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Car Buying Quiz

Take The Lemon Law Car Buying Quiz

How well do you know your consumer rights? Take our car buying quiz and find out what you know.

Be sure to write down, type, or record your answers, this way you can see how well you did once you're finished.

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1) True or False: If I buy a car and something goes wrong with it, I have three days to return the car. It's a law.

2) True or False: Once I have driven a car off the lot and signed a sales agreement, there is no way a dealer can change the price on me.

4) True or False: I can ask the dealer to show me what he paid for the car he is selling.

5) True or False: If I buy a used car and the car has been in an accident, the dealer must tell me that prior to sale.

6) True or False: The Lemon Law not only applies to major problems such as the transmission and engine, but also to electrical problems, water leaks, rattles, and paint problems.

7) True or False: If a new car is in the shop for 30 days in the first year, regardless of whether it's for the same problem or different problems, the driver can file a lemon law claim.

8) True or False: If I have a manufacturers warranty and something goes wrong with my car, I have to take it to the dealer where I purchased the car, even if it's far from my home.

9) True or False: Used cars are covered under the Lemon Law.

10) True or False: A consumer under the age of 25 may be denied a loaner while their car is in service because of their age.

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