Ford Escape Drivers Wish They Could Escape Noises

February 22, 2017
By: Robert Silverman

Driving a Ford Escape and wishing you could escape noises in the rear or rattles in the suspension?  You are not alone.  A quick google search reveals that drivers have been complaining of Escape noises for years, dating back to 2013 models.

Click here to read about drivers lamenting of their Escape noises in an 11-page message board thread. And we are continuously receiving calls from folks on the 1 800 LEMON LAW hotline complaining that they cannot escape these constant nuisances either.

Noise claims are not the easiest to prove so how do you deal with a frequently intermittent rattle you may hear in your Escape’s rear, gas tank, or suspension?  Use your smart phone to record the noise and track when you are hearing the noise and where you are hearing the noise.  Are you driving on the highway or in your neighborhood?  Are you going 30 miles per hour or sixty?

The more information you are able to provide the better.  And by all means, do not give up.  We have a client who was consistently mentioning noise from their rear in their 2016 Escape.

After numerous service advisers telling them it’s a common problem and it’s “operating as designed,” they are finally replacing their struts and shocks in an effort to alleviate the issue.  Also, make sure you obtain a warranty repair invoice for each visit to the dealer and you keep those invoices in a safe place.

If you are continuously back to a Ford dealer for Escape noises, it may be time to look at your rights under State Lemon Laws and Federal Warranty Statutes. Click here for a list of firms throughout the Country who might be able “to make some noise” in your claim against Ford.

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37 Responses to “Ford Escape Drivers Wish They Could Escape Noises”

  1. #1 Dana wilson says:

    I have owned my 2012 focus since June of 2015. I have had nothing but trouble out of the transmission. I have had it at the Ford place 3 times getting recalls done and reprogramed. It has only gotten worse. My car is now in the shop and has been there for 4 weeks having to have a complete transmission over haul. When I contacted Ford they told me there was nothing they could do. So now I am out 4600.00 on a new transmission.

    • #2 Regina Phillabaum says:

      I have a bought a new Ford Escape last year and in the beginning had no issues but as of late I have noticed a loud sound coming from the back took it to my dealer they drove it heard it and noted it was the gas making noise taking in back today to talk to them again as the noise is getting worse

      • State: Washington
    • #3 John Bouse Sr. says:

      It’s not gas your hearing from the back. I kept hearing something that sounded like a clunk or a slosh in the rear and finally figured out it only did it when it rained. Rain water splashes and sucks in to the bottom panels and bumper lining. every time you stop or turn you can hear it.

      • #4 Fran Soper says:

        Since leasing my 2017 Ford Escape I have had a noise that two Ford dealers service departments call “morning sickness”. The noise is coming from the brakes or drums or somewhere in that vicinity. Also when the noise happens my brakes go to the floor. They tell me to pump them. I am worried this problem could be dangerous. I am an 81 yr. Old widow. I have asked to record the noise for the service dept. But they say they have to hear it.

        • State: Florida
      • #5 Bill Schmitz says:

        Your brakes go to the floor?? Thats a bad sign! something is seriously wrong with that vehicle. The brake pedal should only go to the floor if there is either an internal leak within the system or an external leak where you would see fluids on the ground!

        • State: Iowa
      • #6 Denise says:

        I have a 2017 Ford Escape and there is a rattling noise when you reach a speed of 40 MPH. What causes this??? So many issues with this car???

        • State: Texas
      • #7 Rick says:

        I have the same problem wih my 2017 Escape the noise does not start until I get to 35-40 MPH. Highway or city streets it doesn’t matter/

        • State: NC
      • #8 John Albergo says:

        I’ve been hearing an intermittent clunk coming from the back of my 2017 Escape for more than a year. I took it in twice, but the mechanics couldn’t hear it. However, another customer had a similar noise that they could hear and determined that it was coming from the rear struts. The dealer replaced the struts in both vehicles, which are under warranty. I also had a rattling noise that I was able to record. That was a loose heat shield.

        The lesson is don’t give up. Keep hounding the dealer until they find the cause. Write to Ford if the dealer can’t determine the cause.

        • State: Illinois
      • #9 Kathy B says:

        My 2018 is making the rattling/gurgling noise. It’s been sitting at the dealer for 5 days and they have no idea why it’s doing it (yes, they actually hear it too). As of today the dealer is waiting for Ford Motor Company to lend guidance on what the issue could be and have promised me an answer in 24 hours. We shall see!

