NJ Consumers Who Suffered Brake Problems with 1997-2000 Kia Sephias Are Entitled to Recourse

April 30, 2010
By: Robert Silverman

Attention all NJ consumers who purchased or leased a 1997-2000 Kia Sephia and suffered brake problems:  It’s time to seek recourse and visit KiaSephiaDefectiveBrakes.com (Please note, this website is no longer available).

The Superior Court of New Jersey, Union County have reached a decision in the class action suit of “Little vs. Kia,” authorizing claims for payment to any New Jersey consumers who purchased or leased a new 1997-2000 Kia Sephia and suffered brake defects.  Notices will be issued starting today with information on how consumers can obtain claim forms to receive their money.

The lawsuit alleged that Kia Sephias contained a defective front brake system that caused pads and rotors to excessively wear, squeal and groan, requiring constant repairs and replacements.  Lead plaintiff Regina Little purchased her Kia Sephia in March 1999 and repeatedly returned her car back to the dealer complaining of vibration and an inability to stop the vehicle.  Court papers indicated that employees from three separate dealers were all aware of the problem, but at the time Kia didn’t have a proper fix.

Further research into the matter showed that Ms. Little was not alone and there were other drivers suffering similar problems.  This led to a class action suit, where the jury found that the systems were indeed defective and Kia did not take the necessary steps to fix the defect, nor satisfy the warranty.  It was determined that any NJ consumer who suffered brake problems with their new 1997-2000 Kia Sephia may submit a claim to recover their losses.

The Court has appointed the Haddonfield, NJ law firm of Trujillo, Rodriguez and Richards, LLC and the Philadelphia, PA law firm of Donovan Searles, LLC to represent the Class.

In order to receive payment, consumers must submit a claim form.  The forms can be found on-line at www.kiasephiadefectivebrakes.com.  To request a claim form by mail, class members can call 1-800-222-2760 or write to Kia Sephia Brake Claims PO Box 1387 Blue Bell, PA 19422. (Please note, this website is no longer available)

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