Buick Is Playing Games with LaCrosse Drivers

August 24, 2010
By: Robert Silverman

We are getting calls on the 1800 LEMON LAW hotline from quite a few Buick LaCrosse drivers with steering problems.  It appears that consumers are suffering from noise in their steering or front end, which can be verified by General Motors but cannot be fixed.  At this point, GM service personnel are telling consumers that they are aware of the problem, but they do not have a solution at this time.

If you are experiencing a problem similar to this, make an appointment with the service personnel at your local Buck dealer as soon as possible.  See if the service department can verify the noise and perhaps diagnose it.  If the dealer tells you a fix is not available, you must get their stance in writing.  We still encourage you to contact another Buck dealer to get a second opinion.  It sometimes helps to have a fresh pair of eyes examining the situation.

If you are suffering from the LaCrosse steering situation and are not getting the help needed to fix the problem, give us a call at 1800 LEMON LAW (1-800-536-6652) or e-mail us a brief synopsis of your situation.  We will be glad to go over your issue with you to determine if/how we can help.

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51 Responses to “Buick Is Playing Games with LaCrosse Drivers”

  1. #1 Franklin W. Booth says:

    I have a 2006 Buick Lacrosse with just 26000 miles and was having noises coming form the steering wheel. I was told the noise was cause by my rack and pinion. The rack and pinion was replaced at a cost of of of $800.00 plus. I still have problems with the steering steering being very stiff and hard to turn . I was told the problem would take care of itself overtime. I don’t feel safe driving this car and have left it at the dealer with a possible of more repairs. I am a 30 year salaried retiree of GM and have always bought GM, now my loyalty is wavering. Please advise.

    Franklin W. Booth

    • #2 LemonLaw says:

      @ Franklin–If you were in three times for this problem, give us a call at 800-LEMON-LAW.

      • #3 Franklin W. Booth says:

        I left my Lacrosse at the dealer and told them I wasn’t driving it until the problem was corrected. I received a call yesterday informing me the first steering rack replacement was defective and they would replace it with a new one. Problem solved and I still unhappy with the dealer on how they handled the issue.

        • #4 Richard Leeper says:

          I love the way GM products steer with the exception of my 2006 Lacrosse. It is stiff and you need to steer it all the time. What is a “steering rack” that #3 mentioned above? What does it cost?

          • #5 Lauri Pratts-Williams says:

            I’ve had more trouble with my 2005 Buick Lacrosse CXS than I’ve ever had with any car in my life! The transmission went out in Aug 2009 when there were 101,000 miles on car. Then Jan 2012, 67,000 miles later the transmission went out again and this time it was due to a band brake. (1400.00)

            Then Feb 2, 2012 I had power steering problems. Brought it to dealer and they said the leak was in the power steering gear assembly and the pressure power steering hose was leaking and that cost $1231.39. Brought car back to shop on 2/25/12 at 12:00 with an appt, because steering was hard. At 2:24pm I was told they needed an entire day to work on car and that I needed to bring car back. So, on 3/1/12 I brought car back and I was told they didn’t find a problem and the stiffness was due to newness of steering gear assembly. In April 2012, when I purchased new tires at Firestone and when they were going to do wheel alignment, I was told the inner tie rods had excessive play. So, I brought car back to Behlman Buick who did power steering repairs and once they aligned the rods, there were no longer any stiffness in the steering. Obviously, when they did the power steering gear assembly it wasn’t done correctly. Now, on Jan 2, 2013, I had car towed to Behlman Buick because steering wheel would not turn at all and thought power steering repair would still be under warranty from the repair work done in Feb 2012. Well, I was told the work was no longer under warranty and that I had a leak in the power steering line and I needed a pump and it would cost 1300. Then the advisor said he wasn’t sure if I needed a pump and wouldn’t know until I committed to the work being done. So, I spoke with the service manager and he said the specific buick lacrosse I had did not have a power steering pump at all and the leak is in the line and it would cost around 450.00 to repair. I let them repair the line and a week later I was back in repair shop because of whining noise in steering. They found no fluid leaks and said they purged air from system. Well, there’s still whining in the power steering. Obviously, they have incompetent mechanics at Behlmann Buick in Hazelwood, MO. I’m at witts end and am not sure what to do. The company needs to be reported and apparently owe me a refund for not properly completing the work.
            I truly believe I bought a LEMON and was taken advantaged of by the service department.

