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Bluetooth Problems Leaving You Speechless? You Have Rights.

January 13, 2016 By: LemonLaw Category: bluetooth, my touch, navigation system, radio, sync

When many people think of the term Lemon Law, they think of something extreme such as transmission troubles, countless check engine lights, power steering giving out, or brakes not braking. And while those problems could all be classified as dangerous defects, many drivers are unaware that radio issues, back camera concerns, or even bluetooth problems could result in significant recourse, specifically under Federal Law.

Have you been back repeatedly for a bluetooth problem, a radio replacement, or a navigation system that leads you nowhere? The Federal Magnuson Moss Warranty Act says that if you have a warranty, that warranty should insure that problems are fixed efficiently and effectively. If you are back three, four, five times before the problem is fixed, you should be compensated by the manufacturer for the diminished value of your product as a result of the problem. That could mean thousands of dollars back in your pocket, plus continued ownership of the car.

Best of all, like the Lemon Law, representation under the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act is completely free to the consumer. If you prevail, the manufacturer must pay all attorney fees and legal costs on top of what you receive. And if you do not prevail, there is no cost.

What do you do if one of these aforementioned defects is driving you crazy? Start documenting your repair visits. Make sure you receive an invoice each time you bring the vehicle back outlining that you are continuing to have issues despite repair attempts from the dealer. Once you are back three or more times, meet with a Lemon Law Attorney in your state to discuss your rights.

After all, you pay top dollar for your vehicle. If something is not working the way it should, there is no reason for you to be taken for a ride.

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