Going it alone? Watch Out!

February 18, 2009
By: Robert Silverman

We are getting a lot of calls recently on the 1-800-LEMON LAW hotline from folks who think the State and Federal laws are cut and dry, want to fight on their own, and just want some advice on how to move forward.

Unfortunately, if the State Lemon Laws were as cut and dry as they seemed, there would be no need for our services or for any other consumer law firm

However, despite the fact that manufacturers are continuously suffering financially, they are still paying counsel top dollars to fight consumers’ claims. Just today, we received a call from a NJ consumer with a 2007 sports car that has been in the shop 30 days in the first 18,000 miles. The New Jersey Lemon Law specifically says that the car has to be in only 20 days. Slam dunk, right? He went on his own and filed through New Jersey’s Office of Administrative Law and lost.

Why? Because, he wasn’t prepared for the fact that the manufacturer would do everything they could to illustrate they fixed his car, and because they fixed his car, he was entitled to nothing. Now, we know that is not how the law works and we are prepared to argue that’s not how the law works. But, it you are left alone to fight the lions with no proper training, how can you truly defend yourself?

If you have been in three times for the same problem under warranty, or your car has been in the shop for many days within the first year of ownership, you need to take charge. But to go it alone without knowledge of the law remains a dangerous situation.

What happens if the car is fixed prior to the case being heard? Does that mean you are no longer entitled to damages? What happens if the service manager cannot duplicate the problem? What happens if they claim that just because the check engine light has come on five times, it’s the same problem? What happens if a last chance letter is sent and they give the car back to you and the problem reoccurs? What happens if they tell you that you will need to meet with a field representative but because they have laid off so many people due to the economy, you won’t be able to see one for a few months? What happens if they can’t figure out why your car is stalling and they urge you to just put some more mileage on it to see if the problem continues? COME ON! We have heard it all. An experienced Lemon Law lawyer can help you cut through the clutter.

THE LEMON LAW PROVIDES FREE HELP. There is no catch. Visit our news room to read the many news stories regarding the Laws and your rights; the Laws have been written to ensure that consumers are on equal footing with the manufacturers. The Laws enable consumers to have an experienced attorney fight their battle for them at no cost, with no risk. Why not take advantage of it?

Have questions? As always, ask away! I can assure you we don’t bite, unless you are a car manufacturer.

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