            • #6 Lauri Williams says:

              I have a 2005 Buick Lacrosse CXS. I’ve had the gear assembly replaced, hose replaced, line replaced and pump replaced and I’m still hearing whining noise and stiff steering. Behlman Buick did all the power steering repairs on my car except replacing the power steering pump. Last week, I took my car somewhere else to have P/S pump replaced and am still having problems. All my power steering work began Jan 2012 thru today.

              • #7 Lauri Williams says:

                Since my last posting on January 29, 2013, I took my car to Lou Fusz Buick service dept. which is a different Buick service dept from where I took it before. I was told the power steering pump was bad because the fluid was not pumping through. I told them the power steering pump was replaced two weeks ago. I also asked the service guy if there were problems with the 2005 lacrosse steering. He said, not that he’s aware of. So, I paid 25.00 for the diagnosis and took the car to the shop that replaced the P/S pump and they checked pump and said the pump is working fine, there’s no leakage and the pressure is good. The repair man said the steering gear needed replacement.
                So, on 2/11/13 at 1:57pm, I called the service manager, John Thayer, at Behlman Buick and left him a long voice mail message about P/S problems since Feb 2012 and informed him that I was told the same steering gear that they replaced Feb 2012 was bad, etc. I asked him to please return my call. Today is 2/12/13 and I have not received a call from service manager so I called him at approx 10:15am and rec’d his voicemail again and left him yet another long message and it’s currently 2:15pm and he has not returned my call. I will call back a 3rd time and this time I will ask the receptionist to page him instead of leaving him another message. I’m just infuriated that they are not trying to rectify the problem. I feel like I’m being taken advantaged of because I’m a female.

                • #8 JOHN P G says:

                  my 2006 Buick lacrosse has the same issues $1100.00 later.
                  My 1st and last Buick: LIVE and Learn

                  • #9 Garry Armstrong says:

                    2006 Buick Lacrosse had my power steering lines replaced twice due to complete failure and losing all fluid.
                    The first time out of warranty but I complained and for 50 dollars they replaced them. over a year later did it again. Since it was over a year no coverage had to have my local mechanic splice in new line. Several of these models have had this same problem but no recall. Will not buy another GM product.

                    • #10 Georgia Willey says:

                      My 2005 lacross if so hard to park, the steering is hard to turn and it sounds like the steering wheel is on too tight. I always noticed it, but
                      being a women <I don't know anything about cars. My niece was driving
                      my car, tried to back into a parking spot, and said it was so hard it was
                      terrible, I purchaced it at Bud Bauer in Washington, Pa

                      • #11 Margie Martin says:

                        I own a Buick LaCross 2006 I cannot drive it anymore it’s impossible for me to make any turns. I drove it to the mountains this week, BIG MISTAKE!! The pain in my arms and shoulders were so bad I could hardly drive home.
                        I’m a senior citizen on a very low fixed income and cannot afford any repair problems. What should I do?

                        • #12 Glenda gosmer says:

                          2006 Buick Lacross steering problems
                          , already had all replaced now told the ps gear leaking!
                          Plz help !

                          • #13 Jon says:

                            Our 2005 Buick LaCrosse was leaking some fluid and we took the car to the auto shop and the said we needed to fix the rack and pinion. This was after it’d been replaced at little over a year earlier (~$800). When we got the car back (defective r&p), but still cost us $250+ in labor. There was another leak and our front drivers headlight was out. This time the leak was in the power steering pump. Not sure how they didn’t see that we the checked the r&p. The only reason we went to that auto shop was b/c the originally did the r&p. This vehicle is a POS. I will never, never buy a GM again.

                            • #14 Lisa cody says:

                              I have a 2006 Buick Lacrosse cxl 20,000 miles only.. Stearing is stiff and there is a creaking in the stearing column… How can we get buick to fix through recall? If anyone has any info please let me know…

                              • #15 Mitch says:

                                I have a 2006 cxl same problem, clunk clunk. Dealer said engin cradle was not centered and hitting still bad if not worse.front end alignment no help,dealer says I have bad tires, replaced tires,same dung. Now says rotors are bad third set in 70000 miles, helped vibration, theres more, both lower control bushings and ball joints were shot and never were checked by dealer,one should not have to deal with car like this, the Buick name is eroding,I always liked olds better, stering still clunks,

                                • #16 Mitch says:

                                  Hi back again, lf some one has added ps stop leak to your pump, have run into this problem, this thickens the very thin fluid I’m your system,thus the stering gets harder,I have had this on another car, and was corrected. If you have a leak get it fixed an refill system. Hope it helps worked for me. Thank

                                  • #17 LaVeta says:

                                    My 2005 Buick LaCrosse cxl has 140,000 and for the past 15,000 miles I’ve had 3 replacement steering boxes by two different dealers, the hose assembly replaced and pulley replaced and steering rack to the tune of $3,000.00. Fortunately the car steers fine, it’s the whine from the steering box that is driving me nuts. It runs fine for about a week, then the whine is back. Unfortunately the closest Buick dealer is 50 miles away and I’m getting tired of the all day repairs with no results. I’m going car shopping this weekend and I don’t think it will be another Buick!

