Ford Exploding Sunroof Could be Susceptible to Exploding Lawsuits

February 12, 2018
By: Robert Silverman

Cases involving Ford exploding sunroofs have led to lawsuits involving several models with factory-installed panoramic sunroofs, in addition to Lincoln models with the same feature.

Lawsuits claim all Ford panoramic sunroofs are similar and made of tempered or laminated glass where the tracks are set inside a frame, according to Car Complaints blog. This glass undergoes a temperature shift which forms an outer layer compressed around the middle core of the glass that is continually pressed outwards. Ford claims the shattered sunroof is caused by outside objects hitting the glass, but plaintiffs justify the Ford exploding sunroof to compromising the compressed layer.

Additionally, these sunroofs contain ceramic paint from the tempered glass which has enamels that appear to weaken the sunroof glazing. This decreases the strength of the glass making it less durable than ordinary glass, according to a 2013 report from the Korean Automobile Testing & Research Institute found by Car Complaints.

Top Class Actions blog stated Ford had known of the exploding sunroof since 2008 and even admitted in 2014 of receiving 90 complaints and three lawsuits involving the Ford exploding sunroof, yet has not recalled any affiliated vehicles.

Models vulnerable to a breaking or exploding sunroof include:

  • 2007-present Ford Edge
  • 2009-present Ford Focus
  • 2010-present Ford Fusion
  • 2011-present Ford Explorer
  • 2009-present Ford Flex
  • 2011-present Ford F-150
  • 2009-2014 Ford Mustang
  • 2008-present Ford Escape
  • 2014-present Ford Transit Connect
  • 2013-present Ford C-Max
  • 2007-present Lincoln MKX
  • 2009-2015 Lincoln MKS
  • 2013-present Lincoln MKZ
  • 2010-present Lincoln MKT

If you own a Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury model susceptible to an exploding sunroof and you see cracks or any other signs of breakage in your glass, visit your nearest dealership immediately and be very specific  about your issue. It is imperative you monitor your car’s sunroof and have it checked if you notice damage as it may explode while driven or even parked, putting you and your vehicle at risk.

If you’ve had repeat visits to the dealer addressing your Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury’s sunroof, and/or your vehicle has been in the shop an extended period of time, please email us or call, 1 800 LEMON LAW (1 800 536 6652). You could be entitled to a repurchase, new vehicle, or significant monetary compensation under State Lemon Law or Federal Warranty Law. Best of all, if we can help, our representation is 100% free win or lose, so there is no cost and no risk to file your claim.

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44 Responses to “Ford Exploding Sunroof Could be Susceptible to Exploding Lawsuits”

  1. #1 Stephen Raysely says:

    On February 28, 2018 while driving to Florida from PA in my 2013 Ford Escape,my wife and I heard what sounded like an explosion. Scared the heck out of us. I got the SUV pulled over and saw that the sun roof window was destroyed. Nothing else on the SUV was damaged. No scratches, no dents no nothing.. I didn’t know what to make of this until a friend of mine told me about exploding sun roofs. I explored this on the Internet and saw your commentary. Though I comment on my experience. Thank you.

    • State: Pennsylvania
  2. #2 vincent aguilera says:

    I own a 2007 ford edge wich ive had for about 8 years now, I was driving on the highway on my way to work no semi trucks or bridges nearby and i herd a loud sound that almost made go off the road then noticed pieces of glass on me and saw thay the sun roof was shattered. I had to look this up and came across this site anything I can in regards to this? I still have not gotten to fix it

    • State: MO
  3. #3 Daniel Ppricone says:

    I am the fleet manager of a Limousine Company, Since 2013 we have had probably 15 Glass roof explode on our Lincoln MKT’s
    Just yesterday Sunday 5/7/18 two glass roofs exploded one of which was parked driver sitting in the car, he herd a loud POP.
    the other while driving down the road. I worry that either one of our drivers or passenger could get glass dropping onto their face and eyes, also someone driving behind one of our cars could get pelted with glass god forbid its someone on a motorcycle.
    does someone need to die for anything to be done.
    cost for the glass if I buy it from Lincoln is about $900 and then there is only on place in my area that will do this work the cost for that is another $400 or so.
    I also question the fact that they redesigned the glass roof late 2016 tells me they know theirs a problem.

