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The 2002 Lemon List Unveiled

WGRZ TV Buffalo, NY

LemonLaw.com has unveiled the 2002 Lemon List, a list of vehicles which receive the most consumer complaints. Those complaints are filed with the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration.

Each year thousands of people contact the government to register complaints about their vehicles. Even though the government collects the data, it doesn't release it. The information IS released by Consumer Advocate Jack Gillis, who compiles it for the Center for Auto Safety as well as The Ultimate Car Book.

More than 11,000 people contacted the government this year to complain about the Mazda MPV Minivan. The vehicle was cited for numerous problems, including a fuel smell from the air conditioning unit, squeaking in the rear brakes, oil leaks and problems with the check engine light. Mazda recently redesigned the vehicle.

The Kia Sportage placed second on this year's list with many consumers complaining about its brakes.

Other cars in the government's top ten complaint list include the Ford Excursion, Ford Windstar, Mercury Cougar, Honda Passport, Honda S2000, Mitsubishi Eclipse, Isuzu Rodeo, and Ford Explorer.

"The Lemon List can be used as a tool for car buying, but it should not be the end-all be-all" says consumer advocate and Lemon Law Attorney Craig Thor Kimmel. "The list is based on the number of complaints each vehicle receives; however, not every car suffers from these problems."

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