                                    • #18 Ursula says:

                                      I have a 06 lacrosse and nust yesterday while in reverse parking, the steering will got really stiff and will not turn, do anyone know whats the problem

                                      • #19 richard smith says:

                                        Have a 2006 lacrosse stiff steering but no whine. replaced rack no help could it be a bad rack. Can get it replaced though warranty but is that the problem. don’t know do you? thank you R.D. SMITH

                                        • #20 jack fein says:

                                          hav e a 2013 LaCrosse and the steering is dangerous. it is in the service dept. right now and they say there is nothing wrong with it but they will change it to keep me as a customer. what does that sound like and what shall I do as i do not feel safe at all and my wife refuses to travel in the car. almost had an accident the other day as the steering wouldnot recover when i made a left turn and almost collided with an oncoming vehicle.

                                          • #21 Diane says:

                                            I have had the same problem most of you have had. Problem with the steering. Now after spending $1800.00 you can heard a whining sound when you excel on the gas. I am so tired of having to put my car in the shop every 2 weeks the expense is killing me. If I have to spend any more money I guess the next step is to get rid of this car and get a newer car and not a Buick.

                                            • #22 fern poulin says:

                                              Have a 2008 buick lacrosse with the same problems. 48’000 MI Worst car iv’ed owned in a long time and i’m 67. After reading everything I’ve read in this and other articles, think i’ll quick fix it and wholesale this rat. Won’t be any Buicks in my household again. Too bad the govt. bailed GM out. Think i’ll try a Toyota

                                              • #23 Paul Herrell says:

                                                I’ve been a GM dealership mechanic for years now retired. Same prob. With our 05 Lacrosse CXL, 100k+ miles on it bought it new. Just replaced p/s pump due to whining & REAL hard steering… ta no avail. Guess it’s going to Integrity Buick tomorrow. Let’s see what they’ll have ta say.

                                                • #24 John Gardner says:

                                                  I have a 2014 Lacrosse with a steering problem. It is difficult to turn. I don’t see any fluid on the ground. Also, the check stabilittrack, ABS lights are on. Only 45833 miles

                                                  • #25 terry says:

                                                    is there a recall on the steering problem on a 2006 lacrosse

                                                    • #26 LemonLaw says:

                                                      You can find recalls at https://www.safercar.gov/

                                                      • #27 Mark Stock says:

                                                        2009 Buick Lacrosse and replacing 2nd power steering pump in 4 months 110,000 miles. 1st time prior to road trip had oil changed etc., and multi point inspection LaFontaine Buick GMC AnnArbor. We left on trip and returning was un knowingly losing home power steering fluid until we heard noise steering related. We had lost confidence in numerous “whoops” from earlier mentioned dealership so we tried LaFontaine Chevy in Dexter. They repaired leaking seals, new steering gear and new pump $1400.00. Now 4 months later lost all power steering fluid while driving and had it towed to Lafontaine Chevy in Dexter and they said the power steering reservoir cracked at the seam was cause for fluid lose. Another new power steering pump also $1000.00 …..UGHHH….have been a faithful GM buyer and guess Im just a fool. How does a power steering reservoir crack at the seams ??? WTF???

                                                        • #28 Joyce says:

                                                          I just purchased a 2007 Buick Lacrosse CXL and today was the first time I’ve had a steering problem but when I try to turn the wheels to the left it’s very tight and hard to turn but it turns to the right ok. I checked the power steering fluid and added some because it seemed low but that didn’t fix the issue. I contacted the dealership I brought it from (Cossell’s in Scottdale Pa) and they are supposed to look at it next week. I’ve only had the car a few weeks. I’ll update after they service it.

                                                          • #29 Mitch armstrong says:

                                                            Getting ready to take 2007 lacrosse in for its forth steering hose ( they call a high pressure hose) it loose all the fluid and thankfully I have been driving when this happens. If my would have been driving God only knows what would have happened.

                                                            • State: Ohio
                                                          • #30 Justin Ward says:

                                                            Same issue here with a 2006 Buick Lacrosse CXS 2nd high pressure hosee hose in a year. No more Buicks or GM ever. Something should be done. Had a 96 Lesabre awesome car. New GM products are junk.

