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Kia Sorento Engine On Back Order? You Have Rights.

August 15, 2018 By: LemonLaw Category: Engine Hesitation and Stalling, kia

In our last post, we reiterated that when your vehicle is out of service for an extended period of time because a part is on back order, you may have rights to compensation or even a complete repurchase under State Lemon Laws and Federal Warranty Statutes. Last time, we discussed issues with Jeep parts on back order.  This past month, we have seen a surge in Kia Sorento engine cases,  where the part is on back order for weeks or even months at a time.  And as in other situations, the Kia dealers have no estimated time of arrival for the part.  Sadly. it is a case of more demand than supply.

If you are waiting patiently, or impatiently, for your Kia Sorento engine to be replaced, we suggest you bide your time.  It is our hope that the Kia dealer is providing you a loaner.  If over 30 days pass and you still do not have your car back, you may want to reach out to a Lemon Law lawyer to discuss your rights.  If it’s a newer vehicle and falls within the Lemon Law parameters, you could be looking at a new car or complete repurchase.  It it’s an older vehicle but still under a Kia manufacturers warranty, you could be looking at significant monetary compensation to reflect the diminished value of the car as a result of the Kia Sorento engine problem, especially if you experienced prior issues  with the car.

The most important thing is once the Kia is ready to be picked up and the Kia Sorento engine has been replaced, make sure you receive a comprehensive repair invoice which outlines mileage in, mileage out and the complete days out of service.  Do not accept receipt of your car without receipt of an invoice.  This is your documented proof that there may be a definitive breach of warranty.

If you have questions regarding your Kia Sorento engine being on back order, free free to drop us a line.  We will be glad to review your situation to determine if and how we can help.

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