Ford F-150 Vibration Problem Continues To Leave Drivers Shaken

February 20, 2017
By: Robert Silverman

Without a doubt, the Ford F-150 truck continues to be one of the most popular trucks on the highway. However lately, we have been seeing an increase in the number of drivers complaining on the 1 800 LEMON LAW hotline  of a Ford F-150 vibration problem, resulting in numerous trips to the dealership with no real fix.

If you google Ford F-150 vibration problems, you will find links to message boards with hundreds and hundreds of posts with trucks dating back to 2011 and earlier, and  leading up in high volume to current 2015 and 2016 models.  Dealers are replacing tires, mounts and other parts; calling the vibration a normal condition; and in some circumstances claiming they cannot duplicate the vibration condition at all, which is really shaking drivers’ patience.

If you are dealing with a Ford F-150 vibration problem, it’s is imperative that you bring your truck to an authorized Ford dealership as soon as possible to have the issue diagnosed and hopefully fixed.  Offer to take the service adviser on a test drive, provide facts as to when the vibration occurs (most drivers say it begins to be very pronounced at around 4o mph), and ask to see any technical service bulletins that have been issued surrounding the problem.  Dealers have been known to ask you to compare your truck to other trucks in the lot, but just remember that just because both trucks are vibrating, it does not mean it is a normal condition or should be tolerated.

Make sure that each and every time you bring your Ford F-150 vibration problem to the dealer’s attention, you are provided with a repair invoice which outlines mileage, dates, your complaint, and their fix.  Even if they say the condition is normal, make sure that you obtain an invoice to illustrate that you brought the matter to their attention.  And if it continues to vibrate, continue to make mention of it.  If need be, you can take your truck to another Ford dealer to have a fresh pair of eyes review the matter.  These dealers know there is an issue; do not let them brush you aside. If they say “no fix is available,” make sure they put that in writing.

Once you are back repetitively for your Ford F-150 vibration problem, it is important that you look into your rights under State and Federal Laws.  Contact a lemon law lawyer in your state to discuss your situation and your opportunity to seek remedy.  After all, if the manufacturer is not doing anything to address the issue, it may be up to you to “shake things up.”

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65 Responses to “Ford F-150 Vibration Problem Continues To Leave Drivers Shaken”

  1. #1 Lee Hackney says:

    2017 Ford F150 short box 4 x 4. Steering wheel shakes from vibratiion. Seats shake. Took it back same day shortly after driving off the car lot. Shop people said it was either bad tires or wheels I purchased. Changed all 4 tires and all 4 wheels but vibration is still there. Shop people said vibration is within limits but to me feels unsafe to drive. The vibration bothers my arms.

    • State: WA
  2. #2 Margaret Jones says:

    Vibration in steering, tires changed twice, new rims. Bounce still there. New 2017 Ford F150 4 x 4 After 3rd tire change vibration is still there but better. Shakes seat and steering wheel.

    • State: Washington
  3. #3 CODY GENKOS says:

    2016 Ford F-150 platinum 5.0 short box 4X4

    Wheels and tires have been replaced, 3 attempts to align, 3 attempts to balance the tires, new brakes and rotors. This vibration is not acceptable! It’s going back to the dealer for the 4th time in 3 weeks..(not the dealers fault, the dealer has been great) but its my first ford vehicle and will be my last Ford vehicle if it isn’t fixed soon. $65k JUNK!

    • State: NEW YORK
  4. #4 Steve Mitchum says:

    I purchased a 2016 f150 Super Cab Sport Package, 4×4 3.5L Eco boost, Truck had 19K+ miles. It took me over a month to find this truck. I brought the truck back the very next day to the service dept explaining the problem, After approx. 12-15 days in and out of service dept the following service was performed.. tires balanced, drive shaft swapped from another on lot, fords vibration test, new Ford OEM drive shaft installed, road forced tire balance etc..I cannot drive the truck without my hand feeling tingly and numb ( very unsafe ) the service rep. road with me and i’m told its with in Fords specs. lol.. I called Ford Customer service and received a case number and was advised me to go for a second opinion. I have it scheduled for 3/27/18.. If this cannot be fixed I will be filing a claim with the NYS lemon law.