    • State: Connecticut
  4. #4 Colleen Shotwell says:

    While driving in traffic to a dentist appointment I heard a loud explosion and realized it was my sunroof. I exited the highway and my son and I got out to look and the center of the sunroof was still laying on the roof of the car. He mentioned to me that he had heard about a class action lawsuit regarding exploding sunroofs. We got to the dentist appointment , called the dealership and the insurance company but I still had to drive 50 miles to get to the dealership. By the time I made it there, the glass was pouring into the front seat. I had to pull over again so my son could get into the back seat because the glass was raining down on him. The leather is cut up and the headliner is torn up. When I arrived at the dealership right before closing time , the service manager took a look and said she had heard about this happening, the service advisor on the other hand wanted to argue that it was probably hit by something because he has been in the car business for 16 yrs and hadn’t heard about exploding sunroofs. Hello… This has been going on for years. What is it going to take for the manufacturer to take responsibility? The collision center did the estimate just for the sunroof and it is going to cost $1265.00. Tomorrow morning I have to go back for the leather and headliner. $$$

    • State: Texas
  5. #5 Contessa Smith says:

    While me and my daughter was driving back home to New Orleans from Mississippi I was coming over the twin span and heard a pop sound like a gun. First I thought my tire blew then I heard wind and looked in the rear view mirror people were swerving because glass was going everywhere. I have a 1000 deductible on my insurance so Ford needs to take responsibility. Me and my daughter is shaking up. I don’t want to drive the car anymore I’m scared

    • State: Louisiana
  6. #6 heather says:

    We noticed the shattered moonroof on our 2017 Ford Focus early Saturday morning. We were 4 hours from home on vacation, so the ride home was …something. We took it to the dealership this morning, and they advised they have to send photos to Ford to ensure it is a manufacturer defect and not “user error”. They also told us that it’s a specialty part and takes 2+ days to order, and in the meantime they won’t offer us a rental. This is really making me not want to buy any more Fords.

    • State: PA
  7. #7 LemonLaw says:

    @Heather: Make sure you obtain a repair invoice when picking up the vehicle, and if the repair takes longer than 30 days or repeats itself, please reach out to us at 800 536 6652.

    • #8 Brian Carr says:

      Today I was driving 65 mph on I-270 in Columbus. My panoramic roof exploded. It sounded like someone was in my back seat shooting a shotgun. Scared the hell out of me. First thing I expected was a flat tire, check my gauges, no low tire pressure warning. I hear wind but all of my windows were closed. Then I rolled the visors back and realized the panoramic roof had exploded. Scared the hell out of me. I have always stood by Ford. After this experience I will never by another. No factory coverage for this defect. Extended warranty doesn’t cover glass, Geico is charging a $500 deductible. Cheapest quote so far is $1100. Thanks Ford.

      • State: OH
    • #9 Frankie Falcone Jr says:

      Driving down the road about 3 weeks ago, was extremely hot outside so i left my car with the AC on for 15 minutes before leaving work. while driving a hear a loud pop and then can hear air suction. I had the sliding cover closed i cracked it slightly to see a hole about 8 inches around in the center of the sunroof. No cars around no over passes…. And this is not and easy part to find, the glass itself barely exists. Looking for HELP PLEASE!

      • State: New Jersey
    • #10 Shellina Murphy says:

      Just got pulled my 2018 Edge Titanium out of my garage and today noticed a crack in the back half of my panoramic sunroof the entire top of my roof is glass. I have had my car approximately 3 months. I called Ford today to make an appointment for 8/8. I came online too see if others have had this issue and sounds like this is the case. The crack is almost the image of a winding road that goes from the back of the glass to the center… I’ll keep my shade closed for now. Thanks all for posting your experiences.

      • State: CO
    • #11 Fred Schreiber says:

      I have a 2011 Ford Fusion. Driving down I-80 just west of I-25 and then “BOOM”. Wife and I looked at each other like what was that. Started to open the sun shield and saw the hole and closed it back up. Called insurance first then local call dealer. Stopped at local glass place that covered the hole. When we got home, contacted local dealer. Will take 3-5 days to get the glass. Insurance agent thought there was a recall but evidently not. There should be. Will probably pay out of pocket. Current estimate is about $650. $500 glass and $150 labor.

