures it but I don’t have much faith

                            • State: illinois
                          • #97 LemonLaw says:

                            @Timothy: WE may be able to help. Please call 800 536 6652 to discuss your rights.

                            • #98 George Patterson says:

                              My 2018 f 250 to be looked at this week for death wobble, after reading comments, I am in for a long road and it sounds like there is no solution to this. What is one to do??

                              • State: CO
                            • #99 Ryan Hines says:

                              2019 F350 bought new in June 2019 7,000 miles on it. On 1/13/20 while I was driving it started shaking and caused me to lose control. I ended up in the left lane (incoming traffic). Luckily there was no traffic or I would of got hit head on. Dealship says I need a new steering damper but the last one he ordered it took him 2 months to get.

                              • State: Illinois
                            • #100 Steve Milam says:

                              I have a 2017 F-250 Super Duty diesel with ant 50,000 miles. I’ve experienced “death wobble” 4 times. The first time it happened, I had just started crossing a bridge at 70 mph; scared the crap out of me. I had to slow, quickly to 20 mph. Truck is scheduled for “repair” on Monday. Like everyone else on here, dealer is aware of problem. Service manager says Ford has issued a bulletin but no recall. And from what I’ve read here, fix detailed in bulletin doesn’t permanently correct issue. I never had this issue with my 2008 F-250 Super Duty and it had 150,000 miles. Like they say, Ford means “Fix Or Repair Daily”. Sure hope driving these nicely designed, aluminum bodied wonder vehicles don’t kill us, our families or other innocent drivers.

                              • State: Texas
                            • #101 robbie heinrich says:

                              I’ve had 4 severe death wobble events in my 2019 king ranch F250 with 30,000 miles. Each of which caused an emergency stop on the shoulder of a busy interstate narrowly avoiding a collision. Dealer initially said parts were on backorder for the TSB. Today I showed them two videos I was able to take when it happened to me this week (I can share them if anyone wants to see them) and now they’re supposed to get more steering dampers in tomorrow and are going to replace that Monday next week. Even after that TSB I am not going to trust the truck. I’m a die hard Ford fan but this is insane. Supposedly the front ride height of the 2020 models was lowered 1.5” to fix this issue. I’d like to have ford buy my 2019 back so I can get in a safe vehicle but they laughed at me when I suggested that. I too filed a NHTSA complaint.

                              • State: Kentucky
                            • #102 Lon Dehnert says:

                              I purchased a 2017 F250 with 19,300 miles and by 19,800 miles it had acquired the “death wobble”. Ford replaced the steering stabilizer (dampener) and within 9500 miles it has re-developed. It is an extremely dangerous and scary event each time. Contrary to several comments here mine also occurred once in town at 47 mph. The steering stabilizer that Ford claims will fix it has now been on back-order for the past 4.5 weeks and I can’t take the truck on the highway. I, therefore, have had it evaluated by a steering specialist who has significant success fixing this issue and they use an aftermarket, double stabilizer and new high-quality shocks on the front. In addition, there is a company out of Massachusetts, WC Motor Sport, which has supposedly re-engineered the track bar but the 2017 isn’t yet safety tested so it is not yet in production (the track bar ball joint is also a potential cause of this problem).

                              • State: KS
                            • #103 Steve Frazier says:

                              I have a 2015 F250. The death wobble did not start until 200k miles. This truck is a local delivery truck and has been maintained meticulously. Will be following as this is an issue that needs immediate attention from Ford.

                              • State: Texas
                            • #104 Mike says:

                              2010 F250 doing the same thing. I have been in and out of the shop for over a year now with the same issues everyone here is saying. They replace one thing and say “try that”. Not what you want to hear when you have experience this in traffic. I think this is the year I get a new truck and it definitely will not be a Ford.

                              • State: Alabama
                            • #105 Todd says:

                              I’ve had 2004, 2007 SRW F-350 and 2014, 2017 and 2019 DRW F-450 trucks. Every one of them has done it. Just today the 2019 got into it so bad that I had to come to the stop in a traffic lane to get it under control. Ridiculous that this has been going on for 16 years! I don’t even bother with Ford. They can’t fix it at the shop.