                                                            • State: MA
                                                          • #31 Lydia Freed says:

                                                            We have a 2005 Buick Lacrosse. 39,000 miles. We only put about 3,000 miles a year on our vehicles. What a lemon! We’ve replaced rotors, stabilizing bar. Now we have to replace the whole power steering system.

                                                            • State: Ohio
                                                          • #32 Tabetha dawson says:

                                                            I have a 2005 lacrosse it is wanting to stall so I parked it until I could get it into a shop. I went to start it and nothing had lights on dash when I turn the key they went out. Still won’t start.tried to jump it and still nothing only click motor won’t crank. Also had a recall on the ignition key rotation called about that and they didn’t have the part. Plus my lights come on when ever they feel like it and sometimes don’t come on at all. That is a recall too.

                                                            • State: Missouri
                                                          • #33 Tabetha dawson says:

                                                            I have a 2005 lacrosse it is wanting to stall so I parked it until I could get it into a shop. I went to start it and nothing had lights on dash when I turn the key they went out. Still won’t start.tried to jump it and still nothing only click motor won’t crank. Also had a recall on the ignition key rotation called about that and they didn’t have the part. Plus my lights come on when ever they feel like it and sometimes don’t come on at all. That is a recall too.

                                                            • State: Missouri
                                                          • #34 carmen says:

                                                            Have a 2006 La Crosse and have same problems with steering, in low speed I need to be popeye to be able to steer it. Has been in shop for weeks, first thought it was steering pump, replaced it, then rack and pinion, then part in computer, nothing helped, same problem still. Buick should recognize this must be a safety issue. I certainly do not feel safe driving it.
                                                            What is one to do?

                                                            • State: Arizona
                                                          • #35 Earle says:

                                                            Owned 06 lacrosse since new. Just replaced rack, high pressure hose and front stabalizer bar. Car trouble free until 110,000 miles. Now I am worried about repairs after reading all the problems. Also motor mounts (3) need replaced which also seems a common problem. I put 240K
                                                            on a 92 Park Avenue and 180K om a 94 LeSabre and did nothing but brakes, rotors and tires. Something obviously changed. Maybe the Lacrosse needs to be retired soon. I am wondering what brand parts are being used. My car still steered and handled fine, but I had a slight leak so I replaced it.

                                                            • State: MI
                                                          • #36 David lopez says:

                                                            Have a 2008 Buick lacrosse not have had this vehicle for two months from used car dealer is there any legal way I return this car it’s having leakage in the power steering and can’t afford repairs on very. Low income help

                                                            • State: Arizona
                                                          • #37 Hamid Shigri says:

                                                            I have a Buick la crosse 2014 now I have steering problem very hard why is going on.in this car I did not find the steering fluid reservor?

                                                            • State: New York
                                                          • #38 larry Kapitanski says:

                                                            I have a 2006 Lacrosse with 24000 miles and experience a creaking noise when turning the steering wheel.Thought it may be a plastic shield or cover around steering components due to the cold weather but after reading all of the complaints I am thinking otherwise.I have a recall notice for a headlight problem and will ask the dealer when it goes in for that and see what they tell me .I have a feeling it will not be cheap or covered by Buick.

                                                            • State: WI
                                                          • #39 Robert Harrison says:

                                                            I have a 2013 Buick LaCross which has an electronic power Steering, the electronic board has gone out in it right after my extended warranty went out. GM is not willing to work with me to help pay for any portion of this $3,500.00 + tax bill. Just find it very hard to accept the fact that these electronic devices are going out at a rapid rate and then it costs so much to replace, program and do a four wheel alignment. Beware of the Buick LaCross

                                                            • State: CA
                                                          • #40 Clarence moss says:

                                                            I have a 2013 buick Lacrosse. This last week we had left a resturant and exiting the parking lot it felt like one tire was low since the sterring felt like a slight pull to it. 3 miles up the road at 55 mph and going around the curve my steering locks down in the straight position and unable to turn the steering wheel. Almost wreck but did not. At that same time on the dash it poped up “SERVICE POWER STEERING” Found out that it does not have power steering fluid but has e-assit instead. Good time to let me know it needed service when it failed. No previous warnings it just went out like a light. Cost was 2500 dollars. Now we are scared to drive it.