    • State: ny
  5. #5 Michael Moberly says:

    Brand new 17 f150 supercab 5.0 stx package. Truck has had a vibration since day one. I’ve had it in the service department of the dealer I leased it from 3 times. First time they road forced balanced the truck. The balancing made it so bad I had to call them and take it back the next day. They rebalanced the tires and put the shake back to “normal”. So I took it back in a third time. They didn’t touch it all day. It just sat there. They said they were waiting to hear from Ford and that it’s my tire package causing it. I’ve never been followed up with or told anything else. I took it to a second dealer and all they did was rebalnce again. It made no difference. I’ve now had the truck almost a year and the shake is getting worse. I can’t travel at highway speeds without feeling this awful shake. Everything in the truck shakes and I’m now at a loss as what to do. I may contact my dealer or possibly even ford but the frustration that I know is coming, makes me hesitant.

    • State: OH
  6. #6 LemonLaw says:

    @Michael: We would be happy to discuss your rights with you. Please call us at 800 536 6652 or visit

    • #7 Steve Mitchum says:

      Follow up from my March 20 post…Well, I went for a second opinion per Fords customer service. It took a few days to locate a problem, The bearing in the rear differential disintegrated and left hundreds of metal shards of crunched up bearing, race, shims circulating through the fluid,( I have pics.) we very very excited to finally locate the problem that the first dealer couldn’t. I can finally have closure and start enjoying the F150 i searched for. However NOT the case. I was told to drive it and allow some break in time, as of today the issue is just as bad at our state speed limit of 55, the vibration is bad enough to be considered a hazard to drive for extended time like 1/2 hour. I contacted the second opinion Ford dealer yesterday and still waiting for a response. Do I have a lemon law case ? It wouldn’t be right to sell it and some other person has to deal with it.. Please I need some guidance on my rights.

      • State: ny
    • #8 LemonLaw says:

      @Steve: Give us a call at 800 536 6652 to discuss.

      • #9 Ron Hartman says:

        I bought a 2016 Ford 150 with v-6 twin turbos with 19.000 miles on it a certified pre-own that went threw a 150 point inspection, yes bs
        after driving about 3 weeks I noticed a shake in engine when stopped at light, and with air on its worse. Took to dealership twice and that then called Ford corp because they could not find anything wrong, they said its normal for the truck to shake.
        I am very unhappy for I paid a lot of money for the truck.

        • State: Texas
      • #10 Chad g. says:

        It’s the ignition coil causing the vibration, I just had the issue. Now bmy truck is 100% fixed and running better than ever.

        • State: La.
      • #11 Michael nowell says:

        I think its time to buy a chevy!!☺

        • State: Wa.
      • #12 garth says:

        2017 F150 xlt 6.5 box. Bought used @ 20,000 KM. and had them put Fix shimmy on sale receipt. They said tires, been back in shop 4 times. Shakes, shimmies, vibrates still. I wonder if they have broken the sale contract because they have not fixed it? Seems lots of people with same issue. Options. Causes. Help.

        • State: alberta, calgary
      • #13 Brett Green says:

        2017 F150 when braking shakes badly especially at 40mph. 18,000 miles
        Im taking it too the dealer asap.

        • State: UT
      • #14 Floyd Scarberry says:

        Bought a new 2016 Ford F-150 V-6 Eco Boost extended cab 4 x 4 – picked it up and took a small trip – noticed the vibration immediately from 30 to 70 mph. Really bad at 55 speed limits. Called them back on Monday to get the issue resolved. Re-Balanced the tires – no help. Been back to the dealership now five times – still same issue. They have balanced the tires – put two new ones on – rear & front drive shafts replace and still same issue. Love my truck – hate the vibrations 🙁 At this point not sure what to do next.