                              • State: MS
                            • #106 Scott Verdin says:

                              Got a new 2019 F250 Lariat that has started that death wabble. Four times the other day. Once going 75 mph in the rain on interstate!!!! Horrifying!!!!! Must get down to a near stop for it to quit. I videoed it with my cell phone and showed the dealer!!! They were NO HELP!!! This is total bullshit! Ford knows about this problem. I called ford and told them I’m scared to drive the truck that I just paid 70k for! The only response was; we’re working on a solution but the parts are on back order! ARE YOU SERIOUS. How many people have to die? How many crippled in accidents? What can we do???????

                              • State: Louisiana
                            • #107 Donald D stettnisch says:

                              I don’t know when this started but I had a 2001 v10 4×4 270k never had an issue drove every where on crappy roads and up to 93 at least once a week
                              But now I have recently bought a high mileage 2012 6.7 4×4
                              Had just heard about it then had wobble over washboard on I 70 at around 70 mph
                              Today same place on highway (I had just came off of a cloverleaf ramp
                              It started at about 45 mph
                              Don’t understand what tight corner had to do with it

                              • State: MO
                            • #108 Mark says:

                              I have a 2019 F-250. Death Wobble has happened 6 times now (twice in a single trip). Ford is waiting for engineering and parts to fix. They cannot give me an ETA on the parts. This is not the level of reliability, or customers service that one would expect when you purchase a $65K vehicle. I’m afraid to drive at highway speed now.
                              I have only used the truck to drive to from work, and pulled a 6,000 lb boat maybe 5 times.

                              • State: FL
                            • #109 Debbie Arsanis says:

                              I’m 62 years old! Does ford a 62 year old women has the strength to control a Ford 350 when a death wobble happens I drove to San Fran today approx 200 miles today! My truck that is a 350 platinum
                              With 32,000 miles had 3 occurrences today! I have told all my friends that if I have a catastrophic accident and find me dead sue ford and make a million ! I’m so mad that at my age I can’t just enjoy a road trip I’m calling a attorney tomorrow!
                              I’m no longer a ford girl !

                              • State: Calif
                            • #110 Daryl says:

                              2019 f250 lariat bought New in July 2018. $80,000 and had this problem since new. It’s well documented. Now at 28000 mies and I’m feed up. I have the premium service plan and it’s been serviced on time every time. New stabilizer twice, aligned three times, axle shimmed, now a new drag link and it’s still not stable at 50mph and above. I parked it in front of the dealer tonight after picking it up after it Was supposedly fix again. I parked it blocking the entrance and used a paint marker on the three windows facings road reading “$80,000 and ford can’t fix it after 28,000 miles. Started day 1” let’s see what happens. I guess if it gets towed it covered under warranty and they won’t have to tow it very far. I don’t have to drive this thing and won’t anymore till it’s fixed.

                              • State: Ohio
                            • #111 LemonLaw says:

                              @Daryl: I believe we can help you. Please go to and fill out the requested information.

                              • #112 Larry says:

                                I have a 2010 f250 with only 96k miles hit a small bump and it like to been my death on busy I-85 couldn’t get it to stop the death wobble and no emergency lane to get in just held on and prayed that’s how long this problem has been going on – my friend had and f250 2001 and his started and almost killed us

                                • State: SC - South Carolina
                              • #113 J.Bryant says:

                                Yep ,Here we go, been driving Fords all my life. Now on several 2019 Ford F250’s that we have leased thru two different lease companies we have had the Death Wabble on everyone of them. Come on Ford .Stop ignoring the issue and grow some balls, this is your responsibility to take the bull by the horns and get the RECALL started and get these trucks fixed before someone gets hurt or killed, put the recall on the major News Stations and let the public know what is going on. I am actively searching for a way to get an interview with Fox News and show some of the videos we have on these new trucks with 10k miles on them. I was going to purchase a new ford for my wife this year but not now. Will be looking at alternatives to the F250 4×4. I m pissed because Ford executives won’t step up and fix the problem. Fire the head of the company and replace him or all of the ones on the board for not doing the right thing. As loyal customers we deserve better. Show some courage.

