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Equinox and Terrain Vibration Is Shaking Up Customers

December 11, 2015 By: LemonLaw Category: chevrolet equinox, gmc, vibration

General Motors drivers remain all shook up over vibration problems with their vehicles. We had previously written about GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado vibration problems and now you can add Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrain vehicles to the group as well.

According to the technical service bulletin issued by General Motors, drivers can experience Equinox and Terrain vibration problems in the steering wheel at slow speeds. Drivers may also hear a moaning type noise in the hydraulic power steering system. This vibration condition is most prevalent during slow parking lot maneuvers or when the vehicle is stationary and the steering wheel is turned.

If you are driving a Chevrolet Equinox or GMC Terrain and experiencing vibration at slow speeds and/or noise in the steering, make sure you take your car for service to a General Motors authorized dealer. Offer to take the service adviser on a test drive so they can verify the issues you are complaining about. Lastly, make sure that when you pick up the vehicle, you receive a detailed repair invoice which outlines mileage in, mileage out, the complaint, and what was done to fix the problem.

If you are back repeatedly for an Equinox or Terrain vibration issue, you should certainly look into your rights under State Lemon Law or Federal Warranty laws. You could be looking at a repurchase, a new car, or monetary compensation to reflect the diminished value of the vehicle, and legal representation under these laws is 100% cost-free. Click lemon law firm listings to find a Lemon Law firm in your state that may be able to assist you.

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24 Responses to “Equinox and Terrain Vibration Is Shaking Up Customers”

  1. #1 Joyce Christian says:

    My 2016 has a vibration at a slow speed. I took it to a Chevtolet dealer (where I bought it) and they told me it was a strain on the motor because it was a four cylinder. What can I do?

    • #2 Charlene Hall says:

      I also have this issue! When I hit 20mph I hear a vibration or sometimes when I’m turning but only at slow speeds. I see a Service bulletin but not covered under warranty.

      • #3 Tracie says:

        Totally agree took are Equinox in 44,000 miles a torque converter .Really I thought we bought a reliable vehicle

        • #4 Kevin ogden says:

          I have a 2016 terrain with v6 I experience severe vibration in steering wheel along with slight jerking motions during turns at high speeds. Had it in at the dealer they said there’s nothing wrong with it “drives like every other terrain” I think a lawsuit needs to be filed my dealer only fixes things if they absolutely have to. I had a 13 equinox that had a bad tranny at 20k miles a couple years back. I had to go in four different times then they acted like they were doing me this big favor by fixing it and before that we had a 12 Cruze that would stop accelerating randomly putting us in very bad situations. I don’t know how many more chances I can give gm me and my family have bought so many gm vehicles over the years u would think that they would want to keep loyal customers. Guess they don’t care

          • State: Florida
        • #5 Holly Spence-Blosch says:

          So I had to take my 2013 GMC Terrain (80,000 miles) in to GMC Dealership (Billion Auto) to get the Rear Main Seal replaced that was covered under warranty in January 2018. Since taking it in to have this issue fixed I have had to take the car back to them FOUR times because when they put the transmission, drive shaft and other parts back together they did not set the “Transmission Code” properly so they had to fix that, the 2nd time it was making some noises as I was driving it and they said it was something I cannot remember what it was, the 3rd time I took it back because everytime I turned it made a loud crunching noise and they found that when they put the drive shaft back in that the bolts were not properly “torqued” and so it was not tight so they had to re torque the bolts, and just yesterday March 14th took it back again because the transmission still doesn’t feel right. (I tried to go through GMC directly and was referred back to this place who has NOT been able to fix my vehicle properly) so very hesitant I returned to the GMC dealership (Billion Auto) and dropped my car off for the 5th time since January! They had a “transmission mechanic” go for a ride with me (who by the way just was moved to this position) who had no idea what Transmission Codes were but he did notice that the RPM’s go up to 5 (5000) before it down shifts so he said “we will need to keep your vehicle and take it apart to find out what is going on” and when we returned to the dealership the Manager asked me if I have changed the transmission oil (Yes, I corrected him and said you mean transmission fluid) I told him no because you cannot even check the transmission fluid in this type of vehicle as it has a seal/cap for transmission so there is not a dipstick to check it. Needless to say, I am extremely worried that I am never going to have my vehicle the way it once was when it ran properly and quite frankly very nervous driving it especially since I have to drive the Interstate everyday to go to and from work. Anyone have any suggestions on what I can do?

          • State: Iowa
        • #6 wayne davis says:

          steering wheel vibration when in gear, at idle no vibration, and then again when siting at stop light, what has anyone done for repair?

          • State: florida
        • #7 Delwin Goss says:

          2019 Equinox shakes like its falling apart if you open tbe rear windows at over 40mph. Feels like the car is shaking itself apart. Only happens if either or both rear wi dows are open over a 1/4 way. Scared the crap out of me the first couple of times. 6000 miles on car. Serious design flaw!!!!!!

          • State: Texas
        • #8 Joe Philips says:

          I bought a 2018 Equinox in Dec 2017. In February of 2018 I took it to the dealer and complained of vibrations at low steady speeds. Kind of OK at higher speeds. They agreed but didn’t seem to know what to do and hooked up with GM experts (TAC of something like that). I was advised my vehicle was “performing as designed”. I was not happy and wrote GM three times to no avail. I recently responded to the dealer’s ad about service and complained again. This time they asked me to bring it in and they “may” have a fix. Now I see this site and wonder just how many cars are involved and why the heck they didn’t call me because I had complained so often. We’ll see tomorrow if they can fix it.