        • State: MO
      • #10 Ingrid worley says:

        My 2017 making rattling noises from back i thought at came from the trunk where the spare tire is because the styrofoam is very loose around there stuck a lots of foam around it still making the noise. Took too dealer didn’t find the problem. The noise is only intermittent

        • State: Ca
      • #11 IngridWorley says:

        Rattling from 2017 escape trunk i thought atwas the styrofoam around the tire because at is very loose soi stuck a loots of foam around still rattling intermittent, took at too dealer cant find the problem lngrid

        • State: California
      • #12 Luis Almanza says:

        I have a 2013 ford escape and have had nothing but trouble with it since I bought it. From the knocking in the rear to a trump in the front right suspension that won’t go away by even replacing struts now I get a loud thump when I start the vehicle which they say are weak motor mounts. I was driving down the road today and the on board computer went crazy with all different kinds of error messages had to restart cars to clear messages my wife drives this car daily with my grandson and it scares me to see the car leave them stranded somewhere. Its turned out to be a lemon allright

        • State: Texas
      • #13 Marcia whitworth says:

        I just traded in a 2013, should have qualified for lemon law. New transmission at 22000 miles one thind after another. You would get in it and it wouldn’t start. Started out monthly then became weekly. Spent more time in shop than on the road. 2013s were all crap. Now having trouble with 2018 with 17000 my last ford.

        • State: KY
      • #14 Jacqueline Andrade says:

        My new 2017 Ford Escape, only one month old with 500 miles on it has a rattling noise which sounds like it’s coming from the passenger side door or maybe the passenger side dashboard. It’s driving me crazy. It happens while I drive, which seems to be at any speed. I bought my car this year but it’s a 2017, which had not been sold.

        • State: California
      • #15 Mark Olson says:

        Rattle rattle thunder clatter, every available option on this $36000.00 piece of crap.

        • State: Minnesota
      • #16 Ginny Drake says:

        I have a 2017 Escape the noise is driving me crazy. It seems only on the left side. The noise moves but most the time it feels it is coming from roof or the movement inside the car around the roof. It feels it old bones that rattle within it. I just got this car in Dec. 10, 2018 and I felt it was a wonderful buy until the noise. How can we support our truth if The Ford Company is aware but is not willing to fix these noises. I like the car it has everything I needed and more, and was happy until all the noises. I want results for the dealers to take notes on this thread. Thanks for hearing me. G

        • State: KY
      • #17 KENNETH LIPINSKI says:

        # 6&7 same noise a plastic shield on underside car loose. plastic nut need to be tightened up.

        • State: MI.
      • #18 daniel almstrom says:

        i was a ford technician for 25 years, i left in 2012 fords quality has gone down the tubes, unfortunatelly it is all about making every single dollar from the manufacturer to the dealer, their pay programs to technicians is horible and many long time ford guys have left or totally out of car buisness now. I now work with a used car department at a honda dealership and guess what been hear three years and i can start to see a quality swing here too with hondas so i wouldnt say it is just a ford thing its across the board. all i can say is when ever toyotas come arround they never need much, and i might add kia and hyndai have come a long way in quality.

        • State: RI
      • #19 Andrew Stephens says:

        About three months after purchase, my 2018 Escape started making an intermittent clunking sound from the rear end. Took it to two separate dealers several times. They tried fixing various things, including heat shields, gas tank hangars, retorquing suspension connections. Nothing worked. Last couple times they said they couldn’t hear it. It almost seemed to be seasonal, as temps were warming up by now.

        After the last visit and reading some other blog posts, I got suspicious and took it to a car wash. As crazy as it sounds, the noise got louder. I’ve now figured out that it gets very noticeable whenever it rains, and quieter once it dries out. The noise almost completely disappears after a couple weeks with no rain or washes. It makes no sense to me, but there is a definite connection.

        • State: OK
      • #20 Darryl McMillon says:

        Just bought a used 2017 Escape with 43K. Hearing the rattling under the body when going 40mph or higher, just like #6 & #7 above. Going back to the dealer tomorrow to remedy but I see comment #17 states it can get fixed with tightening the screws.

        • State: California
      • #21 Paul R. says:

        I have put over $1900 in my 2014 Ford Escape in the past month. Rear shocks, mounts, rear control arms, front driver control arm, ball joints, you name it. Clunking, banging and intense vibration at speeds over 45mph. Now after all this, there is a horrible squeak coming from the back. It literally sounds like a frantic bird trying to get out. IT’S MAKING ME CRAZY. The shop is now saying it’s the differential. Does that sound right?

        • State: ME
      • #22 Natalie Lebo says:

        I have a 2019 Ford Escape and have the most annoying rattle coming from the sun visor right above my head! I have tried adjusting it in many ways and it inevitably returns. So maddening!

        • State: VA
      • #23 Molly says:

        #17 I have the exact same noise it is on the passenger
        Side of the front door area . It sounds like flapping in the wind . I read something in another post about tightening bolt . I hope that fixes it I love my car so much I hope that is what it is .