      • State: IL
    • #12 Donald P says:

      I had two explode, one on a 2013 Lincoln MKT and one on a 2015 Lincoln MKT.
      My friends who also own MKTs for their business also have had theirs explode. It is an extremely loud noise.
      Happens to about 25% of them in my estimation.

      There aren’t too many rocks falling from the sky.

      • State: MA
    • #13 Melissa Ash says:

      I have a Ford Edge 2015. My granddaughter and I were driving she wanted the sunroof opened. Just opened the cover and she said Nan your roof is cracked. I stopped and looked and the whole thing is shattered in a spider pattern. Taking it to the dealership in Duncan to see what they say.
      Car is garage kept and never taken out in bad weather.

      • State: Ok
    • #14 Teresa Garcia Hinojosa says:

      In Sept 2015, the panaramic sunroof on our new 2014 Lincoln MKT exploded while we were driving 65mph on the highway. Vehicle was only 2 months old but dealership refused to fix it under warranty, forced us to file a claim with auto ins and pay $500 deductible.

      • State: Texas
    • #15 Migues Laurie says:

      My 2015 Ford Edge has a cracked sunroof and is missing the piece that connects the sunroof to the windshield. We were riding down the highway and we heard what sounded like a gunshot. We pulled over and noticed the piece on top the windshield was gone. Didn’t discover the sunroof until later that evening.
      The place that I bought it from said that there are no recalls and nothing can be done. Something must be done and it shouldn’t cost me one cent.

      • State: Louisiana
    • #16 NETA SHAR WRIGHT says:

      Just bought the car for my daughter 2008 Ford Edge SEL with the panoramic sunroof sitting in our driveway on Saturday November third 2019 and the gides were dirty where the sunroof slides through was about to start cleaning them when all of a sudden the sunroof which was open exploded all over my husband and on the inside of the vehicle.

      Thank God no one was in the car at the time or they would have gotten glass all over their body.
      About to try to submit a claim 2 Ford for the exploding sunroofs.

      • State: LA
    • #17 Tambrina Mccants says:

      I am amazed of all the complaints of exploding Moon roofs, Ford-Lincoln has not had a recall on it!! My story is very similar to all of yours. One minute everythings fine and the next misery and anger sets in. The fact that my moonroof exploded and shatter. Luckily the protective outer layers are still holding it together and my kids were not injured. It’s a disgrace that this company; knowing and continuously (lease) manufacturers faulty cars that have exploding sunroofs. Be a responsible business; Own up to the mistake and correct the problem. Lives are at stake here and customers matter!! My kids matter, they are the reason I purchased my 2014 MKT. This really hit home. Tommorow I have an pre-scheduled appointment at 9 am with Daytona Beach Auto Mall-Ford and Lincoln and we have some major issues to discuss one being the faulty exploding sunroof.

      • State: FL
    • #18 Sgan Banks says:

      Had my sunroof on my 2013 Ford Edge sport explode on me on the 78 freeway on March 21 2019 causing me to swerve into the next lane from the loud pop it makes luckily no other car was there.Took to dealership and they just played dumb like it was my fault. They blamed a pebble hitting it ,a track issue or operator error. Anyways I will have to go through insurance to cover something that should not be happening in the first place.

      • State: California
    • #19 Diana says:

      My boyfriend and I were driving along this morning in our 2012 Ford Escape and we heard what appeared to be a gun shot. But we were all alone on the highway… It took a minute but then I looked up at the sunroof and it was all shattered. Here we are in Northern Maine and suppose to get snow this weekend and we have to have our vehicle wrapped in plastic until the body shop can order the glass to repair… this is very dangerous and I cannot believe that Ford hasn’t recalled these vehicles for this reason.

      • State: Maine
    • #20 Dave Manke says:

      Driving into work at 72 mph at 608 am, 43 degrees outside, interior heat set at 68 degrees floor only, my sunroof exploded. I have a 2015 Focus Titanium with 49,xxx miles. Luckily the shade was closed so all glass was contained. The car was outside all night as it usually is. It is exactly how other described it, a loud boom, like a rubber mallet hitting the car. No one was in front of me, so there was no debris to cause it. I pulled over immediately and took a picture. I will be contacting my dealer to see what my options are. First your crappy transmission, now this. Bad form Ford, bad form!!!

