“Eye On Ocean County” Looks At NJ Lemon Law

June 26, 2009
By: Robert Silverman

Many distressed drivers throughout New Jersey are not aware they are entitled to free legal representation if their car is defective. Consumer rights under the New Jersey Lemon Law and Federal Magnuson Moss Warranty Act will be discussed on “Eye On Ocean County.” The program will air on Comcast throughout Ocean County, New Jersey Wednesday, July 8 at 9:00 pm on Channel 19.

Guests will include NJ Lemon Law Attorney Amy Bennecoff and Automotive Consumer Advocate Michael Sacks from the law firm of Kimmel & Silverman.  Topics discussed include rights and remedies under the New Jersey Lemon Law; car-buying tips to ensure that your dream car does not turn into a nightmare; and an update on how Lemon Law and breach of warranty claims for Jeep, Dodge and Chrysler drivers will be handled once Fiat takes over ownership of Chrysler.

The New Jersey Lemon Law is the second most effective Lemon Law in the Nation, according to the Center for Auto Safety. The Law covers vehicles with a significant defect within the first 24 months or 18,000 miles that can’t be repaired despite a reasonable number of repair attempts, normally three.

The Law also covers vehicles that are in the shop for repair 20 days in the first years and those days do not have to be consecutive. Remedies under the NJ Lemon Law could include a new car or full or partial refund. In addition, there are other remedies available for vehicles that may not fall under the Lemon Law mileage provisions but are still under manufacturers warranty.

We hope Ocean County viewers will join us July 8 at 9:00 pm on Channel 19.

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