        • State: Ohio
      • #15 Richard says:

        I have a 2018 F-150 3.5 with a 10 speed Trans, the truck has less then 2000 miles on it and whey the trucks hits 50-60 mph it develops a harmonic/vibration that goes away when you let off of the gas pedal.

        When towing a 1000 lbs trailer the harmonic/vibration is magnified.

        Ford dealer replaced the tires and they told me they were going to reprogram the PCM/ECU. I received a call today from Ford and they are not going to refresh the PCM/ECU, but they are waiting on a toll from Ford to read the vibrations.

        we will see what happens once they get t his tool

        • State: TX
      • #16 Adam Hewell says:

        I have a 2016 f150 supercrew xlt fx4. I noticed the vibration on my test drive but figured it was just the truck I drove at the time. Mine has done it from day 1. At 55mph almost on the nose it vibrates noticeably through the steering wheel. Around 45 it’s better and 60+ not noticeable. It’s the common 55 that you drive every day. I’ve taken to two different dealerships. First one noticed it but says it was within specs and sent me packing. Second one replaced multiple parts and kept it for 6 weeks and still did not fix it. I was furious and still am. I’m two years into what I thought was a dream truck and haven’t been pleased yet. Very disheartening.

        • State: Georgia
      • #17 Ronald A Carucci says:

        Purchased brand new Ford F150 STX Echoboost in Nov 2017
        I have been to dealership three times with a vibration problem. Only to have been told that the vibration is normal, or can’t feel, or it is said that there is no vibration. Wheels rebalanced wheels rotated criss- cross and actually the vibration became more notisable to me.
        I Have been a ford owner for many years from 1987 through the present time owning several New cars and Trucks and never have I ever encountered such a problem. At a period of time I worked for a great ford dealership and drove a multitude of all ford products and I have never had or felt such a condition. Please help me !!!!

        • State: UTAH
      • #18 Andrew says:

        I just bought 2016 ecoboost F-150 with 7,000 miles on it 2 weeks ago. Noticed a vibration between 40-55 mph at low rpm a few days later. It’s going back to the dealership on Monday 10/29/18. After seeing the comments on here about this being normal I’m really disappointed and hope I don’t get the same bs. I had a 2013 5.0 F-150 before this one and I put 67,000 miles on it and it rode smooth every mile. I paid 35,000$ for this truck and I’m very unhappy.

        • State: Delaware
      • #19 LemonLaw says:

        @Andrew: If you end up bringing the Ford back three or more times for the vibration issues, reach out to us at and we may be able to help you recover some recourse.

        • #20 Andrew says:

          Ok, so I took the truck back to the original dealer and as expected I was told it was normal. Needless to say, I’m not buying it. I’m taking it to a different Ford dealer for a second opinion on the 14th of November for a second opinion. After owning the truck now for about 3 weeks, the vibration is most noticed between 30-60 mph at low rpm when trying to maintain your speed. The service tech that I just spoke with said from what I described to him it sounds abnormal. I’ll update this post once I get the second opinion. 2016 F150 ecoboost, 7,500 miles to date.

          • State: Delaware
        • #21 Josh Emery says:

          2018 F-150 Stx Fx4 5.0L. Vibrations are horrible can’t even drive. Ford had it 1 day and I got it back. Then the shaking started again and they had it 5 days. They said the worked on my transfer case, drive shaft and differential as well as tore rotation. It drive fine for a few days and the shaking returned. They have now had it another 9 days and are telling everything is fine. The dealerships are refusing to issue repair orders and will now only summarize repairs to me via email. They don’t know what day my truck was there, cant tell me why there are discrepancies and after offering to pay my 1st car note, they have not done so. I have gone to the highest levels of Ford customer service and am being stonewalled.

          • State: TX
        • #22 LemonLaw says:

          @Andrew: Once the truck is back in three times for the vibration, call us at 800 536 6652.

