Toyota Prius Owner Afraid to Drive Because of Sudden Acceleration

March 26, 2010
By: Robert Silverman

Fox 29 News reported this story on a Toyota Prius owner who is afraid to drive his car because of sudden acceleration. Lemon Law Attorney Robert Silverman is featured:

This video is no longer available.

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2 Responses to “Toyota Prius Owner Afraid to Drive Because of Sudden Acceleration”

  1. #1 Stacy says:

    Its amazing how big of a problem this is with Toyota. I just hope someone finds a fix for the gas pedal sticking before someone else gets hurt.

    • #2 Helen says:

      my rav4 ran away with me in june i was terrified i could not stop thank god there were no vehicles in front of me i finally got it stopped by putting it in park took the car in to toyota dealer they found nothing needless to say i could never drive that car again so we traded it in and i am still terrified and havent drove since. what can I do i hate to give up my freedom because i am afraid to drive

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