                                • State: Texas
                              • #114 Dennis Fulk says:

                                This has happen to my 2014 F250 diesel twice now, I will see dealer
                                and if they act dump, then Lemon law here I come. All though I have had other problems with truck and ford fixing it, I’m ready for a major class action law suite. It’s time to make Ford stand behind their vehicles or stop selling them.

                                • State: PA
                              • #115 Keith Grant says:

                                My truck is now going into get “fixed” for the fourth time in a year

                                • State: Texas
                              • #116 Richard King says:

                                2011 F250, 65000 mi – Death wobble ocurring regularly. Scares the hell out of us to the point that we are afraid the drive the vehicle. We reported it to Dobbs to inspect during a tire rotation and they couldn’t find anthing wrong. I’m taking it to the dealer, but from what I’m reading, it just going to continue to cost money with no results. How do we join the Class Action suit?

                                • State: Illinois
                              • #117 Greg says:

                                the family and I were travelling down the highway this weekend and had to instances. 1 was very minor but the second one was violent. I can’t believe reading all of these posts that this isn’t something that has been corrected over the years. Why is this not a recall? Why is this still an issue? By the sounds of it even if the dealer does a fix on it, it still seems to happen. I hope when mine gets fixed it goes away but I’m not to confident. My truck is a 2018 F350 SRW with 20K miles. Family is scared to ride in our truck now on the highway. Pretty bad feeling after spending $95000 CDN on a truck that should be able to be driven.

                                • State: Sk, Canada
                              • #118 Larry Edwards says:

                                I just bought a 2012 f-250 4×4 Lariet with 86000 miles
                                ,Drove it to west texas on a job , have had the truck 2 weeks, coming from work today , raining hit a pot hole in the road and all hell broke loose. Had to hit the brakes and hit the shoulder of the road. and didn’t stop shaking untill it was below 35. After that it did it 5 more times before I got back to my travel trailer. I might have to go back home and get my 01 with 359000. At least you can drive it without worrying about killing yourself driving it

                                • State: Oklahoma
                              • #119 anita howard says:

                                purchased a used 2017 f250 with 37,000 miles on it. going down the interstate to home after purchase I experienced what I now know as the DW. in the shop waiting on an ok for Ford to fix it. I was given a 12 month warranty plus I purchased a 100,000 mile warranty, why do I need approval to repair it. very disappointed and scared to haul my LQ horse trailer anywhere with it.

                                • State: Alabama
                              • #120 Rick Prescott says:

                                2019 Ford F 250 diesel Lariet 19000 miles
                                Went on a trip, experienced it 6 times on the highway and interstate
                                had to come to a complete stop before it would stop shaking
                                Have had ford trucks since 1983 and never have experienced something like this.

                                • State: ID
                              • #121 Larry Perkins says:

                                2019 F 250 Supre Duty 6.7 Diesel 34000 miles
                                I just bought this truck and I thought I was getting a great truck. It went into the death wobble three times in a mile at 55 MPH. At one point it through me into on coming traffic. Ford are you waiting for people to die before fixing this problem.

                                • State: Florida
                              • #122 Michael Alvarez says:

                                Purchased a 2019 6.7 4×4 with 7000 miles on it while stationed in virginia. It will do the death wobble while on the highway but also has some immense deflection in the steering wheel while turning on road with potholes. Acts like that truck wants to throw me into the other lane. It’s a shame that Ford is ignoring it while these used vehicles are being purchased by unsuspecting customers. They were most likely traded in by the original customers who were over ford’s cover up.

                                • State: Florida
                              • #123 Kenneth says:

                                I have a 2014 F-250 and have recently been experiencing death wobble. It has been to two shops, we have replaced numerous parts and have spent around $3,000 on repairs. Still having same issue.

