Mercury Milan Squeals and Squeaks Have Some Drivers Squawking

October 12, 2012
By: LemonLaw

The company may no longer exist, but problems certainly do–we are getting numerous calls from folks driving the Mercury Milan, mostly years 2009 and 2010. There are multiple complaints of squealing and squeaking noises coming from the engine compartment near the passenger side. These noises most often begin in the first two years after purchase and are audible from within the vehicle while the engine is running.

The squeaking and squealing noises have been attributed to belt pulley tensioners and the engine water pump. When properly tensioned, the pulleys are designed to allow for smooth operation of the water pump with minimal friction. Mercury has attempted to remedy the problem by frequently retensioning the pulleys as the noise reveals itself. One unfortunate 2010 Milan driver had to have his water pump and alternator replaced due to the excessive wear this defect caused on the engine parts.

If your Mercury Milan has developed a loud squeaking or squealing noise from the engine compartment, or if you also are having premature issues in the related water pump or alternator systems, you need to get to you local Ford / Mercury dealership as soon as possible to seek proper repairs. Don’t let your current engine noise develop into a failed alternator or water pump. The water pump is essential to make sure the “mercury” doesn’t rise dangerously in your engine. And if your Mercury Milan does not stop squeaking, it’s time to look into your rights. Click here to find a Lemon Law Attorney in your state to help.

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2 Responses to “Mercury Milan Squeals and Squeaks Have Some Drivers Squawking”

  1. #1 Denise Brown says:

    I recently bought a 2009 ford mercury milan. From auction direct ideas high vibration problems after they fixed it car condition worse they are responsible.they had the car more then me call there self fixing it making it worse and worse help me please I feel like they sold me a lemon.and they say nothings wrong or ignore me ayvtimes.

    • #2 Axel lopez says:

      A brought a 2009 merc milan from coleman on olden ave trenton nj it was 2016 now after warantee over now its sweakinf near timing belt. Can u help me

      • State: Nj

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