Chrysler To Sell Cars On EBay

July 08, 2008
By: LemonLaw

Over the years, we have frequently received calls and e-mails from folks who have purchased vehicles on e-bay.  Unforutnately, most times, we had to refer these consumers elsewhere, because it was very rare for a car sold on e-bay to still have a manufacturers warranty.  Well guess what? That’s about to change.

With car sales declining by the day, the manufacturers are looking for new outlets to sell their cars and that includes e-bay.  Reuters is reporting that Daimler Chrysler will market over 15,000 certified pre-owned Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge vehicle on the popular website. Chrysler’s certified pre-owned vehicles cover models from 2003-2008 with less than 65,000 miles and reconditioned to meet the automaker’s standards. They carry an eight-year, or 80,000 mile powertrain warranty, backed by the manufacturer, roadside assistance and rental car allowances.

Just a reminder, of course, that even with certified pre-owned cars, it is important to ask the right questions BEFORE you buy.  Check out the Lemon Dodger for specific questions you need to ask before signing on the dotted line.

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  1. #1 Keith says:

    Good blog – just discovered it through Google. Anyway, as a point of clarification, manufacturers certify used vehicles to help dealers sell cars (and also as an entry point for consumers into their brand) so they can stay in business. Dealers make much more profit from selling used cars, typically, then they do from new cars. Also, in addition to asking the right questions, even certified used vehicles need to have independent mechanical inspections.
    Keith Griffin
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