          • State: FL
        • #9 Wayne M says:

          I have a 2015 GMC Terrain. When I first got it, there were no vibration issues. Just recently, the vibration shakes the front end as if the tires are out of round. So, I replaced the tires. The violent shaking continues. Took it to the GMC dealership. They claimed that there are wheel alignment issues. I don’t want to put more money in if there’s a design/manufacturing issue.

          • State: Michigan
        • #10 George D says:

          from the first day the 2015 Silverado has had a shaking problem. its been to the dealership several times. they just say that they cant feel it. they must have neuropathy is their feet. I had video of things in the console walking all over the console and vibrating like a wind up toy. They told me that their isn’t anything else they could do for me, that I wasn’t making them money spending too much time on this issue. well too friggin bad, fix it or take it back, it was under warranty when this all was going on. The dealership is denooyer in Albany n.y.

          • State: new york
        • #11 Daryl says:

          Driving our 2019 Terrain the other day and it started raining. As I was rolling the windows up the car started shaking violently. There was also a rumbling noise that went away after several minutes, the car seems fine now! BTW the car has almost 600 miles on it and is 3 weeks old! PS Scared the @$#% out of me!

          • State: FL
        • #12 Ryan S. says:

          Noticed it with my 2019 Equinox shimmying at around 13 mph on acceleration both soft through hard take off. Just took is in for service today and mentioned it to the service rep at Adams Chevrolet, he played it off like they don’t know anything about it and didn’t see any service bulletins about it. Said I had to bring it in during the week so they can take a look at it. So I’ll be taking it in next week to have them look at it. More to follow….

          • State: MD
        • #13 Michael Phillips says:

          To #7 The shaking with the back windows open is perfectly normal. I have 4 cars and they all do it. Cars are not made like they used to be. Do not worry you have no problem.

          • State: NY
        • #14 Dean says:

          GMC should step up and take care of this obvious design flaw. I just bought 2013 Terrain SLT 2 a few months back with 46000 miles. The vehicle is beautiful to look at. I just noticed the shudder a few weeks back. So I researched it by VIN #. What came up was a multitude of GMC Terrain and Chevy Equinox owners with the V6 and hydraulic steering that are totally flabbergasted. If you bring it to a dealer most of them will try to deny he problem if you ask for it to be done under warranty or customer satisfaction. Whatever. GMC would rather stick it to the customer than address the issue. If you dig a little deeper you wil see that the warrantee repair rate is 3,2 hrs labor. That is before any parts. You also need to replace the alternator and two hoses. One of which I think is the high pressure hose and the other is an evap hose. The OED alternated costs about 300 bucks. You know they are going to screw you on the hoses let’s just say 150 bucks. We are already up to 450 bucks. Now add 4 hours labor. This will totally depend on the dealer or repair shop since it’s not a flat rate warranty repair. So add about 350 bucks for labor, teat drive and whatever else can be tacked on.
          So what do we have? 800.00 plus tax so figure about 880 dollars out of pocket wit no help from the scumbags that designed it. We should all be fuming mad. I know I am.

          • State: SC
        • #15 Chuck lakes says:

          I just bought a 2021 equinox I have a vibration when at 20 mph and 40 mph .If I ease the gas pedal at these speeds I fill the vibration in the steering wheel and can hear it on passenger side front to rear.I took it to dealership to have it checked out they said they hear it but they can’t find problem.I drove a loaner the same year and there is a big difference in these two cars.I then test drove another equinox and drove great the same as loaner.Any solutions?

          • State: Indiana
        • #16 Janice Lambert says:

          Just bought 2020 terrain ale with 4500 miles.Car shakes on acceleration scared me to death. I traded in a beautiful crysler Pacifica 2018 for this piece of junk. Can’t even get in for an appointment at the dealership Paul Masse.They say they have no help.

          • State: RI
        • #17 Janice Lambert says:

          2020 with 4000 miles just bought it preowned. Shaking on acceleration low speed. Rattling on doors has a callback can’t get into 5he dealer say they have only 1 person working. Paul Masse south dealership

          • State: RI
        • #18 Andre Howard says:

          I leased a new 2021 Chevy Equinox LT on June 4, 2021 and I am experiencing the same issue as Chuck Lakes. When I apply steady pressure to the gas pedal, I feel vibration in the gas pedal, steering wheel, and the front driver’s side door. I scheduled a service appointment for 6/10/2021. I’ll let you guys know how it goes.

          • State: New Jersey
        • #19 LemonLaw says:

          @Andre: If you are in three or more times for the issue, contact us at 800 536 6652.

          • #20 Kim says:

            I just bought a 2021 Equinox less than 3000 miles. Took it in for service, When accelerating shaking really bad. The dealer said he needed to order 2 new axles for it!!!

            • State: OH
          • #21 LemonLaw says:

            @Kim: make sure you collect the repair records after the repair is performed. if the vehicle is out of service 30 or more days or three times for the same issue, please call us at 800 536 6652 and we will be able to help you.

            • #22 kim says:

              2021 Equinox. Two new front axels installed. Still vibrating at lower speeds. Making an appointment with dealership service department.

              • State: OH
            • #23 Joan Grishaw says:

              I own a 2013 Equinox. It has had a bad vibration in steering wheel and you can feel it in the gas pedal, also. Definitely, comes from the right front side. It happens at various times and different speeds and then smooths out and is fine. Dealership has driven it two different times and kept for a week and it never vibrated so they said they could not tell what needed fixing. We have had four brake pads replaced, R front caliper, lubricated and flushed system and it still has not taken care of the problem. Stumped!

              • State: VA
            • #24 LemonLaw says:

              @Kim–Once you are back a third time for the issue or the car is out of service 30 days total, please call us at 800 536 6652.

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