      • State: Wisconsin
    • #21 Lisa Topping says:

      My sunroof exploded on my 2017 Ford Explorer. My insurance company says it’s a manufacturer defect, my Ford Dealer, says it is not as they have NO PREVIOUS reports of this happening! They don’t want to pay either!
      Here’s the website:

      • State: WISCONSIN
    • #22 BARBARA WOODS says:

      Today, May 27, 2019, my husband and I were driving on I-12 two miles before the exit to Walker, LA when our sunroof exploded. It sounded like an explosion or a shot gun. We pulled over and my husband checked the tires and could find nothing wrong. I looked up and saw the glass had shattered on the sunroof. We brought the car to Robinson Bros, where we had purchased it, in Baton Rouge, LA on 6/23/2018. The vehicle is a 2018 Ford Escape. Hope, the service representative, said she had never heard of this happening. She said they would get their tech to check it out, but it may not be covered under warranty bc its glass. The vehicle is less than a year old and has about 24,000 miles more or less, way under the 36,000 miles.

      • State: Louisiana
    • #23 Rob Bates says:

      I have a 2019 Ford F-150 with 1100 miles on it. Yesterday I was driving on Hwy 17 in Myrtle Beach and I heard what appeared to be a loud explosion above me. It was my sunroof that completely shattered. I took it to the Ford Dealer and I’m waiting to hear what is going to happen.

      • State: North Carolina
    • #24 Jason Athanas says:

      2018 expedition. Loud bang heard last night. Looked at roof this am. Back part of sunroof all cracked. Zero things in my garage could do that.

      • State: NJ
    • #25 Jenny Kazmar says:

      Just got my 2019 F150 1.5 wks ago. Sunroof exploded while driving home on the Thruway. What in the hell

      • State: NY
    • #26 Cindy Litchfield says:

      Driving to work today going 55 mph, no other vehicles immediately around, heard a loud gunlike pop then crinkling. Finished driving the mile or so to work since my vehicle didn’t tell me anything was wrong. Sunroof glass shattered. Thankfully, I had the shade closed so no glass in the track or vehicle. Also thankfully, I work for a body shop and can get it repaired at cost and a free rental but going to take 7-10 days to get the part!

      • State: VA
    • #27 Debbie Smith says:

      I bought a brand new 2019 Ford Edge Titanium on July 31, 2019, they only had 2 on the lot and both had sun/moon roofs in them. I asked if they had one without the sun/moon roof because I would prefer not to have one, but they didn’t have any without it and didn’t offer to get me one without it. I never open it because it is noisy and when it’s hot it’s uncomfortable to have it open, also we live in Oregon so during the rainy season it makes no sense. Reluctantly I bought the car, I have enjoyed the car right up to the moment on October 13, 2019 at approx. 3:30p.m. when my sun/moon roof exploded as I was driving on the highway at 55mph with my adult daughter in the car. I too had the shade closed so we weren’t showered in glass. I was so shocked and it took a bit for us to realize what had happened just in time to see a large piece of the glass fly off the top of my car into the air behind me. Thank goodness there were no cars directly behind me. I am more than disappointed in Ford as they are not stepping up on this issue, but rather stated that “something must have hit the sun/moon roof and weakened the glass so it is not an issue that they are responsible for. I know nothing hit the glass and given that it has less then 5000 miles on it, it feels very much like a manufacturer defect problem. After seeing all of these complaints I am even more convinced that Ford should be taking responsibility for this. This was the second car I bought from Ford, the first was a 2014 Escape Titanium (no sun/moon roof) but I had to have the transmission worked on 3 times and the engine once in the first year. I submitted a complaint to Ford on that and was politely brushed off. Yet I gave them a second chance because I really like the Edge and thought surely it couldn’t happen again. Although the issues aren’t the same it is very unsettling to be having any issue with my new car. I now feel like I am stuck with a car for the next 6 years that I can’t trust. Every time I drive it I’m wondering if it is going to happen again or will it be something else. How many of these are sun/moon roof explosions with potential risk to the people in the car and in the vicinity of the car before Ford takes responsibility for this issue. My opinion of Ford and my local dealership have diminished significantly. If there is a class action lawsuit out there for this I would be interested in joining it.

      • State: Oregon
    • #28 Christel Fannin-Cline says:

      I just noticed a crack in my 2017 back half Panoroof. It winds all the way through and is like a winding road. Nothing happened to make this occur. I just noticed it one day when wiping down my windows. I am afraid now that I’m hearing this could shatter all over my kids in the back seat.

