Hyundai Sonata Transmission & Tire Troubles

September 15, 2011
By: Robert Silverman

The message boards and the 1-800-LEMON-LAW hotline are both buzzing with 2011 Hyundai Sonata drivers who are complaining about two major problems, both of which significantly affect the use, value and safety of the vehicle.

First, we are seeing a number of problems with the transmission in the limited edition Hyundai Sonata turbo engine models. We have seen issues where the car was banging into gear and the check engine light was coming on within the first 5,000 miles of ownership. Dealers are aware of the problem and it appears Hyundai is attempting to come up with a fix, but so far, they have been unsuccessful.

If your Hyundai Sonata is in the shop three or more times for transmission problems, or it is in service for an extended period of days, you could be entitled to significant remedy under State Lemon Laws and/or Federal Warranty Laws. Contact us either by email or call us at 1-800-LEMON-LAW, and we would be glad to discuss your situation and how we can help. Of course, if we can help, it’s completely free to you.

The second issue we are seeing with the Hyundai Sonatas involves the tires. We have been accepting numerous cases where the car is pulling the right or left, significantly affecting the alignment. In one recent claim, the alignment expert came to the dealership and told the consumer there was nothing they could do for the problem. Once we were involved, Hyundai agreed to repurchase the vehicle under the New Jersey Lemon Law. If you are back in the shop repeatedly for your alignment issue on your Hyundai Sonata, make sure you call us at 1-800-LEMON-LAW.

And always remember be it for the transmission, the tires or any problem, even if they cannot fix the problem, make sure the dealer always  provides  service invoices to illustrate you are bringing the matter to their attention. These invoices can make or break a Lemon Law or Breach of Warranty claim.

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9 Responses to “Hyundai Sonata Transmission & Tire Troubles”

  1. #1 Vicki Burbank says:

    I have a 2010 Hyundai Tucson and am having problems with it. I have attempted to “barter” with Hyundai regarding trading the vehicle as I have no desire to own it when the warranty is over and they say that they handle warranty repairs only and will not assist in any other way. Hoping you can make some suggestions?

    • #2 LemonLaw says:

      Vicki–It is very difficult to get matters handled on your own. Go to and contact a lemon law attorney in your area.

      • #3 DanielZuckerman says:

        2011 sonata brake noise(grinding & rubbing) excessive road noise, and always pulls to the right(tires worn @ 24K) all dealers I brought the car to, including Hyundai rep dismissed the problem!!! They just don’t give a damn about customers… I spent a whole lot of hard earned money just to be totally unhappy

        • #4 DalePowers says:

          2011 Sonata – Inspection at 35,000 miles and Front Inner Brake Pads on front our 3 times more worn than the outer ones. VIP mechanics said there is something wrong from the factory for both to be identical as caliper would stick on one maybe and cause excessive wear but shouldn’t be identical. Taking it in for service and hope they go good for it.

          • #5 DanielZuckerman says:

            Although Hyundai motor america advertises such a great product, AND MARKETS a larger than normal amount of substandard and dangerous ones, I suggest (after numerous repair attempts)You should contact “” if there is going to be any relief for the mistreated, misrepresented & in my opinion MENTALLY ABUSED consumer!!! this team of professionals will do the right thing for a legitimately SCREWED Hyundai buyer!!!
            BEST OF LUCK TO ALL!!!

            • #6 andrew says:

              I have a 2009 Hyundai Sonata at 101,400 miles my Transmission begin to bang into low gear when slowing for a stop it only does it when down shifting to a lower gear. when the car is driving 5 to 7 mile then the problem is gone. I stopped purchasing GM vehicles because of powertrain and brake issues on every car I purchase. I was hoping Hyundai would be different.

              • #7 Kim says:

                Daniel Zuckerman, and all….I feel your pain. I thought it was just my luck but relievedn (in a sick way) to know otherwise! I’ve learned to document and keep averything. Felt conflicted working with a lawyer regarding problems but after reading this and other blogs, I will continue pursuit under the Lemon Law.

                • #8 Andrew says:

                  Have your 100,000 mile transmission flush completed at the dealer,drive your vehicle home pull the negative battery cable off 5 minutes,reconnect the cable start you car let it get to operating temperature and take it for a drive pull off the road and stop,get back on the road and accelerate to 45mph do this 3 times the problem should be cleared,the transmission is sealed and you can not change the filter and fluid.the fluid is old and the dealer can flush it for you. The cost around 150.00.. The dealer can reset learn your computer but they will charge another can do it yourself following my instructions.

                  • #9 Becky says:

                    I have a 2010 Sonata. In December of 2015 the transmission was replaced because of very hard downshifting due to a “fluke”. Now it seems as though I’m having the rear brake problems with the grinding while driving and slowing down to stop. I’m having a mechanic check it out tomorrow.

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