                                • State: Ohio
                              • #124 John says:

                                2013 F-250 here. Bought it used a yr. ago. No major problem with wobble (I do notice slight wobble on occasion) until I put a loaded trailer behind it. I can haul my 2010 lb. flatbed trailer empty with no problem. First time I had a total trailer wt. approximately 5000 lbs, load centered over trailer axles. wobbled once pretty bad but didn’t do it again over a couple hundred miles. Next time I had about 7500 lbs. total again centered over trailer axles, this time it went violently ape-sh!t. When it started my first thought was that a front tire blew, it felt on the edge of control. I was in semi heavy traffic on the freeway but was fortunately in the right lane and able to get to the shoulder. I babied it home keeping my speed around 55 but it did it several more times after that, many of them violently to the point where you think something is going to fall off or break on your suspension. My whole purpose for buying the damn thing was for towing, looks like I wasted my money since I am no longer comfortable. Guess I’ll have to go back to my 150, never had a problem with it.

                                • State: California
                              • #125 Leonard Stewart says:

                                To much aluminum not enough steel in the front end. Buy a old one put new motor and trans in an old truck that is made of Steel not Aluminum.

                                • State: CA
                              • #126 Jeff Uhlman says:

                                I just purchased a 2019 Ford 250 Lariat with only 22000 miles, my wife and I just experienced the “DEATH WOBBLE”, fortunately we were not pulling any type of trailer or boat, the dealer did not disclose any type of issues with Ford front ends, with something this serious and where it could be a hazard to the driver, passengers and others on the road this should be disclosed.
                                Ford needs to be involved and develop a correction before somebody gets killed, I will NEVER buy a Ford product again.

                                • State: CT
                              • #127 Justin says:

                                2018 f250 bought last year as a certified preowned with 28,000 miles on it and now 51,000 miles. Same problem as everybody else when you hit a bump on the left front above 40-45 mph it starts wobbling. Freaking scary to drive and even scarier for the people around you. They need to fix this issue. @ford

                                • State: Tennessee
                              • #128 Guy Dame says:

                                I have a 2012 F250 CrewCab 4×4, bought new, and have been experiencing for many years. The only temporary solution I have found is spend ~5k replace all of the front steering components and wait another 30K miles and repeat.
                                It’s just frustrating you spend 60K on a truck and you keep doing repairing the same parts every 30k miles or so.
                                I understand parts wear out but at 30k miles or less is bad. These are suppose to be SuperDuty, well maybe they should change that and call it SuperDollars… This is terrible that a manufacture does not come up with a better solution. I wish I would have kept my 2001 F250 now, that design never had the issue.

                                • State: TX
                              • #129 Wes Neill says:

                                I have a 2017 F250 CrewCab 4×4, bought new an now after 19,000 miles it has started the Death Wobble, Has there been a fix other than replacing the Steering Damper this is a bandaid approach.

                                • State: AZ
                              • #130 LemonLaw says:

                                @Wes we may be able to help. call us at 800 536 6652.

                                • #131 Brad says:

                                  2018 F350 bought new. About 14000 miles was the first death wobble, less than 30000 now. Truck has been to the dealer many times. VIN shows the steering dampener has been changed 4 times. It’s been more than that. When Ford had none available the dealer put in Monroe brand. They didn’t last either so I am not convinced this is a fix. It’s nothing more than a bandaid. I contacted Ford about the buy back program, this truck is not eligible. What a joke

                                  • State: WI
                                • #132 Brittany says:

                                  I’ve read so many comments on this thread. I have a 2018 F250 44k miles. Death wobble 3 times in one week after hitting bumpy bridges. Luckily i could control it, but i haul horses and based on this thread it sounds like the issue never resolves. I have an appointment with my local dealership in the morning, they said they would put a steering damper on it. Has anyone had the issue resolved?

                                  • State: Virginia
                                • #133 LemonLaw says:

                                  @Brad: Please call us at 800 536 6652 to discuss your case and how we can help.

                                  • #134 Tim Wall says:

                                    F250 2018 , 62k miles , death wobble today , 3rd time in last 6 months , 72 mph interstate overpass . Family in truck , wife told me they will not ride in the truck again until it is safely repaired. I’m not going to use the same verbiage that she actually used to tell me this . Anyway I read the 130+ complains on this site and would like to include myself . We have also owned 5 F150 pickups and did Not experience this same issue . Tim Wall , Wilmington NC .
                                    Purchased new in 2018.