          • #23 Andrew says:

            Here’s my follow up. I took it for a second opinion, and was told it was the tires. Obviously, it’s not the tires. That was a waste of time. Took it back to the original dealer yesterday and had the tires balanced and an alignment done. Got the truck back this afternoon and there’s no difference, vibration is still there.They keep repeating that it’s and just lock out gears to make the vibration go away. That’s not solving my problem. I shouldn’t have to lock out 5th-6th gear so it won’t vibrate. I really hate this truck and it’s definitely one of the most expensive mistakes I’ve ever made in my life.

            • State: Delaware
          • #24 LemonLaw says:

            @Andrew: Give us a call at 800 536 6652 to discuss your situation and how we can help.

            • #25 David atteberry says:

              We bought a 2016 f150 with 10,000 miles on it. Noticed the vibration immediately. Took it back to the dealer once so far all they did was balance the tires. Still horrible. After reading all this, I have to assume ford knows of the defect. Has anyone actually gotten the problem solved? I really like this truck but can’t deal with the issue. I guess repeat vists to the dealer 2 more times so I can take advantage of the LemonLaw maybe my only recourse.

              • State: Wa
            • #26 Jim Ternes says:

              I bought a new Ford F-150 3.5 ecobost. When towing, when I hit 60 mph the whole truck starts to vibrate. Vibration so bad that the dash board shakes like heck. Same trailer behind my sons Dodge Ram ecodiesel no vibration at all. It’s not the trailer like I was told at the dealership. It’s the damn Ford

              • State: Wi
            • #27 LemonLaw says:

              @Jim: How many times has this matter been addressed by a Ford dealer under warranty? Please give us a call at 800 536 6652 to discuss.

              • #28 Rodney Terrell says:

                I just bought a almost brand-new used 2018 Ford F150 FX4, and have noticed a vibration that is actually very tiring after driving it a while. The vehicle only had 1700 miles on it and I even checked the Carfax that they handed me with no issues reported. So I asked why this car was returned and I was told the car salesman that the previous owner wasn’t happy and wanted to different vehicle. But they didn’t tell me why he wasn’t happy and now I know. There’s a serious problem with vibration in these new F-150s with the 10-speed. And from the comments on this website it could be a simple fix of replacing a distributor coil or not. Can you help me.

                • State: ARIZONA
              • #29 JAMES TERNES says:

                I did an on line chat with a ford rep on 01/05/2019 and was given a case no. CAS-16771722-B5B4W2 AND TOLD TO CONTACT Jarrod Gesell at EVS. Got a call from today and was told that he was told by his service rep not to do anything to the truck. I’m am getting the run around. This will definitely be the last Ford vehicle
                that I purchase. They towed it behind one of their trucks from the lot with the same results. My youngest son has a 21014 f150 and no vibration, my oldest son has a 2018 ram and no vibration, I traded in a 2004 Silverado and no vibration. Where do I go from here?

                • State: WI
              • #30 LemonLaw says:

                @James: Please give us a call at 800 536 6652 to discuss your rights and how we can help.

                • #31 Laurie Phillips says:

                  I have a 2018 f 150 that has a bad vibration. It has less then 6000 on it. What have you heard about this?

                  • State: Vt
                • #32 LemonLaw says:

                  @Laurie: Sadly, the issue has continued.

                  • #33 Chris C says:

                    I am experiencing the same issue on my 2018 F-150 3.5 (VIBRATION 50-60 MPH) and the dealership sold me the truck as being a demo “new” when in fact the truck was actually purchased before me and owner was experiencing the same issues. I only found out that the truck was previously titled and there was a vibration issue because the dealership left the WO (piece of paper under the driver seat). I reached out to the owner and was told the dealership and ford bought the truck back. Now I am experiencing the same issues and the dealer is trying to tell me the truck was a demo? Ahh the back and fourth starts now… What type of lawyer should I be contacting?? In fact I believe the person that posted comment #15 is the previous owner his typed comment is word for word what our phone conversation was…. (what’s the odd’s, the date of the post matches when he was getting the run around)..