      • State: IL
    • #29 Jason Taylor says:

      We are having a cold day about 27 degrees out. Our 2014 Lincoln MKT is kept in the garage and always has been. My wife was driving down the highway and heard a pop and looked up and the moon roof glass had exploded . She pulled off and called a tow truck. We are having it replaced and curious if this is normal. From all the posts on this site it looks as if it has happened to a large number of people.

      • State: Oklahoma
    • #30 John Kennedy says:

      The moonroof on our 2014 Fusion Titanium is cracked all the way across. The car is well-maintained and babied. Garaged. Nothing hit it. 42k miles. Full coverage extended warranty. Reading all of these posts has got me pi$$ed. I can hear the BS now. I am going to begin the process with Ford Customer Service. Our local Ford dealership recently closed.

      • State: Indiana
    • #31 Kelly E says:

      Brand new 2020 escape, owned 11 days and sunroof exploded. Looked up while in park and notice the tempered glass completely shattered. My son closed trunk and before I could get his attention the roof completed fell into the car, glass all over, cuts on our hands. Now 3 weeks so far in the shop, parts back ordered until 3/16 and not getting much help. Have a claim in with ford but originally told I need to go though insurance since no proof of point of impact.., how?? I don’t have a roof to check for point of impact.. are you kidding me. Getting run around. Paying for rental out of pocket. Not a happy customer. Had fords for over 20 years..

      • State: Pa
    • #32 LemonLaw says:

      @Kelly: Please reach out to us at 800 536 6652.

      • #33 Brad says:

        2019 Ford Escape exploded panoramic sunroof while I was driving on highway . No explanation for it and almost made me go off the road .. it’ll be last time I buy a ford if they don’t cover it under warranty after seeing all these complaints

        • State: BC
      • #34 William Clifford Nolan says:

        My 2015 Ford Fusion SE sunroof cracked all by itself in a spider web type cracks from one end to the other while I was driving down Hwy#3 heading to work. I heard something weird above my head and when I looked up there it was! I was so stumped as to why it happened that when I looked up I almost veered off the road! Now I’m being told that the cost to replace it is over $1,000.00 with labour! :-O WTH?

        • State: ON
      • #35 kevin says:

        I have a 2018 Ford Raptor which I bought new and is still under warranty. It has a gigantic panoramic sunroof in it. Last summer we were on a road trip currently at the Lake of the Ozarks and driving on a very nice 55mph highway with no other cars in sight when there was a giant boom and the sunroof instantly shattered. There were small pieces that went everywhere but it mostly stayed together for enough time for me to close the fabric sliding cover so that glass wasn’t falling on everyone.

        I ended up filing the $2000+ replacement under insurance ($500 deductible) because I really had no idea what it could have been, now reading all of these other complaints It seems very possible that it was a manufacturer defect all along.

        • State: OK
      • #36 john M berger says:

        Pano roof in my New 2019 F-350 with 14K mileage exploded while sitting in the driveway over the weekend. Truck had not moved since Friday. Called Local Ford Dealership thinking they would help, Century Ford of Mt Airy Maryland. Told me to call my insurance company. Called Main Customer Complaint Line, they told this was not covered as I did not purchase the extended warranty? I asked for the Response in writing, which I was told they would do? Next day still no response. I called again, this time they said NO and NO they are NOT REQUIRED to respond in writing and would not do so! Say they can tell you no, just wont provide proof that told you NO? LOST THIS CUSTOMER FOR EVER! I was a Ford Guy! $67,000 Truck worst excuse for a customer service department i have ever seen. I will post the picture and share the experience!

        • State: Maryland
      • #37 Janice Gathers says:

        My husband an I were on the way to pick our son up from basketball practice, when we heard a LOUD BOOM!!!!!! No light came on the dashboard, but we could hear the wind sound like it got louder tho.. we pulled over, got out the car; an to our surprise the sunroof had cracked in the 4 corners. There were big chunks missing from the sunroof… We are calling around to get pricing on cost to fix, will update when we know something else!!!

        • State: South Carolina
      • #38 James simmons says:

        Just bought a Ford Edge 2020. We had it about two weeks and the moonroof exploded. A cinder block size hole was right in the middle of it. The dealer refused to cover it under warranty, and I’ve noticed that every driver of one of these time bomb roofs are dismissed as a small rock hitting it from a nearby car. No cars were around us. If you start a lawsuit, count me in..

