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Honda CRV Heater Problem Causing Many Drivers To Get All Fired Up

April 04, 2018 By: LemonLaw Category: Honda

Frustration was the only thing heating owners of the 2017 Honda CRV during this cold winter as their Honda CRV heater problem has become the top complaint trending on and numerous automotive sites.

Consumers claim their 2017 CRV does not blow hot air while idle. Only while the car is in motion does the heat begin to work; however, even once completely warm, the temperature gauge could drastically drop when the car is not actively moving, according to a complaint from CarComplaints.

The  Honda CRV heater problem could be caused by a clogged or defective heater core or a busted thermostat according to Still, consumers have returned to their dealerships multiple times for the same problem, even after a thermostat replacement. In many circumstances, the dealerships have reported everything was operating normally and/or there was nothing further they could do.

In the meantime, the Honda CRV heater problem has caused certain drivers to be unable to generate enough heat to defrost windows in low temperatures. Some owners have gone as far as keeping an adapter and hair dryer in their car for their safety in cold climates.

If your car is experiencing a Honda CRV heater problem, take your car to the nearest Honda dealership as soon as possible for warranty repair.  It is imperative that you retrieve repair invoices from each visit.  Every invoice should display mileage, days out of service, the complaint, and the fix. If they claim the HVAC system is operating normally, take the service adviser on a test drive and see if you can duplicate the issue for them.

If you’ve had repeated visits to the dealer addressing your Honda CRV heater problem, and/or your vehicle has been in the shop an extended period of time, please email us or call, 1 800 LEMON LAW (1 800 536 6652). You could be entitled to a repurchase, new vehicle, or significant monetary compensation under State Lemon Law or Federal Warranty Law. Best of all, if we can help, our representation is 100% free win or lose, so there is no cost and no risk to file your claim.


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One Response to “Honda CRV Heater Problem Causing Many Drivers To Get All Fired Up”

  1. #1 Elaine Kelly says:

    I bought a Honda Civic 2016 brand new. I have had the same issue with heater, and just recently paid $1548.00 to get my non-working air-conditioner fixed at the dealer. I despise the Honda Dealership Service Dept. apparently my warranty was up because I was over the mileage that my warranty covered. Now as of today, 9/14/18, my car won’t even start. Being a woman who has MS, very hot and very cold weather is totally untolerable having this disease, so obviously had no option but to get the air fixed. Honestly, who has ever heard of these types of problems on a 2yr old car? I am so fed up with this vehicle. I miss work continuously when I have to deal with car problems..

    • State: NJ

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