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Chevrolet Cruze Antifreeze Leak Problem Heats Up In Winter Months

November 30, 2017 By: LemonLaw Category: antifreeze smell, chevrolet cruze

Many owners of Chevrolet Cruze vehicles enjoy an incredibly smooth ride and a silent cabin space when operating the car. Unfortunately, our clients have been distracted by a sweet, toxic smell seeping through the air vents of the vehicle. This is the result of the Chevrolet Cruze antifreeze leak into the cabin.

1 800 LEMON LAW has successfully resolved a number of Chevrolet Cruze antifreeze leak cases. In both 2012 and 2013, we previously addressed the antifreeze leak problem and received over a hundred responses from consumers experiencing the same issue. And we continue receiving calls from clients about the Chevrolet Cruze antifreeze leak in 2014-2016 models.

According to a Car Complaints blog, consumers have experienced medical issues due to the Chevrolet Cruze antifreeze leak. WSB-TV, the ABC affiliate in Atlanta flew out to Pennsylvania to interview 1 800 LEMON LAW founding partner Bob Silverman for the story in 2013. In their story, two consumers suffered severe medical issues because of the antifreeze leak while operating the Chevrolet Cruze. The first consumer claimed the sweet, toxic smell put him in the hospital for a week and kept him out of work for two months.  The other consumer suffered second-degree burns to her feet from the leak while she was driving the car.  Bob was also interviewed on Chevrolet Cruze antifreeze leak for stories which appeared on WPXI TV in Pittsburgh and NBC10 in Philadelphia.

The Chevrolet Cruze antifreeze leak has surfaced again on our radar within the past couple of months. The problem is the result of leaking heater cores, activating the toxic smell and makes the car physically inoperable; so, keep this in mind with the weather changing.

If your car is experiencing symptoms of the Chevrolet Cruze antifreeze leak,  take it to the nearest General Motors dealership as soon as possible for warranty repair.  It is imperative that you gather all invoices from each visit.  Every invoice should display mileage, days out of service, the complaint, and the fix. If they claim they cannot smell the leak, take the service adviser  on a test drive.

Depending on your State Lemon Law or Federal Warranty Law, with repeated visits to fix the Chevrolet Cruze antifreeze leak you may be entitled to monetary compensation, a complete repurchase, or a new vehicle. Feel free to email or call, 1 800 LEMON LAW (1 800 536 6652) to further discuss a solution that’s best for you. Most importantly, our help is 100% free so there is no cost and no risk to filing the claim.

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7 Responses to “Chevrolet Cruze Antifreeze Leak Problem Heats Up In Winter Months”

  1. #1 Tyler Chess says:

    Yes I have a 2014 chevy cruze last night my car overheated I pulled over noticed the antifreeze was low put antifreeze in the vehicle drive home it was steaming there was coolacoolant all over the engine. I noticed there was a recall on these models and I received a letter from lemon law stateing that if I had any problems contact you Now I had the vehicle towed to the dealership they give me a whole list of issues with the engine in total over $3000 And they won’t fix it under that recall what should I do please thanks

    • State: PA
  2. #2 LemonLaw says:

    @Tyler were there any issues under the GM warranty?

    • #3 Marlene Garcia says:

      This is the second time I’ll be taking it in for the coolant leak from water pump to be fixed. It has 70,000 miles on it. They replaced it the first time since it’s under 100,000. They will replace it again because it’s under 100,000. That’s not the point. The point is the problem keeps reaccuring. I live in CA. Does my vehicle qualify for the lemon law?

      • State: Ca
    • #4 Monica Harnisch says:

      I Have many work orders concerning the coolant leak, thermostat replaced turbo replaced etc. To this day i still have a coolant leak and many other issues with my 2012 Chevy Cruze. I need help!‍♀️

      • State: California
    • #5 Tracy says:

      Same here took the car 3 times to dealership they told me there was no leak found then my husband came with me on fourth visit they said there was a pinhole leak in water pump a month later same thing now my husband change the out take coolant flow next to the engine and now I’m having problem with the electric I’m sick of this car change the battery that didn’t work so now there are a couple of things that it can be I always bought a Chevy but I have to say this is the worse car I have ever owned and would not recommend it to anyone else sick and tired in ct

      • State: Ct
    • #6 Bronte says:

      I have a 2012 Chevy Cruze and am having issues with a coolant leak with no recall, I now have over 200,000 miles on my car and have spent over $3000 because once 8 fix 1 issue something else happens.

      • State: MD
    • #7 Kelly Newstrand says:

      My 2014 Cruze was not covered by the special warranty extension because the parts were not manufactured in the same place as those covered. At 123,000, I had a coolant leak and spent $600+ plus for repairs. Do I have any recourse?


      • State: MN

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