        • State: Tennessee
      • #39 Heather Paddy says:

        I was driving our 2020 Ford F-150 down highway road, heard loud noise/bang that scared me to death. Thought maybe a rock hit the windshield or side window but all seemed fine. Kept driving because I didn’t realize anything was wrong. Later in the day I see some pieces of glass flying off roof so I pulled over. Huge hole in sunroof, totally shattered. Not sure yet where to start with it!

        • State: GA
      • #40 Deb Krause says:

        Driving on I44 last weekend I was 4 hours from home and I heard a loud crack and the sun shade of my moon roof was flapping violently. The back part of the panoramic roof was gone. It was a noisy, cold drive home. We have a high deductible. No one believes me that nothing hit me. My 2017 Ford Escape only has 30,500 miles. Reading all of these entries reassures me I was right even though it’s going to cost me $800.

        • State: IL
      • #41 Tom Hamilton says:

        Driving to work this morning and the pano roof on my 2019 Edge with less than 40,000 miles on it exploded. That’s the only way to describe it. It was like a shotgun blast. I ended up with a number of scratches and glass in my eye and mouth, but no significant injuries. Called the dealership and of course the answer was “not covered under warranty…call your insurance.” So disappointing as this is clearly a known and long-standing issue.

        • State: ID
      • #42 Michelle Swortzel says:

        I am grateful to find these stories. I would like to add the Expedition line in the mix. I was driving home from work just a few weeks ago. It was 64 degrees at 5:30/6pm and dark outside. I have about a 30 minute drive home. Out of nowhere, I hear what I thought was a gunshot going off. Then I hear what I thought was a ‘trickling water’ sound??? My first thought was that my tire blew out, but I’m still on the road maintaining control with no pull in any direction. There are no gauge warnings on the dash. It’s not raining and I see no signs of water on my windshield. I flip on my hazard lights because clearly something has happened to my vehicle. I’m driving at a crawl looking for a good place to pull over so drivers behind me aren’t affected. I turn off on the next road, pull over and turn my interior light light on. That’s when a see the exploded moonroof right above my head. The ‘water’ I thought I was hearing was the glass crackling and shards falling everywhere. I limped home as slow as I could with my hand cupped around my right eye. There are shards of glass all over my scrubs, hair, and interior. I didn’t close the shade because I didn’t want to affect the remaining glass. I called the dealership we purchased it from the next day and had it towed in the following week. The dealership is just as shocked as we are that it happened. They have followed all protocols and submitted the situation to Ford for review. We are still waiting to hear back from Ford’s decision. I am pleased with the dealership and their support of us as customers at this time, but disappointed they do not offer a loaner vehicle while we wait.
        We bought this 2020 Expedition Max brand new 14 months ago. It only has 13K miles on it and is garage kept.

        • State: Virginia
      • #43 Elisha Hopper says:

        I was driving to work yesterday morning, when I heard a loud “Boom”. While I was trying to find a place to pull over, I was hearing wind & glass breaking. The sunroof shattered, for no reason. By the grace of God, my sun shield was closed, so it didn’t shower the shards of glass on to me. FORD needs to do a recall on this problem before someone really gets hurt or worse, dies because of it.

        • State: Oklahoma
      • #44 Tammy says:

        I was driving my 2006 Expedition Limited merging onto the Highway when I heard a very loud Pop! It unnerved me and I looked around to see if something hit me and there was no one around me. I heard air noise coming into my truck and all the windows were up so I pulled back my interior sunroof cover about an inch and the glass was shattered to look like water droplets all over it. When I got to where I was going and pulled back the cover farther to inspect the glass, there was a giant hole in the middle of the glass the size of my head. Glass all over and cut 3 of my fingers. I called a Ford Dealership and had to leave a message. It’s Saturday and they close at 3 and they never called me back. Being cold outside and weather unpredictable I had to tape cardboard and plastic over it to hold me over thru the weekend until I can find out what to do and check if Ford would fix it under recall. After reading all these complaints, I am very angry. I own 3 Fords now and have Always bought only Fords all my life. My entire family have always bought Fords. If this comes out of my pocket, I will never buy another and will make sure I tell everyone I know not to either.

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