Subaru Backup Camera Problems Leave Drivers Blindsided

June 13, 2020
By: Robert Silverman

Cars these days are filled with all sorts of amazing features like cameras.  These are awesome pieces of tech but when they malfunction, they can present new dangers for drivers who rely on them. We are seeing a lot of calls and form submissions on related to Subaru backup camera problems. 

According to, Subaru Forester owners are reporting a blank screen or fuzziness not allowing them to see what’s behind them on the screen.  This comes on the heels of a huge recall on the part of Subaru related to rear view cameras that are malfunctioning on its 2019 models. 

One Reddit user reports a potential design flaw related to Subaru backup camera problems in their Subaru with a rear view camera fogging up constantly. They report that “It tends to fog up and reflect light so much that you really can’t see much when backing up.”

If you are experiencing issues with your rear view backup camera on your Subaru, take it into an authorized Subaru dealer immediately for service. Under State Lemon Laws and/or Federal Warranty Statutes, you may be entitled to significant compensation if you’ve had your vehicle in for repeated visits or have lost use of your vehicle for a n extended period of time.  You may be entitled to a complete repurchase, a new car, or significant compensation for the losses you have experienced. If you are ready take advantage of consumer protection laws to get back on the road of recovery, fill out our Get Rid of Your Lemon form. We will be glad to discuss your situation and determine if and how we can help.

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