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1999 Mitsubishi Galant Owners Suffer Consistent Brake Defects; Class Action Suit Filed

Papers Served To Mitsubishi Counsel Today

MARLTON, NJ (November 1, 2000) – The law firms of Kimmel & Silverman, P.C.; Sheller, Ludwig & Badey P.C.; and Mehri, Malkin and Ross have filed a class action suit against Mitsubishi Motor Manufacturing of America, Inc. and Mitsubishi Motor Sales of America, Inc., alleging brake defects in 1999 Mitsubishi Galant Models. Court papers were served to Mitsubishi's legal counsel today.

According to documents filed in the Superior Court of New Jersey Law Division, Camden County, the 1999 Galant was manufactured with a brake defect, which results in premature wear of the front brake rotors. This defect causes the brakes to grind and requires continuous replacement of the brake pads and rotors.

Jersey City resident Isam Haddadin is the lead plaintiff on behalf of the class. In court papers, Haddadin alleges that his 1999 Galant, originally purchased in September 1999, has been returned to the dealership repeatedly to remedy the braking problem. On each occasion, the dealer finds the brake components to be defective and replaces them under warranty provisions, only to have the problem return within a few thousand miles. Mr. Hadaddin's complaint alleges that the same defects exist in all 1999 Galants, estimating that the problem affects several thousand Galants in New Jersey, and tens of thousands nationally.

Haddadin claims that his car often vibrates, the brakes grind when pushed down, and he has to step on the brake several seconds before preparing to stop. "This car has caused a great deal of aggravation to me and my family and I am hoping that by filing this case, Mitsubishi will finally address our concern," said Haddadin. "I don't want other people to have to go through the same problems we have."

"We have seen the 1999 Galant brake problem with alarming regularity," said co-counsel Craig Thor Kimmel of Kimmel and Silverman, P.C., "The cases share a nearly identical fact pattern of brake rotor repairs being performed every 3,000-5,000 miles. Rotors will normally last 50,000 miles or more. When they reach the point of needing replacement, the ability to stop the car is diminished."

Owners and lessees of 1999 Mitsubishi Galants models who would like more information on this class action can log onto or contact Craig Thor Kimmel at 1-800-LEMON-LAW (800-536-6652) or via e-mail at

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