Grand Caravan Transmission Problems Leave Drivers Shaken

October 20, 2015
By: Robert Silverman

When driving a vehicle named the Dodge Grand Caravan, one would certainly expect an impressive ride. However, message boards and distressed drivers calling into the 1 800 LEMON LAW complaining of Grand Caravan transmission problems have indicated the ride is far from regal.

Drivers have complained of rpms increasing while the miles per hour decrease, check engine lights, revving, shuddering, and shaking. If you are experiencing Grand Caravan transmission problems, it’s imperative that you get to a Dodge authorized dealer as soon as possible to have the issue addressed. Make sure that after each visit, you receive an invoice which outlines the extent of the problem and the specific issues you are experiencing. The invoice should also detail the fix performed to address the problem, as well as mileage in, mileage out, and the number of days in services.

If you back to the dealer repeatedly for Grand Caravan transmission problems, or out of service an extended period of time, it is essential that you look into your rights under State Lemon laws and Federal Warranty Statutes. Remedies could include a replacement, a repurchase, or monetary compensation and continued ownership of the vehicle with the warranty fully in tact. We have successfully handled a number of these claims and we would be glad to discuss your matter with you and.or send your information to a firm that can help you. Click here to have your claim reviewed and let us get you back on the road to recovery.

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One Response to “Grand Caravan Transmission Problems Leave Drivers Shaken”

  1. #1 stanley j. baldwin says:

    I have a 2009 dodge grand caravan that has had transmission problems since the first 1000 mi. Including a complete replacement 4 months ago. It has failed and had to be towed 5 times since that. It fails to start or gets locked in park. and has to be towed. I have a max lifetime warranties on this van. It has only 70,000 mi. on it. I bought it to transport my wheelchair bound son. I feel it’s no longer safe to use for this purpose

    • State: Mississippi

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