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Ford F-150 Oil Leak Problems Driving Consumers To Call 1 800 LEMON LAW

February 06, 2018 By: LemonLaw Category: ford f-truck

Pickup truck owners enjoy the exhilarating feeling of sitting up high on the road and coasting in a big body truck, like the Ford F-150. Having a truck that size with a roaring engine under the hood brings a lot of eyes and attention on the road. But, those F-150 consumers should keep a keen eye on and under their truck. At 1 800 LEMON LAW, we have received multiple calls from consumers complaining about Ford F-150 oil leak, particularly in the 2015 model.

According to a Repair Pal blog, the F-150 oil leak has been a reoccurring theme for these trucks since the 1990 models. Your Mechanic blog says the issue of the F-150 oil leak from the belly of the truck stems from a blown valve cover gasket. Or, the leak can be coming from the threads of the engine oil pressure sensor, according to

The F-150 oil leak may be  an unavoidable issue; however, consumers can catch the problem before it worsens by performing weekly car checks. posted a story about a consumer troubled by the F-150 oil leak. He observed an oily puddle in his driveway. Then, he checked the undercarriage of his truck to notice a significant amount of oil leaking from the oil pan. The Repair Pal blog suggests that the resolution to this problem could be to replace the worn down valve cover gasket to prevent a burning smell from the exhaust system. This should be covered under your manufacturers warranty.

If you own or lease an F-150 truck with an oil leak or a damaged valve cover gasket, take your truck back to the nearest Ford  dealer immediately and be very specific with the service adviser about the problems you are encountering.  You could even take photos of the leak to show the adviser the amount of the leak and where it may be coming from.  Be sure to receive repair invoices for each visit, with mile-in and mile-out data, dates, your complaint, and their repairs.

If you’ve had repeat visits to the dealer addressing your Ford F-150 oil leak, and/or your vehicle has been in the shop an extended period of time, please email us or call, 1 800 LEMON LAW (1 800 536 6652). You could be entitled to a repurchase, new vehicle, or significant monetary compensation under State Lemon Law or Federal Warranty Law. And best of all, help is 100% cost-free.


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