                                                            • #41 Gina Lollar says:

                                                              I have a 2007 Buick Lacrosse CXS that has 124,000 miles on it. Nothing but problems. Cannot depend on it at all. Steering problems. Bumping like a tire had a knot on it. Had all four tires replaced, still there, especially when you get up to at least 40 mph or faster. Get to a stop sign and it hesitates and will not get going. This car is dangerous and I haul around three young children. Help. What do I do?

                                                              • State: Alabama
                                                            • #42 Kiernan says:

                                                              Just bought an 05 lacrosse cxl today. My pregnant girlfriend drove it 160 miles back home, and I noticing serious power steering whine as soon as we dropped off the rental car the insurance got us when her last rig got totaled. So I check the power steering fluid, bone dry. Filled it up and seemed to be fine, for about 5 minutes. All the fluid pissed right out and suddenly I was wrestling a bear on main street in rush hour. Not very pleased, to say the least. I just poured our insurance payout and most of our modest savings into this car. Thank god it’s under warrantee.

                                                              • State: Maine
                                                            • #43 dj says:

                                                              Steering very tight at times this is very concerning
                                                              I guess if one of us dies ten we all can Sue GM over this un acceptable

                                                              • State: OH
                                                            • #44 Erian Randall says:

                                                              My Buick LaCrosse 2005 has a steering problem and rack and pinion. They sold me a lemon! What can i do? My car breaks down every month. This is causing me misery! I am disabled and cant work so I dont have money for another car. I need to be able to get to my doctors appointments. This car is dangerous!


                                                              • State: Georgia
                                                            • #45 James A. Carlson says:

                                                              I have a 2014 LaCrosse w/ 40000 miles V-6 FWD. I parked it a while ago and every thing was fine. When I started to go again, I couldn’t steer it. It took me 10 Min. just to get it out of the Drive-way No noise, no leaks, Belt not broken. Whats wrong? I can’t even locate the pump, if it even has one. Where is it?

                                                              • State: Missouri
                                                            • #46 SEAN WILSON says:

                                                              2008 Lacrosse. Power steering leaks out can’t tell from where. Sometimes it leaks out in 5 minutes, sometimes it takes a couple weeks. Lately, after adding fluid and stop leak, the steering is ok for about 40 minutes then back to nothing. There should really be a recall. This 1st happened about a yr ago, I filled it up and it was great for a yr. Now it’s been 8 months of constant adding fluid. 125k mileage.

                                                              • State: NY
                                                            • #47 Holly L Coffman says:

                                                              So I mean quite a situation I can’t drive my car due to some serious power steering issues um I was driving it down the highway and it started getting real squirrelly on me driving out of the lane scared the daylights out of me so I slow down by it now we’re in a middle of a pandemic and I can’t get my car looked at to find out what’s going on with it and as I looked to see if there’s a recall there’s been an issue since at least 2005 and I’ve got a 2014 Buick lacrosse why can’t almost 10 years later they solve this problem I would like to know if I could get GM to resolve this issue so I don’t have to worry about it again says ridiculous it’s scary can even drive your own vehicle

                                                              • State: MI
                                                            • #48 Patrick Newbill says:

                                                              We have a 2006 Buick Lacrosse with 161,000 miles and just starting to have these tight steering problems listed above after we have replaced the rach and pinion, plus the power steering pump.There was a 2 year warranty on R&P so we brought it back to Inland in A.H. to check it out and they said R&C is fine. Les Schwab had put on new pump saying R&C was binding up in there opinion. After all that replacement,the steering is still tight and it may need a new R&C. I trust Scwab most.

                                                              • State: Washington
                                                            • #49 Mark Anderson says:

                                                              Loss of power steering

                                                              • State: Fl
                                                            • #50 Craig says:

                                                              2006 Buick lacross, 145000mi.
                                                              I’m having the same problem with power steering fluid draining out of the system.
                                                              I dident notice the problem until I heard a whining when I accelerate, than a groan when I turned the wheel. I checked the reservoir…bone dry, I added red p/s fluid and the issue seemed to go away until the reservoir empties and the problem starts over again. I’m not excited about spending $1000’s and getting the runaround at the service department. Is there any recalls on this model? I thought Buick was a good car.

                                                              • State: SD
                                                            • #51 Vicki Ortega says:

                                                              I have a 2007 Buick Lacrosse. I received a recall notice for the steering years ago. Took it in but they were to busy and told me to try later. I never made it back. Had a friend fix it. Then years later and just a few years ago; I the power steering line was rubbing and got a hole which put steering fluid onto the engine which made my car catch on fire. I had another friend fix it all up again and now my steering is out again. I have logged too many hours at shops getting various problems fixed or trying too. This car has been anpain.

                                                              • State: CA

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