                    • State: TX
                  • #34 Bob says:

                    Bought a 2026 F150 with 5.0 and. 3.55 rearend. 31,000 miles and have had it into the Ford dealership shop for a vibration in the steering wheel at 50 mph when letting off the accelerator. New tires and rebalancing twice and no change. Drove for another week and the vibration is still there. Back to the dealer again and they said noting wrong, with in manufacture specs. So I took it back to the dealer I purchased it from and they had a tech drive with me and he did feel the vibration but said after re-checking it’s within manufacturing specs. Well picked up the truck with the paper work saying they feel the vibration but that is how the truck is works. What??? Not exceptable in my opinion. So now I’m driving a 2016 F150 that vibrates every day and seems to be getting worse by the day. Anybody have a solution yet?
                    Love the truck till I hit 50 mpg, than the anger starts. HELP!

                    • State: Wa
                  • #35 Steve says:

                    I have a 2018 F150 FX4 5.0l package and it has a vibration at 1500 rpm with light throttle no matter what the gear that goes away when the shifted to neutral. -basically under light load at 45-55 mph. It also shifts poorly (jerky) under light acceleration.
                    I’ve had it in the dealerships numerous times and they haven’t been able to fix it. It also had a bad front driver’s side wheel bearing that they did repair. They did improve the shifting slightly with TCM updates. It looks like Ford doesn’t offer this package for 2019 ( Ford might know something). Any help would be appreciated.

                    • State: Mi
                  • #36 LemonLaw says:

                    @Steve: Please visit to submit your information for review. We should be able to help.

                    • #37 Russ says:

                      My vibration didn’t start until they just did a transmission recall that was ordered by ford. Quite odd! 2013 f-150 stx. For the most part the truck is great except for paint issues and bad steel in the coil springs. Rust on these fords is definitely an issue. Getting back to the vibration, as I said it didn’t start until they changed the transmission settings in the computer. They said it was a recall from the manufacturer. “ ford” obviously

                      • State: Ny
                    • #38 Michael Bachar says:

                      I have noticed a vibration in my 2016 ford f-150 with the 3.5 eco boost engine. It happens at different speeds. After reading these complaints not sure were to start, any suggestions? I have 31,000 miles on it

                      • State: Ohio
                    • #39 LemonLaw says:

                      @Michael: Get back to the dealer and start documenting the issue. If they cannot fix the matter after three repair attempts, and you have the invoices to back it up, you could be entitled to monetary compensation to reflect diminished value under Federal Law.

                      • #40 TP says:

                        Just bought a pre-certified 2018 F150 Limited (3.5L 4×4) a week ago with 21k miles- 1 previous owner. Test drove it, but because of traffic was only able to hit about 65-68mph during the test drive, all else about truck is impecable. Bought the car and drove it home in traffic so always at lower speeds. And mostly drove it that way until the weekend of when I took a road trip. On the highway I encountered an intermittent vibration problem. Starts at about 70mph and upto 80mph trembling (feels like it comes and goes from mild tremble to a bit more severe vibration). Called the dealer and they say maybe it’s tire balance problem and to take it in. But it makes no sense to me that if it is a balance problem, that the vibration would vary that way.
                        And I have two friends who have F150s with same engine and 4×4, but not Limited…so they have 19″ rims instead of the 22s. I’ve driven their trucks and their ride was incredibly smoother. I am taking it in tomorrow to the dealer. It pains me to have googled F150 vibration and found this as first result of the search!

                        • State: FL
                      • #41 Shawn Brown says:

                        I have a 2019 F150 Limited witih under 2000 miles that has the vibration in the seat, wheel and floor between 50-60 that you can also hear. I’ve been to two dealers to have them test drive and one service manager did admit that what I’m describing will be very difficult to diagnose. He said if it’s in the rear end, it will get worse with time. I dropped it off this week at the dealer I bought it from and told them to keep it until they figured it out. Two days later they called and said it was ready for pick up. The tech drove it and said they cannot replicate what I am describing, they measured the vibrations with a machine and the hertz are within Fords specs, so there is nothing wrong with the truck according to Ford. It’s clear that there are quite a few trucks out there with a vibration issue that they are not willing to acknowledge. As a consumer and this being my 5th Ford vehicle in 7 years, do I have any chance of Ford buying this truck back? My 2016 Platinum with the 6 speed that I traded in had no vibrations at all, our 2019 Expediton doesn’t do it and I’ve driven 2 other new trucks that don’t do it either.