        • State: Ca
      • #24 Daniel aristizabal says:

        I have a Ford Escape 2014
        Have a noise like when scratch a rock about the floor o something like that
        My dealer changed it the 4 rotors and the break pads but the noise is still on the car
        The noise come from the front side

        Somebody have some idea
        What can it be? And how fix that’s?

        The noise can only be heard when I release the accelerator.

        when I press the brake the sound stops

        • State: Ct
      • #25 Cynthia McKee says:

        I own a 2019 Escape. It has a rattle sound under front passenger floor. Sometimes you an feel the vibration under your feet. Anyone else have this problem?

        • #26 Jennifer says:

          2016 ford escape was making a mooing noise like a cow at gas tank. It shut off on me. 3 days at dealer and they put a vapor canister in it. 6 hrs after having it home, same noise.

          • State: Sc
        • #27 Kelly says:

          1 day off the lot at the dealership, 2014 Ford Escape making a grinding noise under the floorboard on driver’s side. What could I be hearing? It didn’t make this noise when test driving, or when driving home.
          Purchased vehicle November 2, 2019, noise is happening today, November 3, 2019.
          Dealer put complete set of new brakes in front.

          • State: Ohio
        • #28 Mary Anne Eyles says:

          I have a 107 Escape with a tick, tick, tick sound heard at speeds less than about 50kph (though under floor noise probably hides this noise above that speed). Garage heard it and replaced the left wheel bearings but the noise continues. Checked the belly plate and found loose bolts – thought the air pressure was causing a vibration in the plate -less noise but it is still there. Sometimes it stops when foot is off the accelerator – other times it continues. Any ideas??

          • State: Hawke's Bay, New Zealand
        • #29 John Burnette says:

          I purchased a 2019 escape just a few months ago. It has a ticking sound coming from the engine at almost all speeds but you can really hear it when highway driving. I havent taken it in yet but im sure they will tell me its normal. I can tell you that I had a 77 Thunderbird with bad lifters after 70K . This sounds the same however I only have 6 K miles. #NEVERAGAINFORD

          • State: NC
        • #30 Brandi says:

          I just purchased a 2019 escape 4×4 and the noises from sloshing gas is extremely annoying and worrisome. Dealer just said they’ve never heard of such a thing. It’s sloshes so loud I hear it over radio.. of corse I didn’t hear it during test drive because if only happens when tank is at least 3/4 full.

          • State: KY
        • #31 Steve says:

          My passenger rattles 40mph. Just started this year and seems to be getting louder. 2017 Escape with no problems before now. Purchased new and only driver.

          • State: OH
        • #32 LemonLaw says:

          @Steve: if you bring it back three or more times under warranty, reach out to us at 800 536 6652.

          • #33 Benny says:

            What causes a slapping or flapping inside the right front door ? sound like its inside the door panel , and maybe air is getting inside the door panel , something must be loose . The escape is a 2017 , about 55,000 miles on it .
            Explain .

            • State: NC
          • #34 Elle says:

            I have owned 16 escape titanium for 15 months w f passenger rattle that sometimes gets better when I adjust seat, and frantic birds squeeking loudly near back tires when I turn accelerate or grade change. I think dealer just sprays wd40 under..

            • State: NY
          • #35 MARY J POULLARD WINGARD says:

            well today i have a new problem with my 2019 ford escape, i hear rattling sound look like it is coming from the passager door. the other problem is smoke coming out both tailpiper white/light gray. and twice i see light blue smoke.They can’t tell me why the suv is doing that.They did re- flash the module,but i don’t think that is the problem,cause smoke is back. and with water.

            • State: TX
          • #36 Patricia says:

            I own a 2021 Ford Escape, brakes started making noise when backing up since around 7000 Kim’s, have had her in three times, they tell me they don’t hear any noise, sorry it’s not in my head, I owned a 2018 escape never had a problem, it’s at garage as I speak, they ground my rotors which should never be I’ve only had it 5 months.

            • State: Newfoundland.Canada
          • #37 LC Coonse says:

            2012escape 3.5 L engine, bought new. 80K a chunk fell out of the engine front allowing oil to fly out every where. Ordered new engine front around

            2012 escape, 80 k miles, 2 inch chunk fell off front of 2.5L engine, New part around $300 had casting
            stress riser in same place. I put it on because I needed the car. 85K- starter switch non functional/ I installed a push button start switch on the panel, 86K had to install new CV axle rt front, 89K starter.solenoid, bendix failure ,89.5K miles neighbors complaining because of horn blowing sporadically and intermittently when car is locked Looking for a priest to exorcise the piece of crap

            • State: NC

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