A Lemon Wife?

October 18, 2007
By: LemonLaw

As a long-running lemon law firm, you can imagine that we have received some crazy inquiries over the years, but this one takes the cake….Special thanks to the author for giving us permission to share it with you:

Dear Attorney Kimmel:

As a retired podiatric physician and tenured professor at Temple University’s School of Podiatric Medicine, I now have time to view the television more than I did in the past 35 years.  I observed oftentimes on NBC’s Channel 10 (WCAU) 1-800 LEMON LAW’s commercial regarding the Lemon Law.  Your declared willingness to aid the Delaware Valley viewers per the statement “Your car belongs on the road and not in the shop,” causes me to write.

My direct question of you concerns whether your services are limited to cars or wives  as well! My inquiry is based upon the following facts that are relevant to your advertisement.

1.  I acquired my wife, Nancy, over 38 years ago, and presumably her warranty as issued by her parents is still valid and in effect to this time.

2. My wife belongs in the house and not in the shop; well she spends a considerable amount of time in the shop, i.e. The Malls, Retail Outlets or the Shopping Centers.

3. The rising costs in maintaining her upkeep also extends to the times she spends at the medical shops of doctors’ offices, out-patient clinics, radiology centers, etc.

I may add that she has extended the privilege of her driver’s license to driving me crazy and her marriage license to clean the car rather than taking it to a car wash, as well as to clean the house and maintain the lawn. In addition, my contract with the parental dealership and the good Lord was to keep her until “death do us part,” but more recently, she has threatened to be with me through eternity.  The “for richer or poorer” phrase in the contract is also being taken seriously, most especially the second term, and the phrase “in sickness and in health” is also extended to the limits, more the recently the first term!

I would appreciate your kind response as to the extent that you can apply the Lemon Law.


Dr. K (I have decided to protect the author for obvious reasons.)

Alas, we can’t help Dr. K but he is not the first one to make such an inquiry (there are many lemon sons-in-law out there as well apparently), but we have enjoyed conversing on-line with the Good Doctor who shared the following addendum:

Regretfully, I thought of the following statement after forwarding the aforementioned e-mail, and that is: Her rear wheels are out of alignment necessitating my podiatric care, and her roof keeps fading resulting in visits to the beauty shop every six weeks for re-colorization.

🙂  Thanks Doc –they always say laughter is the best medicine!

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