                        • State: MN
                      • #42 Joseph P. Jaranko says:

                        I have a 2019 F150 platinum 3.5, 19 speed with the same vibration between 50 and 60. Happens when you are accelerating. It’s been back once and the dealer says it’s a characteristic of the truck. They say they drove 2 others and they had the same vibration. I suspect that Ford has a transmission issue. I understand that the transmission was developed through a Ford and GM partnership.

                        • State: WV
                      • #43 Joseph P. Jaranko says:

                        I have a 2019 F150 platinum 3.5, 10 speed with the same vibration between 50 and 60. Happens when you are accelerating. It’s been back once and the dealer says it’s a characteristic of the truck. They say they drove 2 others and they had the same vibration. I suspect that Ford has a transmission issue. I understand that the transmission was developed through a Ford and GM partnership.

                        • State: WV
                      • #44 LemonLaw says:

                        @Joseph: If you find that after three documented repairs the truck is still not fixed, please call us at 800 536 6652.

                        • #45 Larry Parker says:

                          I have a 2014 F-150 with a bad vibration while driving. I have installed four new tires, front right caliper, front right brake line, brake system bleed,new brake pads, machine front rotors and new drive shaft installed. I still have bad vibration while driving. Congress should get involved with Ford Motor Company and force them to either fix this problem or make them buy back these trucks!!

                          • State: NC
                        • #46 Darren Gjerswold says:

                          Bought a 2015 F-150 brand new and it has vibrated since the day I picked it up. It went back to the selling dealer twice and they balanced the tires like they did everyone else’s. That didn’t change a thing. I dropped it off at the dealer in my home town and they said it had to go to a dealer that had some thing to monitor the vibration. I took it to another dealer that was able and they told me it was in spec. I told them it wasn’t in my spec and they told me they couldn’t do anymore with it. It has 60,000 plus miles on it and drive the same as it did the day I bought it. I’m not buying another one.

                          • State: Minnesota
                        • #47 Marc Meadows says:

                          Truck has had vibration issues since day one. I have had it to 3 different ford dealers. first one said it was normal. Second has had it in 3 times for same problem. Replaced driveline they made it better but not fixed. Vibration is worse towing.
                          Took it to 3rd dealer they said it was the carrier bering but ford would not authorize repair. Ford said it was normal.
                          I will never buy a ford again. This is sad because I really like the truck except for the vibration.

                          • State: WA
                        • #48 Cory Hall says:

                          I have a 2018 F150 Limited 4×4 3.5L V6 with just over 11k miles. I took it to the dealer because the gas pedal was vibrating at 20-30 mph and even worse at 65 mph (this was the 2nd dealer, as the first was so backed up with engine issues it sat on their lot for a week and still had not been assigned to a tech). On the phone, the service advisor assumed it was a tire balance issue, however, I assured him it was not because they were rotated and balanced 2 months earlier and the vibration was not in the steering wheel. Luckily, the shop foreman drove my truck and reproduced the vibration; their solution was to replace the entire accelerator. Although the vibration has improved, there is some that still occurs. This is a shame because I love the aesthetics of the truck, but cannot stand vibrations the entire time I drive.

                          • State: Texas
                        • #49 John johansen says:

                          2011 Ford F-150 4 x4 constant shaking comes and goes why? Please help me

                          • State: Maryland
                        • #50 Dexter W says:

                          Bought a 2016 F150 XLT 2.7L V6 EcoBoost in Feb of this year, still under factory warranty at only 30k miles. Vibration/shaking/bouncing was there when I test drove it, primarily in the 55-65 mph range, but figured it was just a matter of needing tires balanced. In only the first 6 months of ownership the truck has been back at the dealer for repair 5 times, for a total of 45 days. First time was oil pan leak and warped rotors – which they fixed. Then the second time was for smoking on startup anytime it set for a day or so. In this instance it was a bad turbocharger gasket and the right turbocharger was replaced. Third time was AFTER I‘d spent around $1000 on tires, mounting and balancing to get rid of that vibration (which did not fix it) it went back to the dealer for the vibration issue. They performed most of what I’ve read here: road force balance, swap out the drive shaft, replaced pinion gear and rest of differential, etc. etc. all to no avail. Fourth time back to shop was for vibration again. This time my brand new tires with only 600 miles on them were replaced with “a better tire” (per the dealer). Still did not remedy the vibration problem. The fifth time back to shop was for the vibration problem and also because it started smoking on startup again. Picked the truck up yesterday and for the smoking issue they had replaced an oil tube feeding the turbocharger with one that’s been redesigned. As for the vibration, the tech said they have done pretty much all they can, that (1), the vibration is within Ford specs, (2) it drives like any other F150 on their lot, and (3) “it’s just a characteristic of the F50”. Almost word for word what many others here have been told. So basically, they don’t want me to bring it in again for the vibration issue.

                          I will say my issue is with Ford, NOT the dealer. The dealer has been awesome and I truly think they have done the best they can. But Ford has a design problem somewhere and it NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED! As for my specific F150 situation, I’m not sure where to go from here.

                          • State: Kansas
                        • #51 Parmato says:

                          Quick question, Does anybody know WHY? the changing of the ignition coil will stop the truck from shaking??? doesn’t make sense

                          • State: NY
                        • #52 Littlejohn says:


                          I work at a Ford dealership as the parts manager. We have been dealing with this issue and per Fords advanced diagnostic tester for vibrations, it recommend a driveshaft on one of our customers vehicles. We installed the driveshaft and it did not fix it. The equipment still recommend a shaft. We attempted to rebalance, but did not help. We looked to see if any other dealerships had this concern. One had a confirmed fix – replace the entire rear end. Carrier, ring and pinion, bearings, ect. So we tried it. Sure enough, it fixed it. Hopefully this will help others out there.

                          • State: IN
                        • #53 Daniel says:

                          Recently purchased 2019 f150 with floor and seat vibrations. Where in indiana is the dealership who replaced the entire rear end? Willing to pay to repair. This f150 has 1500 miles

                          • State: Indiana
                        • #54 Dennis Herbert says:

                          I drove around with a mechanic for quite a while. I mentioned the driveshaft. Then we put it in 4wd. then out. It hasn’t done it for 5 days since when it was doing it every day but only on the way home from work not on the way to work?? Feeling pretty good since it did it every day after 45 to 50 mph. Hope it’s gone because it hurts my head alot. Don’t think it’s the tires because I let go of the steering wheel no shaking. Let me know if it workes for you. New truck should not happen.

                          • State: OHIO
                        • #55 LemonLaw says:

                          @Dennis: If you have been back three or more times for the issue, feel free to call us at 800 536 6652 to discuss your rights with us.

                          • #56 Mike says:

                            I noticed my 2019 f150 limited with 2800 miles shimmy and shakes whenever I drive over 70mph. I have contacted my ford dealer and ford today. Is MN lemon law the same three or more times for the same issue? I have referenced this website to my ford dealer so hopefully the problem can be fixed the first time. I’m surprised a person would have this problem on a 74k truck.

                            • State: Mn
                          • #57 Mathew says:

                            I have a 2013 Ford F-150 stx and I compare to everyones issue with vibrations. I’m at 130,000 k and I have a new purge valve replaced, oil sending unit and throttle body cleaned. Runs great. But the vibrations after 65 is just getting on my nerves. Balanced and aligned and still have the vibration. I know for sure it’s underneath. My seats shake and the floor shakes, I know the source is under. From all the drive shaft issues etc I know the root of the problem is associated in that area. I believe it’s either the mounting of the transmission, the drive shaft, or the rear end. #52 @Littlejohn does that solve the issue for sure, where do you get theses parts and is there a guide or video to this?