                                    • State: NC
                                  • #135 Eric COOKE says:

                                    Death wobble… same boat.
                                    I was half way between FL and NC and experienced the wobble while pulling my camper on I-95. That was a interesting feeling trying to get pulled over and trying to keep calm while my son was in the seat next to me scared to death. Since I was not at home I went ahead and replaced the steering damper which fixed the problem for about 700 miles and now I’m sitting outside a Ford dealership 300 miles from home again with a 2 year old F-250 that can’t be driven. 30k miles and wore out.

                                    • State: FL
                                  • #136 Wes says:

                                    I have a 2018 F-250 that I ordered with the heavy-duty front end. I have 67K miles and the death wobble started this weekend on a bumpy bridge. It did it all weekend and is unsafe to drive. Has there been any resolution?

                                    • State: Alabama
                                  • #137 Linda Woolever says:

                                    Wow. I decided to google what happened to me today to see if I could find what front end parts might be involved. I have a 2000 F250 with just under 120,000 miles on it. Hit a pothole today on the freeway doing about 65 mph and thought I had a flat tire. It wobbled bad. Very scary. Once I slowed to nearly a stop it quit shaking and I was able to continue on (I could tell by then it was not a flat). Previously there were a few instances when I was driving over uneven pavement and it would “shiver” until I slowed down enough for it to stop.

                                    • State: United States
                                  • #138 Bennie Sullivan says:

                                    i have a 2018 F-250 with the death wobble that will nearly bounce you off the road. back in July , took to dealer, they said Super duty are not meant to drive over 70 mph which makes it worthless. anyways, they changed steering stabilizer and it stopped for a few months. just went down I-10 last weekend at 75 mph did it 3 times. took to another dealer and they changed same thing. did not help at all this time. what can be done and is there another truck that does not have this problem? i can be done with ford if i have to.

                                    • State: TX
                                  • #139 LemonLaw says:

                                    @Bennie: Feel free to submit your claim at I think we can help.

                                    • #140 daniel george says:

                                      i have a 2009 ford f250 4×4 it still has a death wobble don’t know what to do with it, please help

                                      • State: MO
                                    • #141 Jason Davis says:

                                      Purchased a used 2017 F250 6.7L Crew Cab Short Bed with 30K miles last month. Drove it today for a 3-hour trip each way. Absolutely violent shake – I thought a tire exploded. I wasn’t in a safe area to stop, so drove a short distance to the shoulder. No obvious damage to the truck and it drove fine after. The exact situation repeated itself on the way home. Concerned, as I bought this truck to pull a light fifth-wheel.

                                      • State: IL
                                    • #142 Rich says:

                                      I got a brand new 2005 F250 4X4 for work and had the exact same problem with it at 65 mph, and it is scary. I took the truck to two dealers who looked at it, checked alignment, and one replaced parts (springs and shocks) to no avail. Subsequently, (200,000 miles later) I got a 2011 model and it did the same thing, hit a bump just right on the highway and instant death wobble. The maintenance mechanic insisted the tires had to have 75-80 psi cold inflation as per the door jamb sticker, as opposed to say 40-50 for a less brutal empty bed ride quality, but I would say it is a design flaw, especially for what is supposed to be a heavy duty vehicle. In my experience it always seems to have happened at higher speeds, which makes it that much more terrifying. (dangerous) I have seen shocks and stabilizers as reported fixes, but my 15 years and multiple occurrences of this issue supports a class action to demand a retrofit solution by FoMoCo. Additionally, it should be noted that the current design began in 2005, and prior to that the Super Duty had leaf sprung solid front axle, which I personally never had any trouble with, having originated around 1999 MY through 2004. I’m retired now and have a F150 truck, which will cruise across the country at 80 mph with 32-36 psi in the tires, so perhaps Ford should bring back the old Twin Traction Beam front axle to quell the shakes. Oh wait, 60-80,000 dollar pickup trucks aren’t profitable enough for that old technology…it’s just ridiculous and not right!

