A shout out from CBS News

February 29, 2008
By: LemonLaw

(CBS News) What recourse do I have if a car I buy turns out to be a dud?

That was among the questions answered Thursday by Early Show consumer correspondent Susan Koeppen in the latest installment in her series, “Ask It Early.”

Viewers send Susan videos of themselves posing the questions, and she picks some to answer on the broadcast.

What can I do if a car I buy is a lemon?

All 50 states have lemon laws.

In most cases, they only apply to new vehicles. But you do have some protection for leased and used ones, as well.

In most states, a car is considered a lemon if it’s been in the shop three times for the same repair during a certain amount of time.

You can hire lawyers who specialize in lemon laws.

For much more on the lemon laws of each state and attorneys with expertise on them, visit www.lemonlawamerica.com and www.lemonlaw.com.

Thanks for the shout-out Susan!

Kimmel and Silverman’s staff also participated in a successful lemon law phone bank last night on WBRE TV in Northwestern Pennsylvania. Viewers called in and asked a variety of questions dealing with lemon laws, car buying, and auto-related problems. Special thanks to consumer reporter Jeff Chirico for the inviting us! 

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