                            • State: FL
                          • #58 Bob says:

                            I think it has something to do with rear end pinion angle not matching the transmission output pinion angle. They should be parallel for zero vibrations. Whenever I put 600lb load (log splitter) in my truck it brings the rear down and looks like I installed a leveling kit and the truck drives like a Cadillac, super smooth 0-85 mph, no vibrations, no body roll. But when my truck has no load, it vibrates at highway speeds, is jerky, and has noticeable body roll. I do have bilstein shocks on rear. I think Ford sets the pinion angles with the truck loaded. I know leaf springs on the rear lead to more axle wrap than coil springs, which has an affect on pinion angle. I also feel a rumble strip effect when decelerating foot off the gas at certain speeds. Which must be driveline related.

                            • State: MA
                          • #59 Unkle chris says:

                            Between 45 and 65mph under light acceleration have the buzzing harmonic vibration. When you let off gas goes away. Been to buying dealer 2 times first time same ole same ole. Then 2nd time i took service writer for a ride and he heard and felet the vibration. Next day i got Call saying they drove 2 identical trucsk and both had the same noise/vibration and so mine is in the within ford specs speel. Then took to another dealer and they said its fine And cant duplicate come back take shopguy for a ride so i did and they pretty much blew me offwhile i waited. So i have a pos. I shoulda kept the recipets from those guys.

                            • State: Colorado
                          • #60 Michael Redden says:

                            2020 F150 5.0 supercharged Rousch edition. Got the truck delivered to me from Tennessee and as soon as I drove it on the highway I noticed a vibration in the steering wheel and also on the gear shifter of I rest my hand on it. Took it to the dealer and had the wheels rebalanced Service guy said it is the tread design of the tires which I know is bs. Truck still vibrates pretty bad at/over 70 mph, I will have to go back and have them look at the rear end but from reading all of these posts by other owners it appears ford has no idea nor are they willing to correct the problem!

                            • State: NJ
                          • #61 john saucier says:

                            Front wheels are vibrating again. Tires in good shape, so I don’t know why It would be vibrating. Ford repaired the probem a few years ago, but it’s vibrating again now.

                            • State: Florida
                          • #62 LemonLaw says:

                            @Michael: Please feel free to call us at 800 536 6652 to further discuss.

                            • #63 Jason McNeill says:

                              Bought 2018 F-150 XL 2.7l brand new (now 25,000mi), until 6 weeks ago, It drove Well enough, then it started feeling as though there was “slop” in the driveline whenever slightly accelerating, it would bounce. Then it started to hum, and vibrate through the floor and pedals, noticeably at 40 and just below 60mph, on top of that, the 2.7l always seemed to vibrate a bit in the wheel and pedals, like a little 4 cylinder would, but it was only if I raced it up, but now it vibrates the pedals all through 1800 thru 3500rpm, then smoothies out a bit. 2 visits to dealer A, said it drives like every other F-150, immediately made a mother appointment, and at that one the same tech drove it, told me the same thing, he didn’t notice anything. I have another appointment at a closer dealer at the end of the month, they will let me ride along with from this dealership at least. I have both first visit paperwork, saying “not able to reproduce”, but the 2nd dealer said there was nothing entered in the computer about either visit.

                              • State: Maine
                            • #64 Ed Hidalgo says:

                              I’ve taken my 2019 XLT F150 to the dealership two times. First time was for the clunking sound of the driveshaft after starting the truck and while driving. I was told it was normal. Second time was for the vibration and they think it the driveshaft out of balance. They ordered a new driveshaft and we are waiting for it to come in. I do have copies of the dealership invoices.
                              If the truck isn’t fixed with the new driveshaft, then I’ll get in contact with a lawyer. Maybe upgrade to the 2022 Lightning.

                              • State: Florida
                            • #65 Ryan says:

                              2022 F-150 developed a shake at 2900 miles. Seems a ton of people are reporting similar issue. Taking to dealer tomorrow but I’m pessimistic they’ll fix. Very dissatisfied with Ford.

                              • State: KY

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