                                      • State: NY
                                    • #143 Terry Secor says:

                                      Just purchased a 2011 F250 diesel with 220,000 miles – happy to get the truck for my work. Until I was driving about 70 yesterday and experienced the death wobble. I’m 76 and still pretty strong, but this was a shaker and dangerous with the traffic all around. Trying now to figure out what to start doing to get this figured out and from what I read here, it looks hopeless. I have to haul a trailer with a classic car 2000 miles across country and don’t want to have to deal with this for the entire trip.

                                      • State: Arizona
                                    • #144 James Clay says:

                                      I too have recently purchased a 2019
                                      F250 and I have encountered the Death Wobble. It occured at 75 mph crossing bridge where it transitions back to the highway. Had to slow down below 40mph to get it to stop. I had never heard of this but was researching an issue with my non functioning horn and ran across several posts. I hoped mine would not do this but…
                                      This truck has 35,400 miles so it is going to a local dealership for the horn issue but they told me the death wobble is not covered under warranty.

                                      • State: Mississippi
                                    • #145 Vikram Gopi says:

                                      Just bought a 2013 F-250 Diesel Lariat with 129K miles. After a few weeks, I have experienced it on the highway close to home, when going on 65MPH. I was horrified. Slowed down, put my hazards ON and came to a complete halt where they leave a bit of road for merging. Vibration stopped, drove off, but I am S*** scared! Ford does not have a recall on this which they are famous for denying that it is their fault anyways.

                                      • State: OK
                                    • #146 Joe Mullee says:

                                      2019 F250 purchased December, 2018. Just hit 57,000 miles and happened for the first time two days ago while traveling at 60MPH. VIOLENT!! Thought I blew a tire. Was able to pull off the highway and did a check underneath the vehicle. Everything looked OK so started back down the road. Fifteen miles later the exact same thing happened again. I was 100 miles from home so white knuckled it the rest of the way. Have an appointment at my dealer tomorrow.

                                      • State: VA
                                    • #147 Larry Ennis says:

                                      my first time ever posting anything on a computer but i have a 2019 F250 with 38k miles . this death wobble is very serious . I just played it off the first two times it happened but since its had death wobble 3 more times it is a very serious and apparently unfixable problem. I have always had f250 dont pull anything just like the big truck but i will be contacting ford asap glad to know its an ongoing problem. thanks larry augusta ga

                                      • State: GA
                                    • #148 Glenn Williams says:

                                      My wife purchased our F250 to haul her old hot rod to the beach and our dirt bikes to the woods. The death wobble is now to the point my wife will not drive it. The truck has 8,900 miles on it, we have had the recall done on it and now all the dealer will do is let the truck sit in a parking lot to make it look like they are doing something with it for 2-3 days and the issue is present. I guess no one has gotten killed from it so they don’t have to do anything about it. Although when you hit a bump on a major interstate and have to go from 75MPH to 0 it’s very bad and dangerous situation.

                                      • State: GA
                                    • #149 Jeanie Peltier says:

                                      We purchased a used 2011 Ford Duramax F250 King Ranch back in 2014 with just a little over 80,000 miles on it. The salesman, at the time, mentioned to us about this problem Ford has had with the F250 and it was called the ‘Death Wobble’. He said there has been many complaints about the truck that when you hit a bump in the road sometimes it will start shaking violently to the point you could loose control of the vehicle. He said Ford is has never been able to solve the problem, as of yet. I remember a couple years after I graduated from high school my dad had just bought a new 1978 F150 and from the time it was brand new till when he finally traded it in sometimes if you’d hit a bump in the road it would do the identical same thing. Start shaking uncontrollably. Our local dealer would change the steering stabilizer, bushings (etc, etc) but to no avail. Well, yesterday my wife, coming home from work hit the railroad crossing, that’s on our road home, like she does everyday at about 55 mph and the truck started shaking uncontrollably. She got so scared she refuses to drive it now. It’s just hard to believe that this problem occurred to my Dad over 44 yrs ago and then again to my wife yesterday and Ford still can’t troubleshoot the problem. Maybe Dodge is the solution!!!

                                      • State: NV

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